It Took India 21 Years To Get Another Miss Universe ‘Harnaaz Sandhu’

It Took India 21 Years To Get Another Miss Universe ‘Harnaaz Sandhu’

India, after Lara Dutt who won Miss Universe 2000, was waiting for a new face to call the new Miss Universe, and there we go finally! Congratulations Harnaaz Sandhu for making yourself and us proud!

Miss Universe 2021

Harnaaz Sandhu a 21-year-old woman from Punjab represented India at the 70th Miss Universe 2021. The event was held in Eilat, Israel. 

With her confidence and beauty, she edged out the contestants of Paraguay and South Africa and claimed the crown to become Miss Universe 2021. 

The first and the second place for runners-up was taken by Paraguay and South Africa. 

After her victory announcement she was presented the crown by the former Miss Universe of 2020, Andrea Meza from Mexico. Since the event was live-streamed globally, India cheered with her equally on her victory. She was crowned Miss Universe 2021 in October. 

Her journey to this prestigious stage has started at Times Fresh Face back in 2017. She is not just beautiful, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She holds numerous pageants, one of them is Femina Miss India Punjab.

How Did Harnaaz Sandhu Become Miss Universe?

As a part of the top 3 rounds, the respective contestants were asked what solution would they like to give to young women who face pressure today?

To which India’s Miss Universe replied and I quote “the main pressure a young person goes through is to have a hard time believing in themselves, they ignore that their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful” she also adds “let’s talk about important things that are happening worldwide, instead of comparing our existence with others”. She concludes her answer with such strong words that would make any woman have goosebumps, “ come out, speak for yourself, stand up for yourself, you are the master of your sea, I believe in myself, that is why I am standing here today.”

This answer of hers pushed her up to the top 3.

In the top 5 Harnaaz was asked  “Many people think climate change is a hoax, what would you do to convince them otherwise?” 

As usual, Harnaaz came with an impressive answer “ my heart breaks into pieces to see how nature is going through problems, it’s a lot I must add, I think and feel that we should start some actions and talk less as this is the high time”. She continues “our action is will choose to kill or save nature, prevent and protect is always better than repent and repair, and this is what I am trying to convince you guys today” 

Ending Thoughts 

A woman can be anything if she wants, an alpha woman always leads the way, and Harnaaz Sandhu has proved it. 

A confident yet beautiful woman like her deserved this respect. We congratulate her with blessings and love. 

Harnaaz Sandhu, the ‘naaz’ of India ,You go Girl!

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