Vidyut Jammwal, Nandita Mahtani Officially Confirm Engagement

Finally, Vidyut Jammwal and Nandita Mahtni have finally opened up about their engagement. They both made this news official. A few days ago, a rumor has been spread that they both are dating each other.

Now, uncovering all the rumors, they have finally taken the most significant decision of their life. They got engaged on 1st September, and they are posting later on 13th September. 

They have posted on social media, where they were standing in front of the Taj Mahal, Agra. On Monday morning, they made this official news. Vidyut Jammawal’s fans are now delighted with this news. 

By profession, Vidyut is an actor, and his beloved is a designer.  Generally, all have seen Vidyut in incredible stunts. He is famous for his deeds and actions, they both are well settled in life, and we hope they will come up with much greater news for us.

At this time, everyone felt happy with this news. On social media sites, their dear ones have commented. The congratulatory messages are everywhere on social platforms. 

Sophie Chaudry has written in the comment section,

 “Yay yay… so much love to you both. Love you Nands @nanditamahtani ❤️ Well done @mevidyutjammwal 😜🥂🥂,”

What Vidyut Jammawal Said Before?

Before some days age, Vidyut gave a hint about the love story on Instagram, he said, 

“I’ve just started seeing this girl. By the way, you (Michael) are the first person I am saying it to. I have just started seeing somebody. I really like this girl and before you get to know through other sources, I think Michael has inspired me to say it,”

Many of his fans got a clue though they have not posted pictures together. However, it was difficult to know in detail. A picture he posted where Nandita and Vidyut were climbing together. 

Both are now looking forward to their next coming days. For the time being, you can also congratulate the couple and wish them success in life. The celebrity couple will have a wonderful life. We will try our best to tell you more about their story when they express themselves. 

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