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Roderick Spencer is also known as Roderick MacGlashan Spencer. He is a producer and entrepreneur who gained supreme popularity as Alfrey Woodard‘s husband. 

Alfre was the principal actor of her time, and she was also the most well-known political activist of that era. The best Alfre Woodard movies are Juanita, The Family That Preys, Holiday Heart, Crooklyn, Clemency, etc.

The Roderick Spencer and Alfre Woodward wedding took place in 1983, and the duo has since married. It has been 37 years since Roderick Spencer and Alfre Woodard have been sharing their togetherness in the industry that is better known for divorce and breakups.

Let’s find out more about this iconic man who has impressed a stunning actress like Alfre Woodard so much that she never fails to appreciate him in public.

Who Is Roderick Spencer?

Roderick Spencer is a social activist, producer, screenwriter, and former actor who belongs to the United States. In 1983, Spencer Roderick and the stunning Hollywood actress Alfre Woodard got married.

Spencer met Alfre via his undergraduate theatre professor. Despite his own achievements, he is most recognized for his marriage to Alfred Woodard, a diverse, award-winning actress.

Early Life And Education:

Early Life And Education

Roderick’s early life is unknown, but we do know that he began his career as an actor. We know he was born on 13th April 1958 in New York. His parents’ names are Louisa Spencer and Duncan Spencer, and he is the youngest son of three siblings.

Roderick must have had a hardworking childhood because the show business needs effort, patience, and devotion to be successful. Unfortunately, however, nothing significant from Roderick’s early years has made it into the media. 

From 1971 through 1976, Roderick studied in the college preparatory St. Mark School in Southborough, Massachusetts. Spencer describes his stay in the school as the most vivid, frantic, and weird period of his life. Then, in 1977, he enrolled at Colorado College and graduated in 1981.

Career Graph:

Roderick Spencer initially taught directing and screenplay at Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus. At the same time, he was also writing for a performance at his alma institution, Colorado College. 

Spencer also served on the board of The Unusual Suspects, a Los Angeles-based charity that provides theatrical instruction to children in foster care, gang rehabilitation programs, and juvenile incarceration institutions. 

In 2001, he, Alfre Woodard’s husband in 1983, joined the big production house Miss Maglashan Productions in California. He joined the company as a writer, producer, and part-owner. He created the script for “Juanita,” a book-to-film adaptation that has won millions of hearts since appearing on Netflix in 2019.

Roderick made his acting debut in 1984 on the television drama ‘Rituals,’ where he played a recurrent character named Jack. Although his acting career was short-lived, he did appear in popular television programs such as ‘It’s Living,’ ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ and ‘L.A. Law,’ among others. 

After that, he switched from acting to writing. Roderick started producing films in 1999, and he again returned by producing and scripting the Netflix film ‘Juanita.’ As his wife Alfre Woodard starred in this movie, it was a memorable moment for him and his entire family. Many people admired Roderick’s writing in Junaita, which proves the man is a talent himself. 

Personal Life Details:

Personal Life Details

Alfre Woodard and Roderick Spencer are regularly seen on the red carpet together. The pair married on October 21, 1983, and their love for one another is more significant than ever. 

Their love for one another appears unrivaled after co-producing films, but it wasn’t always like this because of their interracial marriage. In fact, it caused difficulties among the two families. 

The names of Roderick Spencer and Alfred Woodard’s children are Mavis and Duncan. The couple adopted the two kids and, since then, has been hailed as the ideal image of a Hollywood power couple.

He and his family presently reside in Santa Monica, California. The screenplay writer is always beside his wife, supporting her whether she needs his undivided focus on her or it’s time to escort the beautiful lady to the Red Carpet ceremonies.

In a recent interview with People, Alfre discussed how her talented writer husband had supported her through life’s ups and downs. Roderick Spencer and the legendary actress married on 21st October 1983. The pair prioritized their needs and elevated their artistic interests together in the early years of their marriage. 

Their bond became more assertive as their love for creating grew stronger. When Woodard and Spencer welcomed their children, Mavis and Duncan, their bond grew even closer. 

In 2019, the stunning actress again gushed over her lovely children and spouse. She says that Roderick Spencer is a brilliant man who prioritizes his family over anything else, and that’s what makes him such a wonderful human being.

Net Worth:

Roderick Spencer has had a successful career up to this point, and with the popularity of ‘Juanita,’ there are no limits to what he may do. Roderick Spencer’s net worth is still unknown to the general public. However, it is likely to be substantial. We anticipate that his net worth would amount to approximately $20 million.

On the other hand, Alfre Woodard has been a successful actress so far in her life. Although people know Spencer as Alfre Woodard’s spouse, her net worth is far lesser than his. Alfre Woodard’s net worth is reported to be $13 million. 

Therefore, it shows that Roderick Spencer’s and Alfre Woodard’s net worths are almost in the same ballpark. Roderick is also a co-owner of Miss Maglashan Productions, Inc. and his wife Alfre, so that is another source of this power couple’s income. 

Social Media Presence:

Social Media Presence

Spencer enjoys writing. He constantly adds new, high-quality content to many of his websites. Aside from writing and producing, he is also active on social media, particularly Twitter, where he can continuously comment on current political and social concerns.

Roderick Spencer enjoys spending time with his wife, as seen by his Instagram account. We see them traveling together or hanging out in coffee shops regularly. In addition, he frequently posts about his accolades, his wife’s success, and his children’s achievements on social media.

However, he has dreams to go to even greater heights at the age of 68, so that’s a commendable spirit to take on from this man.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to Roderick Spencer mentioned below in detail. 

1. Does Alfre Woodard Have A Daughter?

Yes, Alfre Woodard has a daughter. Her name is Marvis. In 2010, Marvis was the Miss Golden Globe for the Golden Globe Awards. Alfre Woodard lives with Roderick Spencer, her husband, and their two kids – Duncan and Mavis – in Santa Monica, California. Woodard believes in activism and has taken a stand for several causes.

2. Does Alfre Woodard Have Biological Children?

No, Alfre Woodard does not have any biological children. Instead, she and her husband, Roderick Spencer, have two adopted children – a daughter called Marvis and a son called Duncan. 

3. How Many Times Has Alfre Woodard Played Sanaa Lathan’s Mom?

Alfre Woodard has actually played Sanaa Lathan’s mom in not one but three different films. She played Sanaa’s mom in Something New, a 2006 film, Love & Basketball, a 2000 film, and The Family That Preys, a 2008 film. 

4. Was Alfre Woodard In Grey’s Anatomy?

Alfre Woodward portrayed the role of Justine Campbell in the eighth season of Grey’s Anatomy. The episode is named Heart-Shaped Box. And that wasn’t her only appearance. She also portrayed the role of Dee Bennett in the sixth season of the show. This episode was called Private Practice.

Wrapping Up!

Roderick Spencer and Alfre Woodard have always supported each other. None of them is a stranger to Hollywood and how the industry functions, which helps them understand each other better.

It has been nearly three decades since the couple is still rocking the big screen together, and we hope they continue doing so in the near future. 

We have already shared as much information as possible about Roderick Spencer. Hence, please let us know if you have any other questions in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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