Kylie Jenner Confirms She’s Pregnant

Did you also hear the rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant? Well, we sure you did, and guess what, the beautiful model is actually going to be a mom. It looks like we will now get to see another beautiful addition in the Jenner family because the model is expecting her 2nd child with rapper, Travis Scott. 

An Intimate Peek To The Baby Bump

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star is bumping alongside her sisters because she is expecting her second child with the rapper, Travis Scott. She posted a sweet video on Instagram to announce her pregnancy. It’s a simple 90-seconds clip. Jenner is seen caressing her tummy in front of the camera by keeping it bare, and open. 

Then, we see another clip where the gorgeous model wears a stomach cut-out black dress showing off her baby bump. We finally get the ultimate cuteness when her 3 year old daughter kisses her mom’s bump, and makes a cooing sound.

The heartwarming post of Jenner has left her fans in tears of joy. When Jenner, and Scott parted ways in 2019, we thought that was the end of their relationship. Despite not being officially back together, the couple showed their love for each other. 

Jenner kept the caption of the video quite simple. It was just the emoji of a pregnant woman, with a white heart. She even tagged her ex-husband, Travis Scott in the post. 

What’s Kylie’s Reaction?

The supermodel welcomed her first child, Stormie in 2018, and she has since then raved about how she wants more kids in her life. She even disclosed her hopes for having seven kids altogether, but she plans to take things slow. Though she said that parenting is stressful because you have to do the right thing; however, it is something she enjoys very much.

According to sources, we know that Kylie is taking her time out to enjoy this pregnancy phase. She will most likely spend most of her time at home where she can take better care of her daughter, and her brand. She looks very happy, and it’s exciting too when we see her showing off her baby bump to her friends. 

Final Thoughts

With Kylie Jenner being in line for the next mother in Hollywood, we see her sisters supporting her during this phase. Both Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian posted heartwarming comments on her Instagram video. We know Kylie is enjoying her pregnancy in private, but we hope soon we will get some more exciting news on this event.

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