Rihanna Is A National Hero Of Barbados, After It Is Declared The Newest Republic

Barbados has long been trying to sever ties with Queen Elizabeth II, and finally, they have succeeded in this endeavor. As soon as the nation got the honor of the world’s new republic, their prime minister decided to honor Rihanna as a National Hero. Exciting, right!!! Let’s check out the details.

Barbados Becomes The World’s Newest Republic

After 55 years of struggle, Barbados has finally severed ties with Queen Elizabeth II and is known as the world’s newest republic. One of the first actions their prime minister decided to take as a republic was to honor the efforts of global music icon Rihanna.

The Caribbean beauty was born in the Barbados Parish of Saint Michael in 1988. She has achieved several awards in her 33 years of career. From an award-winning musician to a billionaire makeup personage, from a philanthropist to a striking fashion designer-she has shown off her expertise in almost every field.

Being recognized as the national hero of Barbados will include a new honor on her growing list of achievements. 

There was an overnight celebration for the presidential inauguration of the island on Monday, and during that ceremony, the ‘National Hero’ award was bestowed upon Rihanna.Ambassador Robyn Rihanna Fenty presented this award to her, and said;

‘May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your nation by your works, by your actions.’

This is not the first award Barbados has entitled upon Rihanna. She has also been the ambassador for culture and youth in Barbados since 2018.

Apart from Rihanna, Britain’s throned heir, Prince Charles has also attended this event. He said that determination, the thirst for justice, and freedom had been the cornerstone of Barbados’s victory in this journey.  He also said that the island people have always held a special place in his heart, and that makes him proud and happy to be a part of this grand ceremony. 

Rihanna Adds Glamour To The Occasion

Rihanna has always been a badass icon of the global music industry and has inspired several black people to pursue careers in unconventional fields predominantly dominated by whites.  

That’s why we genuinely believe that she 100% deserved the National Hero Award. But, she didn’t fail to generate whiffs of controversy on this particular occasion as well. Her bold outfit choice was undoubtedly a unique aspect of making this event forever memorable.

She chose a burnt orange-colored Bottega Veneta silk gown for this occasion, and she wore it with pride without a bra. The upper half of the dress was cut in an asymmetric halter neck that wrapped her neck like a scarf. The silky flair of the dress flowed halfway down her back, and the tassel, in the end, made it look even more striking.

RiRi paired the dress with bronze-colored stilettos, stud earrings, and a gold cuff bracelet. Her attire’s entire golden and orange color scheme made her look as bright as the sun rays reflecting on the earth. She completed her look with an intricate braided hairstyle and golden makeup that matched her ensemble.

What We Think

We think Rihanna has been the right choice for this award because she has indeed been a hero of this island for years. However, as Barbados has succeeded in its struggle, some people wonder if the other Caribbean nations will follow the same path or not. If we get any such updates, we will keep you informed. 

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