Emma Kenney Net Worth (2021) | Age, Height, Boyfriend, FAQs

After watching the final season of Shameless, aren’t you a little curious about Emma Kenney net worth and other details like who’s she dating and how old she is? Well, we are here to quench your thirst for gossip! So let’s find out all you need to know about this 22-year-old American actress.

Interestingly, Kenney started her career on the sets of Shameless when she was only 11 years old and said goodbye to the set when the show premiered its final season in 2020. However, there’s no doubt that the show was a huge hit and acted as a launching platform for the ensemble cast, including our favorite, Emma Kenney.

Who Is Emma Kenney?

Who Is Emma Kenney

This young actress hailing from New York City knew she wanted to be in front of the camera when she was only four years old, according to reports on Fandom. No wonder she had bagged her first full-time television role by the time she was only 11 years old. The show was Shameless, and the role was that of Debbie Gallagher.

The little child actress from the Big Apple started attending Improv classes when she was only five. By the time she was 9, her directorial debut, The New Girl In Town, was appreciated at the New Jersey International Film Festival. Emma Kenney has been on a roll since she could barely walk!

Presently, Kenney lives in Los Angeles, California, pursuing her successful career as an actress. Additionally, she plans on opening an animal shelter soon as she claims to be attached to the cause for animal welfare. That does sound pretty cool, doesn’t it?

The Emma Kenney Net Worth Story

Discussing someone’s net worth is a tedious task, but celebrities are different. Don’t you agree? If you are typing ‘what is Emma Kenney net worth’ on Google because you are bored, say no further because we are here to give you an exclusive insight into the Emma Kenney net worth story.

Presently, the Emma Rose Kenney net worth is measured to be a whopping five million dollars, and she is only 22. Yes, five million is nothing when you think about the net worths of famous television actors like Charlie Sheen from Two And A Half Men or any actors from Friends

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Emma Kenney net worth 2021 story is different from the Emma Kenney net worth in 2022 by as much as one million dollars. True, it does not sound like a big difference, but for a young actor with no roots in the industry, Emma has done quite well for herself. 

At a tender age, Emma has bagged some crucial roles that have made her a popular household name. Thus, it can be concluded that Kenney’s net worth can make any ordinary 22 year old envious. However, although her contemporaries are worth more presently, it is only time before Emma’s net worth multiples. 

Emma Kenney: Height, Age, And Boyfriend

Emma Kenney: Height, Age, And Boyfriend

Now that you have an answer to ‘what is Emma rose Kenney net worth,’ curiosity about her love life and other details is only natural. As a result, we are here to shed light not just on Emma Kenney net worth but also on some most searched things about her. 

While it may feel like she has been around for a long time, considering Shameless ran for nearly a decade, the truth is Emma is very young. She was only four or five on the sets of Shameless during its first season. Currently, Emma has grown up to become a beautiful woman of 22. She has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches with stunning features. 

When success was on her feet, love could never be afar. Although the Shameless start never spoke about her personal life openly in public, she is rumored to be dating American actor Aramis Knight, who most notably played the role of M.K. in the show Into The Badlands and the character of Bean in Ender’s Game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Emma Rose Kenney Have A Baby?

No, the Shameless actor, Emma Rose Kenney, does not have a baby in her actual life. However, there were many speculations on Kenney’s pregnancy because of how her character has been portrayed in Shameless. In the show, Emma played the role of Debbie Gallagher, who gets pregnant at 15 and gives birth to Frances. 

2. Are Emmy Rossum And Emma Kenney Still Friends?

Unfortunately, Emmy Rossum and Emma Kenney are no longer connected to the dismay of the Shameless fans. However, Kenney wished well for her former real-life sibling and real-life colleagues in an interview soon after the show’s final season was released in December 2020.

3. How Much Does Emma Kenney Make?

If you are wondering about Emma Kenney net worth after binge-watching all seasons of Shameless, you have come to the right place. Born in New York in September 1999, Emma is an American actress with a current net worth of five million dollars.

4. How Old Was Emma Kenney In Season 1?

Emma Kenney was very young, a child of 11, when the first season of Shameless premiered in 2011. In different interviews after the final season’s premiere, Emma spoke in detail about her odd relationship with her on-screen sister Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, and how young they both were when the show started.

5. Where Is Debbie From Shameless Now?

American actress Emma Kenney played the character of Debbie Gallagher. The young actress has worked on many projects since Shameless premiered on Showtime. Most notably, Emma Kenney accepted the role of Harris Conner-Healy on the television comedy show, The Conners, which aired between 2018 to 2021.


Born to a criminal defense lawyer and a sports writer, Emma’s in film and television has made her and her family proud. Dreams do come true, and Emma’s dream of being a star came true! The Emma Kenney net worth story shows what you can achieve in life if you start early and work hard, just like Emma did. 

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