Jennifer Lawrence Is Pregnant

The time to experience the lifetime opportunity of being a mother has also arrived for Lawrence. The Oscar-winning actress is thrilled as she confirms the news of her pregnancy. She and her art-dealer husband, Cooke Maroney, will have their first child together, and it is indeed a joyous event.

Lawrence, And Maroney’s Journey Together

Jennifer Lawrence met the love of her life Cooke Maroney through a mutual friend in Spring 2018. Unfortunately, Jennifer had just undergone a split with director Darren Aronofsky in 2017, so it was hard for the actress.
But, the paparazzi spotted them walking hand in hand in early June, which makes us wonder if they got together in late May. According to sources, Jen was pleased with Cooke, and she was always smiling. The source said:

They looked very comfortable. She is smiling like I have never seen her do with any of her previous boyfriends.

In less than a year of their dating career, the couple announced their engagement. We speculated that the couple got engaged on 6th February 2019 because we spotted Jen with a massive ring on her finger when she was out on a date night with Maroney. 

On 14th May 2019, the couple even threw a giant engagement party in NYC. Lawrence showed off her slender body in a baby pink wedding dress designed by Lauren Wells. Finally, on 19th October 2019, the couple was bound in matrimony. 

They Are Ready To Welcome A New Family Member

Jennifer said that when she met Cooke, she was not in a place to get married, but it looks like the NYC art dealer swept the actress off her feet and changed her mind about marriage. Jen said:

I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him. He’s my best friend.

Now, after two years in a row, the couple is finally giving us the good news. The 31-year old actress is pregnant, and she confirmed the news to CNN. Although we have not seen many pics yet where she shows off her baby bump, there was one.

The actress wore a complete floral outfit with jelly sandals when she was walking down the streets of Manhattan. She eventually met a friend for lunch at a downtown eatery, and we spotted her with that cute baby bump. 

She ordered a few chicken wings, tomato soup, and a grilled sandwich alongside salad for lunch. She even shared her food with her lunch buddy. Now, we don’t know if she met her friend to tell her the big news, but we are happy that we got one confirmed look of Lawrence with her pregnant belly. 

What We Think

We knew this would last forever when Jennifer Lawrence kept on raving about how great Cooke Maroney is as a person and how she doesn’t mind changing her surname for him. So, it’s evident that the couple is happy with their first child on the way. Though we have not got any reaction from the art dealer himself, we hope he will soon share some sneak peeks of their small family on social media.

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