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What if I tell you to imagine Tom Cruise in the role of Iron Man instead of Robert Downey Junior? Well, it’s not a supposed situation, but Tom Cruise has really turned into Iron Man in the brand new Fan Art. The best part is Iron Man admirers are enjoying this new variant. 

That’s S H O C K I N G!!!!  

What’s The Fan Art Presenting?

On Instagram recently, a fan artwork depicting Tom Cruise as Iron Man went viral. Rahan Nejaraoui is the artist who created this. In this artwork, you can see a smacked Cruise in Mark 43 suit as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Furthermore, the caption he wrote with this post has sparked tittle-tattles amongst the MCU fans.  

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Will Tom Cruise Play The Iron Man Really?

The top gun actor was never technically affiliated with MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). He was one of Marvel Studios’ top selections for the part of Ironman: The Armored Avenger, though. Few sources revealed that Tom couldn’t find himself suitable for the Ironman’s role. As a result, he rejected the offer at that time causing them to select RDJ.

Now, thanks to Rahan Nejraoui’s ingenious fan art, as we can see Tom Cruise as the Avenger. ” Heard some rumors that Tom Cruise may appear as a Tony Stark variant in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness,” Rahan captioned on Instagram. 

There has been no official word from the MCU on this. Regardless, if the rumor becomes real, seeing the Mission: Impossible actor as the armored avenger would be thrilling. 

To Sum It Up…

It’s true that Robert Downey Junior as “Iron Man” cannot ever be replaced. He lies at the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if, and only if, Tom Cruise grabs the offer to play this role, it will be a completely new taste to us. Meanwhile, you can cherish this fan art by envisioning him as the Legendary Superhero.

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