Met Gala 2021: Sudha Reddy, The Indian Philanthropist To Look Out For On The Red Carpet This Year

The grandest fashion event, Met Gala, has finally knocked on our doors. It is the only event in the entire world where we saw the most elaborated 15-minutes outfit of Lady Gaga that we all loved. Also, it is the event where the Givenchy all-black ensemble of Madonna made people think it was too revealing. 

Many Indian celebrities have stroked the Met Gala with their presence, like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. But, this year, Sudha Reddy, a Hyderabad-based philanthropist, will also caress this ramp, so others better watch out.

Who Is Sudha Reddy?

Sudha Reddy is the spouse of the billionaire Meha Krishna Reddy and is a philanthropist herself. She is also a dedicated savant of art, and fashion as we saw from her Insta bio. But, this Hyderabad-based individual is best known for her charitable contributions. Sudha is the director of one of the biggest infrastructure companies in India, MEIL (Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited). 

Her debut in Met Gala also made her the only Indian attending the event this year. She is also the first non-film personality from Hyderabad to attend this grand occasion. This year the theme of the event was ‘America: A Lexicon Of Fashion.’ 

The Elaborate Outfit Of Sudha Reddy

Yes, the outfit Reddy chose for this event was indeed a grand one because her designers claimed to spend 250 hours making it. She wore a golden dress made by the designer duo Falguni Shane Peacock. The gold haute couture is actually a body-hugging gown that Sudha wore in this event, and it highlighted her extensive persona quite well.

The dress resembles a novel-edgy military look that has the colors of the American flag in it. The gold gown is heavily embellished with red and blue shades in crystals and sequins. It also contains a refined touch of beagle buds exported straight from the Swarovski AG. The 4-meter long train of the dress highlights the colors of the American flag pretty well, so we can say it blends well with the theme.

For jewelry choices, this philanthropist chose a statement earpiece made by famous jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali. The earpiece is called the Dreamy Decadence. The designer took inspiration from the stars embedded in the American flag and designed this noticeable cuff earring.

The earring is encrusted with 35 carats of VVS diamonds and 18 carats of gold. This shimmery jewelry starts from Sudha’s cheeks and ends in her hair, so it highlights her very expressive eyes and well-contoured cheeks. 

What We Think

We think Sudha did full justice to the outfit as her designers have also agreed. Even her jewelry designer said that Reddy made the earpiece look stunning with her gorgeous personality, and we cannot agree more. Seeing a non-film personality from India gracing the Met Gala this year has indeed been an honor for us, and we cannot take our eyes off of Sudha for how gorgeous she looked. 

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