Johnny Depp Claims “No One Is Safe” in Cancel Culture

During an interview with journalists at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on Wednesday, Johnny Depp appeared to connect to the #MeToo movement. He recently lost a libel case against a UK tabloid for calling him a “wife-beater.” However, this week, the Hollywood star remarked that the cancel culture or this quick rush to judgment affects everyone. 

What Happened Between Amber Heard, And Johnny Depp?

johnny depp and amber heardJohnny Depp and Amber Heard were married for three years, from 2015 to 2017, and during that time, they faced several claims of domestic violence. The couple finally got divorced, but it became pretty nasty with so many domestic abuse rumors. 

In a 2016 joint statement, they recognized that their relationship was highly passionate and, at times, tumultuous, but they both denied mistreating one another. But, when Amber Heard claimed Depp as an abuser, her claims were judged to be correct by a British judge last year.

There is a complicated problem with this cancel culture or this fast rush to judgment based essentially on contaminated air, the “Transcendence” actor remarked on Wednesday.

Depp said that the cancel culture had entirely gotten out of hand, and he guaranteed that no one was safe. The three-time Oscar nominee also said that nobody is wholly safe as long as someone is willing to say something against them. 

The Impact On Depp


Depp claims that Hollywood has “blacklisted” him due to his ex-allegations, wife’s, and that’s why his current picture, “Minamata,” hasn’t opened in the US yet. The publisher of The Sun was sued for his allegation that Heard was abusive during her tumultuous two-year marriage. But, he had a reputation after losing it due to the filthy facts of his private life that surfaced at the libel trial. 

The actor stated he had been asked to give up his position in the movie franchise “Fantastic Beasts” based on “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling’s novel. Many female and other filmmakers assaulted the choice of the festival organizing company to award Depp with its highest accolade, the Donostia Award, which damaged the reputation of the event and gave victims of sexual abuse the incorrect message.

The Spain Female Filmmaker and Audiovisual Media Association stated that awards are not given just based on professional or creative accomplishment. The organization said on Twitter, acknowledging the “complexity” of the matter. They are concerned about what message it will give to abuse victims if guys accused of sexist violence are pictured on red carpets and surrounded by adoring fans.

The festival authority pleaded with the media to ask Johnny Depp questions restricted to his profession only. However, the “The Crimes of Grindelwald” star talked to reporters hours before the Award banquet addressed the topic. He collected a lifetime achievement award at a Spanish film festival in Seville.

What We Think

What happened between Depp and Heard is not known to the media to its fullest extent yet. But, whatever decision the couple took, we hope it will help them move towards a better future. In addition, we think Depp will get back on his feet once again and surprise his fans with his excellent performance in the movies.


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