Donna From Suits A.K.A Sarah Rafferty Just came Back On Netflix: New Year, New Show!

It’s been four years since Suits ended. Since then, the show has become a huge streaming hit across the globe. Originally, the show aired on USA Network, but its success over the years has made it available on other platforms like Peacock and Netflix.

Moreover, the show has been breaking all kinds of streaming records throughout this year with old fans and new audiences.

We love Pearson Hardman and the drama it brings to us! It doesn’t matter where you are on your binge-watching journey of the show – you have, of course, come across Donna Paulsen, our woman of the hour! Listen, Donna literally knows everything – she is not only a fan favorite but also a certified show stealer!

With a crazy character arc spread across nine seasons. The intimidating legal secretary is truly a force to be reckoned with. But who is the actor behind Donna? Meet Sarah Rafferty, a familiar face on television but best known for her portrayal of Donna Paulsen on Suits.

Today, we will talk about Rafferty, her work, and her plans on reprising the role of Paulsen in a new Suits-spinoff!

So, Who Is Sarah Rafferty?  

Of course, we all know Sarah Rafferty from Suits. However, Rafferty has made appearances on several other shows in her long career.

Rafferty’s acting credits include:

  • Charmed,
  • CSI: Miami,
  • The Practice,
  • Bones,
  • Grey’s Anatomy,
  • Six Feet Under, and
  • Chicago Med.

Is Sarah Rafferty married?  

Yes, Sarah Rafferty is married. Recently, she celebrated her marriage of 22 years with her husband, Santtu Seppälä. As per Distractify, the couple first met in college when both were studying at Yale University.

So, Santtu is not from the world of acting. He works for Kiitos Capital Management as a financial analyst. The happily-married couple has two girls – 11-year-old Iris Friday and 15-year-old Oona Gray.

What’s Next For Rafferty?  

Netflix recently dropped My Life with the Walter Boys, based on a novel of the same name by Ali Novak. It’s a ten-episode show that follows Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez), a teenager who ends up losing her whole family in an accident.

After the accident, Jackie gave up her NYC life and moved to Silver Falls, Colorado, to live with her mom’s best friend from college and her family, the Walters!

Sarah Rafferty plays Dr. Katherine Walter, Jackie’s mother’s best friend who lives in Colorado with her husband (portrayed by Marc Blucas) and their ten children.

Sarah Rafferty On The Renewed Popularity Of Suits:  

Sarah Rafferty is absolutely ‘gobsmacked’ over the renewed popularity of Suits once the show is released on Netflix.

When she interviewed with People recently, Rafferty spoke about her feelings on finding out how the show has remained popular in the United States, “you can’t really metabolize that in a real-world kind of way” on seeing the massive number of viewing minutes the show was able to rack up on the streamer.

FYI, Suits tells the story of Harvey Specter (A.K.A Gabriel Macht), a famous litigator who ends up bringing Mike Ross (A.k.A. Patrick J. Adams) to his firm. The catch? Mike Ross is a university expellee, but he has a photographic memory and other skills that impressed Specter.

Before becoming a partner in the firm, Rafferty was Harvey’s assistant, and boy, she was irreplaceable!

When asked about the massive increase in viewership, Rafferty said, “I don’t get it. I’m incredibly grateful because our world right now feels like it is growing increasingly dark and fractured, and if escaping for a few moments through TV helps…that makes me feel good. It’s as simple as that: knowing this thing we worked on for 10 years is providing an escape for people or providing connection or meaning in any way, shape, or form—even if that’s just having a break from the news of the world—-I’ll take it.

In October, Deadline revealed to the world that the creator of Suits, Aaron Kush, is currently working on developing an offshoot of the show for NBC Universal.

Unlike the 2019 spinoff, Pearson, this is not going to be a reboot or revival. Rather, the series would be based in the Suits universe in the vein of the NCIS and CSI franchises featuring

brand-new characters set in a new locale!

Sarah Rafferty And The SAG-AFTRA Strike:  

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Rafferty spoke about the SAG-AFTRA strike at length.

She said, “The strike was a hard time for everybody in the industry. Nothing could ever eclipse my gratitude for “Suits,” for the people who are watching it, and for how it is being received.

But some of the celebrations, of course, had to be tempered by the fact that we were part of a labor movement across multiple industries, where workers had to strike to fight for fair pay that was commensurate with the value of the products they were creating.

I think in terms of our industry, we all see really good evidence of the value — “Suits” was getting billions of minutes on Netflix. I hope that people who are into teen dramas are going to binge “My Life With the Walter Boys” on Netflix.

I would say that having to fight as long and as hard as we did was at times disheartening, but at the same time, there was so much solidarity on the line; there was so much solidarity from sibling unions, who were also making great sacrifices. It really was a summer of holding two feelings at the same time.

And It’s A Wrap!  

So that was our favorite ‘Suit-or’ – Sarah Rafferty! Yes, if you haven’t watched Suits or any of the older shows, then she is just the woman who plays mother to the ten Walter kids. But you gotta go back a few years. Check out Rafferty in Suits and definitely in other popular shows like

Grey’s Anatomy.

Those were the days – they don’t make shows like that anymore (forgive my boomer-POV)! But do tell us about your favorite Sarah Rafferty performance in the comments below!

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