Kristen Stewart On Her Journey As Princess Diana For Pablo Larrain’s ‘Spencer’

Spencer, a drama that looks like a nice and warm bundle for the virtual Cannes Market, will be directed by Pablo Larrain and star Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. While growing up in Chile, Larran wasn’t as enamored with Diana and Charles’ fairytale wedding as many others were.  However, he was fed fairy tale literature all his childhood and believes this to be the polar opposite of that.

What The Movie Is All About?

According to Larrain, a fairytale is where the knight in shining armor rescues the damsel in distress, and the prince and princess live happily ever after. But, if the princess decides not to marry the prince, and be independent instead, what happens then? That’s the main plot of his new movie ‘Spencer.’ 

The movie basically portrays a critical weekend when Princess Diana decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working well and became determined to set her own path. To be precise, it will depict the story of 3 days when Diana was spending a Christmas holiday in her Windsor house and came to this life-altering revelation.

The film won’t go about showing how Diana died tragically after leaving the palace. Instead, it will just focus on her dying relationship with Charles and her journey to rediscover her persona before she meets Charles. We will also see how fierce Diana was when it came to loving and protecting her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Larrain says that many people empathize with the life story of Diana and admires her strength when she decides not to be the queen. The plot will revolve around how strong she was when she needed to be and how determined she was to transform herself. He believes it will be a movie that will connect with the emotions of millions of people in the world because it will portray a journey of self-discovery. He said:

“It’s a great universal story that can reach millions and millions of people, and that’s what we want to do.”

Why Is Kristen His Choice For This Role?

According to Kristen’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, we saw her saying that she feels there’s a big difference in her role of Diana playing a good wife to Prince Charles and being herself. She said:

“The one difference between Diana and myself, especially, is that she was alone and I was not.”

So, why did Pablo Larrain choose Kristen Stewart for this role?

Larrain said that when Kristen first starred in the ‘Twilight Saga,’ she accurately depicted a manic pixie dream girl, someone whose sole existence revolves to provide more depth to her male counterpart. But, she soon shunned that persona and started working in independent films with unconventional scripts and slaying them all. Larrain also said that Kristen is the most unpredictable actress in Hollywood today who has got a particular mystery about her.

According to Larrain, Kristen can be strong, mysterious, and fragile simultaneously, and this combination will be crucial in this role of Diana. The director has claimed to see many movies starring Stewart and has appreciated the diversity of her roles. On top of that, Kristen is very committed, so that’s a plus for the director because they needed someone who understood the weight of the character and was ready to give it her all. 

What We Think

Well, we cannot agree more with Larrain when he praises the acting abilities of Stewart. We indeed know how versatile she is as an actor, and it is her performance in various hits like ‘Personal Shopper,’ ‘Happiest Season,’ Charlie’s Angels’ that makes her the excellent star she is today. The film was supposed to begin its production in early 2021, so we hope to get some more details of the film soon.

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