Who is Julia rose?: Julia rose Biography, Age and Net worth

Julia Rose is an American TV Star, actress, and social media Influencer. If you are her fan and want to know more about her life, this article is for you. Here, you can know a lot of facts about Julia Rose. Read the following points.

Julia Rose: Biography

There are very few people who are interested in modeling and do not know who is Julia Rose. Well, she is one of the top-ranking models in the US. As per biography, she was born on December 30th, 1993, in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, she was brought up in Austin, Texas. 

Given the birth date, Julia Rose model is now 28 years of age. As she has mentioned in many of her interviews and posts, she was interested in modeling right from her childhood. So, after completing her studies, she shifted to modeling. Like every other successful model, she also had to do a lot of struggles in the field.

Even, she worked as a bartender in the state of Austin before she started getting modelling projects. Presently, she is at the height of her career. 

Wiki Trivia Of Julia Rose

  • Birth Name: Julia Rose
  • Age: 28 years (According to 2021)
  • Date Of Birth: December 30th, 1993
  • Place Of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana State, United States
  • Hometown: Austin, Texas State, United States
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christian 
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Education: Graduate 
  • Alma Matar: Texas University
  • Present Residence: Los Angeles, California State, United States
  • Official website: 


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Family Background of Julia Rose

Family Background of Julia Rose

The names of Rose’s parents are still unknown as she refuses to reveal them. However, she is born to a Christian family, as per the news. Julia’s Family is among the pure whites who originated from Caucasia and are presently living in the US.

Some people from the modelling industry who know Julia personally claim that her parents are UN diplomats. However, Julia Rose Instagram shows that she has siblings and many friends. She is very fond of spending time with them. 

Julia Rose: Relationship Status

Julia Rose Relationship Status

Julia Rose has been in a relationship with Jake Paul since 2020. Jake is a well-known boxer and a Youtuber. So far, the couple is in an on-off relationship. However, in 2020 itself, both broke up and patched up again. Recently, there have been rumours that the couple is planning for an engagement. Moreover, it is remarkable that Julia changed her Instagram handle to juliarosepaul. 

Nowadays, both Rose and Paul are seen together in a lot of events. Even both of them are quite active on social media and they upload a lot of pictures together. 

Julia Rose: Modelling and Social Media Influencer Career 

Julia Rose Modelling and Social Media Influencer Career

The inception of Julia Rose’s modelling career occurred when she signed a contract with a swimsuit brand. Moreover, she started getting work in commercials for TV.  Apart from the modelling career, Julia Rose has done a lot of social media influence. 

At present, there are a lot of websites that have reached the top traffic under Rose’s influence on her social media handles. 

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Reality Show Career of Julia Rose 

Julia Rose has been a part of the reality show, “Are You The One?” In this reality show, Julia Rose has revealed herself in a sexy avatar. As a result, people have taken Julia Rose sexy in a lovely manner. Other TV shows of which Rose has been a part are LoveLiveServe and others.

Founding Shagmag

Founding Shagmag

In February 2019, Julia Rose had founded her own online magazine by the name of Shagmag. Her own show on mag gets the name- The Sh*tshow. Now, most viewers on Shagmag go crazy to see the Julia Rose hot avatar.

Mainly, Shagmag hosts celebrity interview podcasts. As of now, a lot of celebrities have to go to the show and speak their hearts out.

Net Worth of Julia Rose

The current net worth of Julia Rose is approximately $3 Millions. So, it is quite normal that Rose leads a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. However, Instagram is one of the continuous income sources for Julia Rose. 

Controversies Related Julia Rose

As a young model and bold personality, Julia has been a part of a lot of controversies. You can consider this girl to be crazy but she gets all the love from her fans. Some controversies of Julia Rose are given here in detail:

The Engagement Controversy

The Engagement Controversy

The engagement controversy is a prominent incident that has happened with Julia Rose. It happened when she shared a crazy picture of her kissing Jake. This photo went viral on social media. 

The “Hollyboob” controversy

The “Hollyboob” controversy

You can consider this as one of the craziest controversies at all times as Rose changed the Hollywood logo to “Hollyboob” and clicked a picture with it. Moreover, she has been seen flashing her lady lumps on a world series.

However, Rose is quite concerned about providing awareness about breast cancer, she at times goes crazy with her own breasts. 

Final Take Away

Julia Rose is surely a heartthrob among people who keep interested in modelling and cinema. Moreover, people on social media sites also look up to her as a successful entrepreneur and influencer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Julia Rose’s Net Worth?

As per the current statistics given by reliable sources, Rose’s net worth is $3 million.

How Old Is Julia Rose Youtuber?

Julia Rose, the actress and Youtuber, is 28 years old. 

Who Is Julia Rose?

Julia Rose is a famous actor, Youtuber from the US. She is one of the controversial characters in his field. The best she is known for is for her crazy controversies. She is a bold woman who has already experienced a lot of criticism due to public nudity. The best controversy in terms of craziness would always be flashing her breasts during a world series game. 

Where Did Julia Rose Rose From?

Julia Rose rose from a Christian family who lived in Texas. She is one of the boldest models and social media influencers of the country right now. Although, there are many platforms on which Rose has been criticised. 


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