Eminem | Wiki, Biography, Songs, Net Worth, News, All Updates 2022

 Eminem | Wiki, Biography, Songs, Net Worth, News, All Updates 2022

Eminem is one of the most acclaimed American rappers, producers and actors, widely renowned for his performance as well as controversies. 

The original name of Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

An artist turns into a real artist when it deconstructs the geographical and cultural barriers and imprints its name on the hearts of people. Eminem’s songs are as ethereal as the blithe spirit in Shelley’s To a Skylark.

An artist par excellence, Eminem is the first white to enter the genre and proudly represents the American vulnerable and underclass…wonderful and chest-thumping!

Much of his works during the 1990s and the early 2000s made him widely controversial. Let’s study Eminem in full to understand his life’s journey. 

How It All Began For Eminem

 All Began For Eminem

Eminem’s salad days on the lap of chill penury had a profound reflection on his art. Living a life of struggle with his mother in the Detroit neighbourhood, he imbibed the black struggle for social and economic existence.

The sufferings baked him as an artist. 

You know, he had a fondness for storytelling and decked his dream shelf with the altar of a Comic book artist before submitting himself to hip hop. 

Going back to his school days, Eminem really had a tough time going there. He was too good to be promoted for three years of humiliation and finally bid goodbye to Lincoln school at the early age of 17… poor guy! 

Though he developed an allergy to Mathematics and Physics but was all for the love of music….blasting stereos and writing songs! 

Such cruel law of Attraction and Repulsion! 

Well, notwithstanding his efforts to create band music, he met failure on the roadside. But destiny had something completely different in store for him.

It was actually his journey as a lyricist where he was constantly heckled and jostled amidst words and phrases…In reality, initial hiccups were a stage preparation for the show of success…Providence! One word.   

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Eminem’s Songs

Eminem’s Career as a creative artist could be broken apart into phases. In each phase, he grew and emerged as a completely changed human being and an artist. 

1988 To 1997 Dark Days 

In this initial period, Eminem formed his first group, New Jack, in 1988. Later on they joined hands with Bass Mind Production and later changed the group’s name to Soul Intent in 1922.  

His first music video appearance happened in the year 1992, bearing the title “Do-Da-Dippity”.

Then he shook hands with FBT production to release his debut album and met with failure. The salt in the wound was turbulent domestic life coupled with economic problems. All was about to end in a Suicidal Attempt …dark times indeed!

1997-1997 Sun Rise 

Eminem next made a controversial attempt with the development of Slim Shady. Turning the mouthpiece, he hurled his lyrical frustration about drugs, rape and murder.

His creation received chidings because of themes being too dark and pessimistic. Being fired from the job, he then went on to the Rap Olympics, a nationwide rap Competition.

He bagged the second prize, and his record reached producer Dr Dre via Jimmy Iovine, the company CEO. 

In 1999 released, Eminem’s Slim Shady LP. It kissed success. This created the Duo of Dr Dre and Eminem. 

His collaborative success persisted with “ The Watcher” ( Dre’s album), “Say What You Say” from The Eminem Show, and “Crack a Bottle” from Relapse and “Old Time’s Sake“.

1999 To 2007 The Cauldron Of Controversy 

2002 Started with Lose Yourself. Eminem lose yourself lyrics received a good response. 

In the year 2003, released Tupac Resurrection soundtracks.

The year after, he went on to produce 16 tracks on Tupac Loyal to the Game. The controversy sparked from the song carrying the Lyrics:

“We As Presidents (Fuck money/ I don rap for Dead President/ I’d rather see the president dead… In 2004 released Encore bearing allegations that the music video of “Just Lose it” grinned Jackson’s plastic surgery. The line goes alike:

“ That’s not a stab at Michael / That’s just a metaphor / I’m just psycho”

Attack on Michael! Blasphemy! All these erupted waves of controversy on the shore of the music world only to raise fame!

In the year 2005, Eminem began his concert tour for three years with The Alchemist, Obie Trice, 50 Cents and Lil John. 2005 ended with a blockbuster success Curtain Call: The Hits. fack Eminem (2005), is also one of the notable productions in the year 2005. 

In 2006 Eminem collaborated with Akon on the album Konvicted. There Akon was the main singer and Eminem was the featured artist. 

Eminems rapper

2009-2014 Bad Meets Evil Reunion, Recovery And The Marshall Mathers Lp2  

Relapse 2 was released with a changed title Recovery, and it received a grand opening success in the opening week of 741,000 copies sold.

In 2009 Eminem collaborated with Lil Wayne and Drake in the production of album Forever. 

So was the success that Nielsen Soundscan referred to it as “ the best selling digital album in history. He appeared in the 2010 BET Awards and performed ” Airplane Part 2 “and “ Not Afraid” by Keyshia Cole with success.In the same year Lil Wayne collaborated with Eminem in the album Recovery. 

Eminem and Jay Z announced that they would be performing together in The Home and Home Tour (a concert).

Both the concerts received astounding responses and success. His other major appearance is at the 2011 Grammy Awards. There he performed “Love The Way You Lie” together with Rihanna and Adam Levine. 

All received high accolades!!!

In 2010 Eminem again collaborated with Rayan Daniel Montogemery in The EP, Hell: The Sequel. In 2011, The Eminem Show was certified Diamond by RIAA. 

Thereafter came the collaborations with Shady Records. “ Lighters” single released from Bad Meets Evil received high praise. Guess whos back Eminem is also worth mentioning. 

In the year 2014, the album called Survival featuring DJ Khalil and Liz Rodrigues, was premiered in the multiple player game Call on Duty: Ghost.

It was decided that the album would be released soon. The lead single of the Album “Berzerk” was released and got high praises.

More singles followed thereafter were “Rap God ” and “ The Monster. He went on to receive two Diamond awarded certificates, Youtube Music awards first prize.

At the 57th Grammy Award, he went on to receive the Best Rap Award for much-acclaimed The Marshall Mathers LP2. 

2017-2020 Kamikaze 

In the year 2017, Eminem appeared on “ No Favours”. In that very year, he participated in the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards using his freestyle rap called “ The Storm” and chided US President Donald Trump and his administration.

The scuffle went so nasty that at one point, he even said that those who are Trump supporters could not be his fans.

Though nasty, it was sweet “Revenge” on President Trump and their administration, winning him great mileage that’s for sure.

In November, the first single,” Walk on Water”, was released. Beyonce is featured on the album. He collaborated with some more programs performing “ Walk on Water”and “Love the Way You Lie”.

In January 2018, his second single, “River”, was released featuring Ed Sheeran. It received mixed reactions from critics and fans.

In August 2018 released his surprise album Kamikaze with a bang. The album turned out to be a huge hit and topped the Billboard 200.

Another noteworthy release that year was Without me lyrics eminem. Noteworthy mention can also be made of Venom Eminem.  

In the wake of the year 2020 Eminem released another surprise Album called Music to Be Murdered By.

The album was a high success. Around 279000 unit albums were sold the first week itself. Eminem turned out to be the first artist in history to launch 10 consecutive debut at number one.

Another lyric from “Unaccomodating” that referred to the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing received severe criticism. 

In the year 2021, Eminem confirmed collaboration with Pitbull for the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage. 

Eminem tone deaf (2020) was another self-production song produced from the Album “ Music to be Murdered,” also received heaps of praise.

Therefore Album Music to Be Murdered is really stellar performance from Eminem, and there is not an iota of doubt about it.

In February of 2022, Eminem performed alongside Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamer, and other greats.

Eminem’s Social Media Presence 

Eminems social life

Eminem is really active on Social Media and that is inferred from his engagements. There are about 35. 8 million followers on Eminem’s Instagram account. 

Apart from Instagram, Eminem also has a sound presence and engagement on Twitter. There is also a massive fan following for Eminem. On Eminem’s Twitter account, he has around 22.6m followers to his name. 

There are a massive 94m followers on Eminem’s Facebook account. Considering the engagements and activities it could be vindicated that Eminem is highly active on social media. 

News Updates 2022 

News Updates

Sources report that Eminem is currently working on a new music project that might be released later this year. 

Who knows that some surprise album is waiting for us this year?  

Even amidst the lockdown, Eminem has sold over a million units in the US alone.

It is really striking to notice that an artist that released his work in the early 2020s still has an enormous pool of fan following! This puts him on the frontline of the music industry.  

In a conversation, Eminem says that raising their daughter Hailie Jade and her siblings are among his proud accomplishment. Eminem daughter Hailie Jade has now turned twenty-four. 

Eminem Biography

Specifications Details 
Original Name Marshall Bruce Mathers III
How Old Is Eminem?49 years old 
Eminem Height (How Tall Is Eminem?)5’8″ (173 cm)
Is Eminem MarriedYes
Eminem WifeKimberley Scott (2006-2006)
Eminem Ex WifeKimberley Scott (1999-2001)
Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade
Eminem MomDeborah Rae “Debbie” Nelson
Is Eminem Gay?No
Eminem Net Worth$230 Million 


Eminem swam against the waves to get the fetch accolades. He is too bold to go against the President of the US.

In terms of greatness, style, and aura, he is compared to none other than Elvis Presley. Critics compare his lyrics to Bob Dylan.

Therefore he becomes a rare white star on the Galaxy of Art meant for the “Blacks” and that’s commendable.  

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