How Tall Is Jack Harlow? Here’s The Rapper’s Above-Average Height

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Jack Harlow is an American rapper who made his debut breakthrough with his hit single “Whats Poppin,” in 2020. The single spread like wildfire due to TikTok. He started his career in 2015 by making a few mix tapes and EPs. 

He became a rising star after a few collaborations and remixes with rappers like DaBaby, Lil’ Wayne, and Tory Lanez. He soon peaked at the top of Billboard Hot 100 US and even went on to get nominated for a Grammy.

Personal Biography

Personal Biography

Jack Harlow became a major hit at just 22 years of age back in 2020. Though he is not as tall as Shaq, if you ask me how tall is Jack Harlow, then peak to the table below. But before we dig deep, let’s know a little bit about the guy. 

Name Jackman Thomas Harlow
Jack Harlow Age13 March 1998 (24 years)
Shelbyville, Kentucky
Nationality American
RaceIrish and French
Jack Harlow Height5 ft 9 inches (180 cm)
EducationAtherton High School
Relationship StatusSingle
Jack Harlow Net Worth$4 – $5 million
Jack Harlow ParentsBrian (Father), Maggie (Mother)

Early Life

Early Life

Jack Harlow was born on 1998, March 13, in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the son of Maggie Nee Payette, a businesswoman, and Brian Harlow. Jack Harlow has a younger brother, Clayborn Harlow. They all grew up in Shelbyville on a horse farm. 

Jack Harlow began rapping when he was only 12 years old. His whole family has since then shifted from Shelbyville to Louisville. He, along with his friend Kennie Copeland used to record the songs and rhymes on a laptop and a Guitar Hero microphone. 

The duo even created a CD named Rippin’ and Rappin’. They sold copies of the CD at their middle school, Highland Middle School. After acquiring a real microphone, he formed a group called “Moose Gang” and took the name of “Mr. Harlow.” 

The group made two mixed tapes called the Moose Gang and Music for the Deaf. But both the mixtapes were never released. Harlow played for the boy’s soccer team when he was in Atherton High School. If you wanna know how tall is Jack Harlow, then he was tall enough to play football. 

If you are asking how old is Jack Harlow, he is just 24 years old and is a self-made millionaire already. 


If we look at Jack Harlow’s career, then it can easily be divided into four distinct stages fame and popularity.

Mixtapes & Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Harlow released his first commercialized single, the EP “The Handsome Harlow,” in 2015. It was released under the record label of Gill Holland’s sonaBLAST! When he was in high school, he used to play in sold-out shows in places like Haymarket Whiskey Bar, Mercury Ballroom, and Headliners. 

After graduating High school, he released Mixtape 18 under his music label and collective Private Garden. From then, Harlow started performing at different music festivals such as Bonnaroo Music Festival, South by Southwest, and also Forecastle Festival. 

Generation Records

Generation Records

In August 2018, Harlow announced that he was signed by DJ Drama and Don Cannon’s record label known as “Generation Now.” And on that day, he dropped the video for his song “Sundown.” 

On 17th August, he released his major debut mixtape called “Loose.” That album featured a lot of artists like K Champ, Taylor, CyHi the Prynce, and 2forWoyne.  In November of 2018, he went on his first tour of America for “Loose.” 

That month, he also released the music video for his song, “PickYourPhoneUp,” which featured K Champ. His mixtape was also nominated for the Best Mixtape at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.  

That’s What They All Say

What They All Say

Jack Harlow started 2020 by releasing his new single “What’s Poppin,” which became the star track from his new second EP called “Sweet Action.” With the help of social media platforms like TikTok, these songs quickly became viral. 

Harlow released collaborated on a song called “Moana” with G-Easy. He recorded a remix version of What’s Poppin, featuring Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, and also Da Baby. This version reached at number 2 spot on the Hot 100. 

Jack Harlow released his first studio album called “That’s What They All Say.” And the main track of that album was “Tyler Herro,” which was critiqued as weightless charisma, easy, his lyrics delivery, and lyrics. The music video featured an NBA player with the same name. 

In March 2021, he was the musical guest for the 46th Saturday Night Live. There he performed “Same Guy” along with Adam Levine. In the same month, he collaborated with Cordae and Eminem on Em’s 2020 single Killer. He then collabed with Lil Nas X for “Industry Baby.”

Come Home The Kids Miss You

Kids Miss You

In 2022, Harlow released his new single “Nail Tech” from his second studio album. He got praised by Kanye West and also featured for his album Donda 2 on the song “Louie Bags.”

In May, Jack Harlow released his second studio album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You.” The second song from that album topped the charts of Billboard Hot 100, First Class jack Harlows second number one hit song.

White Men Can’t Jump

White Men Can’t Jump

In March of 2022. Jack Harlow announced his first acting debut. It is a remake of the 1992 movie “White Men Can’t Jump,” which is directed by Calmatic. 


Jack Harlow has always been very open about the artists he is influenced by, such as Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Willie Nelson, among a lot more. Some of his favorite filmmakers are Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and also Alfred Hitchcock. 



For the past 2 years, Jack Harlow has been a part of a number of protests and activism. In 2020, he showed his support for the political movement of Black Lives Matter. He even took part in the rally in protest of killing Breonna Taylor. 

In October 2021, he donated to five non-profit organizations based in Louisville, namely, the Center for Women and Families, AMPED, Metro United Way, Louisville Urban League, and the Grace M. James Academy Of Excellence. 

Stating that “People need hope, they need love,” Harlow announced his plans for donations. Companies like Instagram and KFC pledged to give $50,000 each after what Harlow raises by using social media fundraising tools. 

Teaming up with KFC and their parent company which is yum! Brands donated $250,000 to American Red Cross. 

Wrapping Up!

Jack Harlow is one of the rising stars of hip hop, with a number of hit singles and albums; in no time, he is going to be among the big names of hip hop. Do you think this article was helpful for you? If so, tell me in the comment section what you thought about how tall is Jack Harlow.

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