These Are 15 Of The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories We’ve Ever Heard

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We have always loved conspiracy theories – everything about a conspiracy theory is so cool, especially when it’s 2 am at night and you have had a long, tedious week. And these days, the internet is all about conspiracy theories – so why not check out a few of those OG theories making waves even before the internet came into existence? 

Keep reading to check out the top theories about important events from the pages of history. 

These Are 15 Of The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories We’ve Ever Heard

We personally love reading conspiracy theories. In fact, there are so many such theories that have captivated us for so many years in the past. And at this point, when the internet is literally buzzing with theories about almost anything, there’s no point not talking about the most enthralling theories of the past few decades. 

So without wasting any more time, scroll down and check out all the conspiracy theories that have made us question our existence more than once! 

1. The Landing On Moon Fake

The Landing On Moon Fake
Image Credit – Nasa

One of the most popular conspiracy theories of all time is that the moon landing of 1969 was fake. The flag of the United States moving around in the wind, those misaligned shadows, and the absence of stars in the night sky all pointed out that perhaps Neil Armstrong did not take the very first step for humans. 

Conspiracists even argue that NASA probably staged the entire landing, and this secret has been guarded by the CIA since then.

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2. JFK Was Killed By The Government

JFK Was Killed By The Government
Image Credit – Bettmann | Getty Images

This one’s totally a no-brainer, but you must have heard all the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s death. Perhaps, the most popular theory about JFK’s death was how the assassination was executed and hidden by the government. In fact, conspiracists even don’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was alone behind the assassination. 

Moreover, JFK’s biographer, Philip Shenon, claimed that JFK’s brother Bobby Kennedy believed that the CIA could have been responsible for the death of JFK.

3. Frozen Was Created As A Distraction By Disney

Frozen Was Created As A Distraction By Disney
Image Credit – Pinterest

There are so many conspiracy theories about Disney, but none are more popular than the theory which claims that Disney created Frozen as a distraction! Yes, rumors have it that the legendary Walt Disney utilized cryogenics technology for freezing himself during his death, though the entire Disney clan has refuted such rumors. 

But this is where it gets spicy – apparently, Frozen was created to hack the search algorithm of Google, distracting consumers from looking up information related to the freezing of the now-deceased Walt Disney. 

4. King Charles III Is A Vampire

King Charles III Is A Vampire
Image Credit – The Australian

Did you know that the new monarch is related to someone called Vlad the Impaler? Vlad, the Impaler, was the inspiration for Dracula by Bram Stoker. Moreover, many royals sharing Chrales’ bloodline have suffered from Porphyria, a disease dealing with iron deficiency, causing people suffering from the same to become sensitive under the sun. 

Yes, it does sound a little stupid, but it is enough for many people to believe that the former Prince of Wales is a vampire. 

5. Bigfoot Is Real

Bigfoot Is Real
Image Credit – David Wall | Getty Images

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, call it whatever you want – the point is many people believe that this elusive creature actually exists. For several years, many people have tried their best to track these ‘mythical’ creatures down. Yes, several videos and photographs of a hairy, tall animal walking upright has also emerged in the past. 

Again, these simple facts have convinced several conspiracists that Bigfoot is very much real and does exist.

6. The Nazis Had A Secret Base In The Antarctic

The Nazis Had A Secret Base In The Antarctic
Image Credit – Cool Antarctica

In the 1950s, there was a rumor, and that too about the infamous Nazis! Apparently, the Nazis used to have a secret base hidden in Antarctica – this base housed pathbreaking advanced technologies such as UFOs. But it was just that, a rumor with whatsoever no evidence proving the theory. 

In fact, a Cambridge researcher called Colin Summerhayes even went on to write a 21-page long paper where he disputes the theory. 

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7. The Titanic Never Sunk

The Titanic Never Sunk
Image Credit – Getty Images

The story of the Titanic is such that it has managed to spark several conspiracy theories over the years. One such story was about how the Titanic never sank. It was the Olympics, one of the many ocean liners of the same company, that actually crashed into an iceberg. But this ocean liner was not the Titanic.

But there has been no evidence to support this claim. In fact, a ship did end up sinking, which caused the death of approximately 1500 passengers, in a tragic turn of events. 

8. Apollo 17 Wasn’t The Last Moon Mission

Apollo 17 Wasn’t The Last Moon Mission
Image Credit – Nasa

It is widely known that after Apollo 17’s success in 1972, the United States of America discontinued sending astronauts to moon. In fact, NASA even claimed that they already had all the research material as per requirements, and even government funding decreased. But then there came a movie featuring this fictional Apollo 18, giving rise to one of the most popular alien conspiracy theories. 

According to the theory, the mission wasn’t fictional – the mission was very much real, and it ended in a complete tragedy when all the astronauts got trapped amidst aliens. 

9. Zombies Can Rise From The Dead

Zombies Can Rise From The Dead
Image Credit – Bettmann | Getty Images

Who doesn’t love zombies? But what if we told you that it is believed that these disgusting creatures could be traced right back to Ancient Greece? Apparently, this was a time when the dead were buried with stones right on top to prevent them from coming back from their graves. 

This was enough for conspiracy theories to spark – in fact, it helped so many people actually prepare for a zombie apocalypse in case the theory proved to be true someday. 

10. Amelia Earhart Was Eaten By Crabs

Amelia Earhart Was Eaten By Crabs
Image Credit – Bettmann | Getty Images

When Amelia Earhart’s aircraft disappeared sometime in 1937, the story became completely shrouded with an air of mystery hanging all over it. While it is hugely believed that Amelia actually ran out of all the fuel and perhaps just crashed right into the sea, many people still believe that she accidentally landed on this deserted island where she was eaten by crabs. 

These crabs weren’t your usual standard crabs – these crabs were apparently three-foot long and lived on the shores of this island where she, unfortunately, landed. 

11. Planet X Is Home To A World Called Nibiru

Planet X Is Home To A World Called Nibiru
Image Credit – Nasa | Getty Images

When the news of an unknown planet located within the solar system became known, people all over the world were simply fascinated. Every time there’s news like this, it’s time for at least one popular theory to pop up, and this news was no different. Apparently, Planet X, according to the theorists, housed Nibiru, a theoretical world that would eventually lead to some apocalypse in 2018.

Well, looks like we survived! According to any conspiracy theory definition, this theory has ceased to exist – as in part about the apocalypse. 

12. Queen Elizabeth I Was A Man

Queen Elizabeth I Was A Man
Image Credit – Imagno | Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth I is legendary, with a long rule that spanned across generations. And the best part about this tough Queen was that she never needed a man. The fact that a woman did not need a man to govern a kingdom was perhaps hard to digest for everyone around. 

We believe this is the best excuse behind the rumor, which says that the Queen was replaced by a boy in order to prevent the decrease of the entire royal line. Apparently, this also explains why the Queen stayed chaste throughout her reign. 

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13. The Abominable Snowman Lives In Asia

The Abominable Snowman Lives In Asia
Image Credit – NBC | Getty Images

Just like Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman is another mythological creature people have been crazy about looking for hundreds of years. The lure for this conspiracy theory? Huge footprints were found right on the snow – footprints of a human-like animal? Footprints of a two-legged creature? 

These lures were enough for conspiracy theories to pop up about the Abominable Snowman living in Asia. 

14. 9/11 Was An Inside Job

9/11 Was An Inside Job
Image Credit – U.S. Navy | Getty Images

We don’t know what it was that made people think about the 9/11 attacks as a result of internal corruption. Maybe it was just the huge scale of loss – around 3000 humans killed in a few hours on a random, bright September morning. Apparently, President George W. Bush knew about the whole deal simply because the government wanted a war with Iraq and Afghanistan for oil. 

The proof? Although it’s not backed by science, and we know it’s false, the way the Twin Towers collapsed wouldn’t have been possible without controlled demolition. Another theory states that the Pentagon wasn’t really hit by that plane – it was a missile instead. 

15. Paul Mccartney Is Dead

Paul Mccartney Is Dead
Image Credit – David Redfern | Getty Images

One of our favorite conspiracy theories of all time is about the Beatles – the legendary Paul McCartney apparently is dead. But according to conspiracy theorists, the singer died in November 1966. Apparently, McCartney was arguing with his band member before storming outside the studio and died in a car crash. 

To cover Paul’s death, the band hired a look-alike who also sounds like Paul. (?) For instance, in the album cover of Abbey Road, all four members are walking across the zebra crossing, but only Paul’s barefoot. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now that you have a fair idea of the weirdest conspiracy theories of all time, what do you think? Do you want to check out more such theories? You just have to tell us! Tell us which ones are your favorite conspiracy theories in the comments below. Moreover, if you have been passionate about some theories, feel free to tell us.

You never know when the apocalypse will arrive, but at least we will be prepared to face that!

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