Don't Look Up' Teaser

Have you heard the latest news of “Don’t look up?” This is one of the best science fiction movies for the whole world. This film will be streaming on Netflix. 

Featured Characters

This film is marked as the treasure movie where science is the prime fiction. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio are in the lead. Already people have started making noise about the film, and all are satisfied with the acting of the featured actors. 

To do this film, Leonardo DiCaprio took more than USD 30 million. And on the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence also demanded USD 25 million. Just think, how this is going to be burst among the audiences?

Story Line

In this film, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio are playing the role of the two low-level astronomers that are working on civilization. The first trailer of this film is already being published, and people have made echoes of this movie.

We are sure this is going to be one of the teaser films. You must watch this movie to learn the fruit of civilization and the warnings of the astronomers. The characters are Dibiasky (Lawrence) as the student and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio). Both of them are the featured characters. Let’s have your patience for some more time. 

Film Trailer

The trailer starts from a point where Leonardo DiCaprio is in the washroom and says, “I’m here now.” Later the next character Dibiasky is also introduced to the audience as he is a grad student. She and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, will work on the astronomical experiment, and they will discover the collision course of the world. They both warn the president. This is how the story will proceed. 

It is an amusing factor for all the audiences who have an interest in science. The story is being scripted with a difference. Probably this movie wants to push audiences with some amazing world factors. The theatrical version will also be there in the film.

So, this is totally packed with charming, influential drama. However, I hope the film will surprise us soon. Don’t be sad, this is just going to be released. Stay curious and when it comes, just watch the movie. For the time being, go through the trailer of the film. Wait for  “Don’t look up,” and now look at the trailer. 

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