Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Make Their Romance Official

After smooching for the yachts, Ben Affleck and Jennifer finally make an announcement. They made their official romance at ‘The Last Duel’ in Venice. 

Jennifer filled herself up with the white hugging gown and made her front neckline open towards the breast line. They both kissed in front of the audience the same day to express their feelings for each other. However, this was quite normal for them as they were making official romance.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship

Ben and Jennifer broke their relationship in 2004. And after too many years again, they met together and made a romance. Are you feeling excited about hearing the news? It is truly an amazing face of them. Many years ago, the media had caught them together, but they never appreciated this factor. 

But at this moment, they are open about their romance. Ben was in a formal outlook. He wore a black tuxedo. Yes, they both were looking amazing together. 

On Friday, they were seen together for the international film festival in Venice. On this day, they came in front of everyone and made it official. In the black tuxedo and the white diamond gown, the couple was looking nice. Though they have not opened anything about their relationship.

Is this for their movie “The Last Duel”? No one knows about this face though. On the day of their premiere, Lopez came out of her black car, and then she held the hand of Ben Affleck. Probably they both were trying to tell the audiences about their love and redeveloped feelings for each other. 

However, the whole scenario is still not cleared, but we hope they will clear the knot very soon.

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