Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift Just Broke The ‘Drake Curse!’ 

Surrounded by confetti, cameras, and football fans, Taylor Swift gave an on-field kiss to her man, Travis Kelce. The ‘Lover’ singer was jubilant after Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl 2024. This is the American football star’s second consecutive win.

Thousands of Americans were watching the championship match, which ironically also shed the spotlight on Kelce’s intense romance with Swift.

Their passionate embrace after the Chief’s memorable victory against the San Francisco 49ers was the perfect cinematic finish after a nail-biting football season. In fact, the season became so much more popular, with Swift and her new man taking center stage.

Currently, the singer is in the middle of her Eras Tour (worth billions of dollars). Since making her first appearance in the NFL last September, she has been making regular appearances at his games.

Together, the two superstars have become this cultural juggernaut, inspiring themed merchandise, memes, conspiracy theories, and plenty of tabloid coverage.

But for Swities, this win is not just Travis’ victory – it’s Taylor’s victory, too! Yep, we have got some real hot tea for you guys – and Drake’s in it, too!

Also, isn’t Taylor and Travis too good to be true?

Stay tuned to find out more.

Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift Just Broke ‘The Drake Curse’

Super Bowl 2024_ Taylor Swift Just Broke ‘The Drake Curse’

Kansas City Chiefs and Travis Kelce have made history with their win at Super Bowl 2024. This is their second consecutive win and their third win in the last five years. But we Swifties only care about all that because Taylor Swift is all about Kelce these days!

Our Queen of Pop has also ended this NFL season with style. Swift was the lady in black, ending all kinds of rumors about her much-awaited attendance to show support for her man.

And Swift didn’t disappoint – she was present in Las Vegas right after wrapping up her final night in the Tokyo tour. She attended the match and sat in a star-studded box. Her friend Blake Lively and her family were in attendance. Of course, the Kelce family, along with Jason Kelce, was also there.

Once the match was over, in a perfect cinematic finish, Swift ran down to the field and kissed her boyfriend. It was a scene out of a movie – where the girl kisses the guy right after he scores the winning shot! Iconic!

But it is not just a win for Travis – there’s something in it for Taylor as well. Have you guys heard about Drake’s curse? Well, Swift broke that curse yesterday!

So, on 10th February (Saturday), 37-year-old Drake took to Instagram to reveal that he had placed a bet worth 1.15 million dollars on Kansas City Chiefs backed by Swifies to win Super Bowl 2024.

The ‘Hotline Bling’ singer posted a picture of his betting slip, captioning the post, “I can’t bet against the Swifties.” Now, many took this as a warning! 

So, What Is Drake’s Curse?

The thing about Drake’s curse is that the team he bets on always loses. Yes – his team always ends up losing. In fact, during FIFA, the Canadian rapper bet a million dollars on France, but France did lose the match.

His bet worried Swifties everywhere, with one fan lamenting, “Now the Chiefs are going to lose because last time he did this with f1 leclerc ding’s.” Another fan claimed, “The Drake’s curse is a real thing. Just better to say congrats to whoever the other team is and save yourself time.” 

But the Kansas City Chiefs proved everyone wrong. They won against the San Francisco 49ers and effectively ended Drake’s curse.

For Swifties, Taylor can do anything, including breaking Drake’s infamous curse. After all, it was Taylor’s charisma that helped the Kansas City Chiefs script history, with one of them even saying, “ Is there anything she can’t do?” 

So, How Much Will Drake Make?

So, how much will Drake make from this win? 

It is estimated that Drake will get a payout worth 2.346 million dollars – this is worth a gain of 1.196 million dollars.

Only last month, the artist had placed a bet worth 700,000 dollars on Sean Strickland in his match against Dricus du Plessis as per a stake post on Instagram. Of course, Du Plessis won!

Then, last year in October, Drake placed a bet worth 850,000 dollars on Logan Paul – that Paul would bet Dillion Danis by knocking him out, as per another Instagram post. The strangest thing? While Paul did emerge victorious, there wasn’t any knockout – so the artist lost again.

In September of last year, Drake also made a bet worth 500,000 dollars on Israel Adesanya in his match against Sean Strickland. Guess what? Sean Strickland won! 

Drake’s Cure And All His Victims: Looking Back In Time

Almost a decade ago, in 2015, tennis champion Serena Williams was having one of the best phases in her long, decorated career.

Experts everywhere were saying how Williams was going to win all the Grand Slams of that year. But shockingly, she couldn’t win the final at the year’s last tournament.

Moving to August 2022, the talented Kamaru Usman was literally running to become the world’s best MMA fighter. Shockingly, again, that did not really work out. In fact, when only a few minutes were left at a fight with Leon, Usman ended up losing the fight and his belt. Now, this was a fight that Usman was actually winning comfortably.

Only last week, Real Madrid gave a crushing blow to Barcelona, their bitter rivals, with a humiliating 3-1 scoreboard in El Classico.

We just talked about three completely different events in three different sports. Even the events took place at three different time periods, with years between each of the events. Strangely, there is one thing in common between all three events!

Yep – it is Drake’s cure! 

Drake’s Curse: Looking Back At His Victims

Drake’s Cure And All His Victims_ Looking Back In Time

God might have gifted the Canadian singing sensation with the Midas Touch when it comes to music. But things are not that great for the rapping icon when it comes to making sporting bets. The thing is, everything that the artist bets on or rather supports loses the match.

Of course, not every time! But 90% of the time, the teams/individuals Drake bet on end up losing the match. So, where did it all begin?

Yep, almost a decade ago with Serena Willams, way back in 2015. At the time, Drake was hoping for Williams to win and even attended the match. After Willaims, it was the Golden State Warriors – even though they were having the best phase in their career. But then Drake bet pretty big on them – the NBA playoffs were on, and the Golden State Warriors were playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The Golden State Warriors were already beating the Cavaliers 3-1, but somehow, against all odds, the losing side bounced back. In fact, the Cavaliers became the only team in the history of the NBA to overturn such a deficit.

If this wasn’t enough, Drake’s curse also hit Conor McGregor, the UFC megastar. In 2018, on the night before his much-awaited fight against Khabib Nurnagonedov, Drake posted a picture of McGregor.

Similarly, in 2019, when Anthony Joshua posted a picture with the artist captioning it “About to break the curse,” he lost not one of his heavyweight titles but all four of them at a match against Andy Ruiz.

That One Win And Many Subsequent Losses: 

In 2019, the Toronto Raptors became the first Canadian franchise to emerge victorious at the NBA championship. Initially, it seemed like the curse had finally ended after the Raptors’ win. But the curse made a return in 2019, with the Canadian rapping artist losing money on football and UFC bets alike. 

After 2019, his victims include UFC stars like Justin Gaethj and Jose Aldo, as well as football stars such as Jason Sancho, Paul Pogba, and Sergio Aguero. And not just that, his victims also include entire football teams like Arsenal, Barcelona, and AS Roma football team.

Of course, as we said initially, there have been a few exceptions, but largely, Drake’s curse never manages to miss its mark. As a result, it is pretty surprising that Drake did win with his bet on the Kansas City Chiefs – he made at least a quarter of a billion dollars.

It’s great that he made some good money from this bet – because if he kept losing out on his bets, he would have been bankrupted by now.

Drake’s Curse Did Spark Fear Among The Swifties Before Superbowl 2024: Here’s What Happened!

Of course, Drake will not take any chances against Taylor Swift’s dedicated fanbase.

As we mentioned, the 37-year-old musician took to Instagram only last Saturday to reveal how he made bets of 1.15 million dollars on Kansas City Chiefs backed by Swifties at the Super Bowl 2024.

Drake made a massive bet, putting all his hopes on the power of Swifties and The Taylor Swift effect! But there’s no denying that Drake’s massive bet did give fans of the San Francisco 49ers some comfort since everyone knows about the artist’s infamous luck in sports betting.

Although Drake has never collaborated with Swift, the Canadian rapping star did give the 14 Grammy winner a big shout-out on his latest track, ‘Red Button.’

But on second thoughts, Drake did bet right last year in Super Bowl LVII when he placed a bet worth 700000 dollars on the Chiefs. And not just last year, but even in 2022, he made a correct bet worth 472,000 dollars at the Super Bowl when he selected the Rams instead of the Bengals.

We all know that Drake’s history is checkered when it comes to sports betting. On that note, it is possible that the Super Bowl is perhaps the one event that can put an end to his bad luck in betting. 

But as diehard Swifties, we believe that it was Swift who kept Drake’s curse at bay while the Kansas City Chiefs delivered a nail-biting performance against the San Francisco 49ers!

The Taylor Swift Effect And American Football:

When Taylor Swift attended a KCC game for the first time on 24th September, it spawned a huge surge in viewership among Swifties.

The Taylor Swift effect has bestowed the artist with a solid Midas touch, pushing her to the top spot for one of the highest-earning entertainers in the world. It took a whole new life when she and Travis Kelce (tight end for KCC) began to date six months ago.

So, What Is The Taylor Swift Effect?

Swift’s whole career in music is equivalent to an economic powerhouse. She is not just popular with a massive gan base. She has also singlehandedly built a big pseudo-influencer market, typically known as the Taylor Swift effect. 

This effect has not just boosted the brand value of Swift alone. But it has also brought in new fans to the NFL, particularly the female population. Experts are even calling this new fandom the ‘Swift bump.’ Moreover, this new surge in viewership has increased the sponsorships by a solid 20%. 

Interestingly, the surge in female viewership of the NFL cuts through multiple age demographics. While there has been a rise of 24% among the 18 to 24 age group, an increase of 53% among teenage girls.

Roger Goodell, an NFL Commissioner, welcomed this rise in viewership right before Superbowl 2024 during a press conference. He said, “Obviously, it creates a buzz. It creates another group of young fans, particularly young women that are interested in seeing why she is going to this game and why she is interested in this game besides Travis. She is a football fan.” 

In fact, even without the extra female fans, the total viewership increased. As per NBC Sports, the Chiefs versus New York Jets game attracted around 27 million people across multiple platforms.

Swift Didn’t Just Beat Drake’s Curse But Also Gifted The NFL With A Revenue Boost!

Truly, nothing is impossible for Swift. 

She not only kept Drake’s infamous curse at bay but bestowed the NFL with a solid revenue boost, thanks to her love for Travis Kelce! 

As per Apex Marketing, Swift was able to generate an extra 331.5 million effectively in brand value, not just for the Chiefs alone but for the NFL in general. But it’s not just the NFL that is earning profits from this Swift effect!

The brands related to Swift are also benefiting from her presence and overall influence. In fact, even the losing team from last night, the San Francisco 49ers, have prospered.

For instance, as per Fanatics, an American online retailer and manufacturer of licensed sportswear, there has been a 400% increase in Kelce merchandise sales after Swift attended the first KCC game in September. And this is just one example – the list goes on! 

For now, Swifties, NFL fans, and businesses are all happy about Swift and Kelce’s picture-perfect romance. Soon, we will know whether this is too good to be true in real life or one for the cameras before Swift drops her new album!

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