Money Heist Season 5 'Volume 2' New Teaser Out

Money Heist Season 5 ‘Volume 2’ New Teaser Out

Never has a Spanish season made such a worldwide impact before Money Heist. We know that you have been waiting ardently for some looks of volume 2 of Money Heist season 5, and we officially have good news for you. Money heist season 2 volume 5 teaser is out now, so you can take a look at your beloved robber gang.

About The Teaser

Money Heist season 5 volume 1 was released in September, and as far as we know, volume 2 will be released in December. But, even the shoemakers realized that it was unfair to make the fans wait so long to see the gang’s final verdict. That’s why they released a teaser of volume 2 on Wednesday in Spanish and Hindi.

The 25-seconds teaser shows that the professor is acknowledging his loss. If you remember, last we saw the show’s narrator, and the hot-headed robber, Tokyo, died with a grenade in her hands. She sacrificed herself to save the other members of the gang and wanted to be the guardian angel of the professor. In the teaser, we see the professor taking vows not to let anyone die in this mission.

The teaser also shows as the professor is taking these vows, his team is trying to recover from the ordeal inside the Bank of Spain. We see glimpses of Lisbon, Rio, and Berlin too. Although season 5 volume 1 shared the backstory of Tokyo and Berlin, we don’t yet know its relevance to the gang’s fate. So, the teaser has made fans more excited about that too. 

As the end is coming, we also see the professor cocking a gun, and this will perhaps be a new avatar of the professor who has always been shrewd and calculative but has never been a murderer. We see glimpses of arrests, and executions too. Fans are also waiting to know if Alicia Sierra will side with the professor or accomplish her mission of destroying the professor. But, alas! The 25-second teaser does not reveal anything more, so it looks like we have to wait for some time more.

What We Think

Money Heist season 5 volume 2 will stream on Netflix on December 3, so a month or so is still left to watch the gang back in action. We hope the professor comes with an iron-clad rescue plan that does not leave any other gang member hanging their lives in balance. If we get more sneak peeks on the show, we will surely keep you updated. 

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