Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Is Almost Here: What to Anticipate? (Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 Ending Explained) 

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The ton is buzzing with gossip. It has been only a week since Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 was bestowed upon us. And after only four episodes of watching Colin Bridgerton fall head-over-heels for Penelope, we crave Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2.

But as per the streaming giant, till 16th June, we can only anticipate what’s about to come.  

Come on, the final episode of Bridgerton Season 3 Part I ended with a steamy scene between Colin and Penelope, accompanied by a marriage proposal. Plus, the carriage stopped outside the Bridgerton house, with Colin asking Penelope to accompany him inside (our hearts, collectively, God!) 

We can’t wait to learn how Penelope will respond to this spontaneous offer. Will the show’s depiction of the character stay the same as in Quinn’s novel (Romancing Mister Bridgerton)?  

More importantly, how will Colin react when he discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown? Similarly, how will Eloise react to this romance – after all, Colin is her brother, and Penelope is her former best friend?  

The final four episodes will be released in June, with Netflix making us wait for 30 odd days as a breather. Apart from reading Julia Quinn’s novels, there’s not much to do except anticipate what’s going to happen to Mayfair’s finest in the final four episodes. 

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1: OH MY GOD, Our Hearts!

After years of sexual tension and a grand makeover later, Penelope’s romance with Colin has officially made its grand debut.  

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan reprised their individual roles as Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington in the third season of the popular Regency romance. This time, Colin was helping Penelope find a husband.  

So, when the wealthy Lord Debling shows interest in Penelope and even almost proposes marriage, Colin realizes that he has romantic feelings for Pen. After all, Lord Debling was not marrying Pen for love – it was just going to be another practical marriage.  

Our favorite cast members made a comeback for this new adaptation, including Bridgerton regulars Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton), Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury), Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton), Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma), Ruth Gemmell (Violet Bridgerton), and more.  

Additionally, Hannah Dodd took over Francesca Bridgerton’s role from Ruby Stokes. The other new faces include James Phoon (Harry Dankworth), Sam Philips (Lord Debling), and Daniel Francis (Marcus Anderson). 

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2: What’s Next?

It has been two years since we last saw the Bridgerton romance. So, forgive our excitement. But Netflix has outdone its own work of the last two seasons with the spotlight on Penelope and Colin (yay!).  

While the first four episodes were packed with romance, gossip, steam, and drama, we can’t help but wonder what’s next. Of course, most of us binge-watched the first half, and now we are restless, especially after the steamy carriage scene. Thank God we don’t have to wait for two more years!  

Ahead, we are going to break down all that we think will happen in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2! 

1. What If Colin Finds Out… 

Come on, Pen, you are an excellent observer, considering all the gossip that you gather for running the Society Papers as the mysterious Lady Whistledown. How did you not understand that Colin Bridgerton is on his knees for you? It took you an entire carriage ride (ah!) – certainly the most eventful carriage ride of Pen’s life, complete with the spontaneous marriage proposal.  

“For God’s sake, Penelope Featherington, are you going to marry me or not?” 

Penelope is surprised, no, thrilled – this was everything that she had been dreaming about! Everything seems rosy, but what if Colin finds out? That one thing Pen has been hiding from everyone (of course, Eloise knows as well) – he will call off the wedding and probably hate her forever.  

It’s not an ideal situation, really. 

In this context, Luke Newton spoke about Colin and Penelope’s relationship to Vanity Fair, “They just keep taking layers off this season, both physically and emotionally. We need to really uncover everything that’s been felt over the last however many years they’ve known each other now.” 

Fans online are saying that when Colin finds out Penelope’s secret, he might channel his writing into the persona of Lord Whistledown.  

Showrunner Brownell coyly told Vanity Fair, “I haven’t heard that. Well, we know that Colin and Penelope have written letters to each other every time Colin goes away for the summer, and that’s where they really built their friendship, so writing is central to their connection, for sure. How that plays out this season will be left to be revealed. When Colin and Penelope get together, there’s a part of Penelope that wants to be known fully by Colin, and so it’s a question for her of whether to reveal this secret to him, which she has to navigate.” 

2. Eloise Isn’t Going to Take It Well: 

Also, don’t forget that Eloise knows about Penelope’s secret and that she is now marrying her brother. Moreover, Eloise and Penelope are not really in the best place.  

Of course, it’s not just about Eloise knowing the secret. It’s also about the shift in dynamic with Penelope and Colin getting married, considering both Colin and Penelope are close to Eloise.  

In this context, Claudia Jessie said, “I just can’t see that she’s going to react well. I’m nervous for everybody to watch. If the Whistledown thing hadn’t happened, I know there’s a world in which Eloise would be like, I’m so happy Penelope’s [potentially] gonna be my sister. Just as happy as she was that Kate Sharma was gonna be her sister. But because of the Whistledown thing, I feel like she’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, and this? So, you’re Lady Whistledown and you want to sleep with my brother?’” 

To make matters interesting, Jess Brownell did tease certain elements of the third season, including something that sounded like “a set piece in episode five in which all of our major characters are together,” not to mention “in episode six, a Demi Lovato song that really just lands.” 

3. A Marriage on the Cards for Francesca Bridgerton? 

Queen Charlotte has named Francesca Bridgerton the social season’s ‘sparkler.’ The headstrong monarch feels a sort of ownership over her sparkler of the season and chooses Marquis Samadani as a possible match for Francesca.  

Unfortunately, the queen’s choice is going to be ignored for yet another time – the Bridgerton family keeps getting away with it season after season.  

This time, the relatively less popular Earl of Kilmartin, Lord John Stirling, catches Francesca’s eye.  

According to Brownell (as published on Netflix’s blog), “They have a lot of compatibility, and there’s a lot of understanding between them. They can sit in silence, which is powerful.” 

The connection is so powerful that a restless Francesca declined Samadani’s lemonade – and that too at the Queen’s ball. Rather, she chose to race home and play the tunes that John had thoughtfully rearranged for her – a warm gesture from the introverted John! 

In fact, both Violet and the Queen were not happy with this development, though Violet seemed to understand that her daughter had finally begun to experience that spark. According to Quinn’s novel (When He Was Wicked), Francesca does get married to John. But sadly, John dies within two years of the marriage.  

This is where Francesca’s love story begins. Michael, John’s cousin, becomes the new Earl of Kilmartin and goes to India, leaving Francesca to oversee the estate – four years pass. After her grieving period is over, Francesca returns to London in search of a husband – at the same time, Michael comes to London.  

We are not going to give more away – but it is possible that a marriage is on the cards in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2.  

4. A Steamy Affair Awaits Benedict Bridgerton: 

Free-spirited Benedict does appear to be somewhat lost and lacks a sense of direction. Part of Season 3 is also about Benedict’s journey of navigating through this time – he must break through this desolation feeling.  

Meeting Lady Tilley Arnold could hopefully change things for real. She first meets Benedict in the 3rd episode of this season during the balloon-driven carriage demonstration that was going on. While the bond between the two has an intellectual, not to mention, steamy start, it becomes sort of personal by the end of Part 1.  

After watching Benedict in three seasons, it is obvious that he needs someone strong to pull him towards a direction. Moreover, Lady Tilley Arnold is bold and striking – she has been pulling the show in a direction. As a result, we are very excited about how Lady Arnold influences Benedict and, more importantly, how their relationship pans out.  

5. Violet’s Second Innings:  

In Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, longtime widow and mother to the Bridgerton siblings, Violet reveals that she is ready for someone new to take care of her garden after spending so many years on her own.  

In the 3rd episode of this season, she comes across Lady Danbury’s brother, Lord Marcus Anderson – the man who might just be ready to tend to Violet’s garden.  

After all, Violet is incredible at motherhood – she does so much for her kids. Of course, she deserves to get her share of happiness, too. As a result, someone “naturally effervescent” like Lod Marcus might do Violet a whole lot of good. 

Moreover, Marcus is charming and aware that Violet is a slow mover. So, he isn’t really trying to push Violet into anything. Instead, he is just moving at her own speed – he is building a sort of friendship.  

Additionally, Lord Marcus respects that Violet’s kids are her priority – and that is possibly what motivates Violet to nurture feelings for him.  

Is it possible that Violet’s garden might begin to bloom in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2? 

Bridgerton Season 3 Part I Ending Explained: A Regency Thirst Trap! 

Did you also watch Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 in a thirst fluster, so much so that you could barely clock out what was going on the screen? Hello there – we have all been there! 

While anticipating what’s going to happen in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2, let’s talk about how Part I ended – a Regency thirst trap of sorts! 

Polin Forever: 

The friends-to-lovers trope reaches its climax when Colin interrupts Penelope and Lord Debling on the dance floor. Colin’s move prompts Debling to rethink the proposal. Since he travels for most parts of the year, it was imperative for him to find a wife who could take care of his estate.  

The last thing poor Debling needs is a wife who will have an affair when he is away.  

Devasted to lose her only good marriage prospect, Penelope leaves the ball (she keeps doing that at every ball this season). But things take a turn when Colin stops the carriage and gets up to join Pen inside.  

Pen is furious at Colin initially. But then an undeterred Colin confesses his passionate feelings for Pen. He says he has “feelings like dreaming of you when I’m asleep—in fact, preferring sleep because that is where I might find you.” Pen does say that they are just friends, but then she takes Colin and all of us by surprise and says how she would like to be more than friends with Colin.  

That’s all it takes, really. The two begin to kiss before progressing to the iconic (at this point, legendary, really) carriage copulation – yes, we are calling it copulation.  

When the carriage finally stops outside the Bridgerton house, the couple comes back to reality. Colin gets out of the carriage, reaching for Pen to join him. When a flustered Pen says, “Your family will see me,” Colin says, “For God’s sake, Penelope Featherington, are you going to marry me or not?” 

Before Pen could answer, the scene ends, and we are now waiting for Part 2 to drop on Netflix. But is it safe to assume that Pen will say yes – remember her dazed expression? 

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