The Anticipation Is Over: The Crown Season 6 Is All Set To Premier

Hold your places tight… season 6 of The Crown is about to premier, and this is going to be the final season. Last November, the 5th season of the series was released, and now the time has come to end the series.

Though with a heavy heart, it would be an amazing experience to watch Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and Camilla for one last time. Another attraction of this season is that Kate Middleton is going to appear for the first time in the series.

I know you can’t wait for The Crown Season 6  to premiere, but here’s what we have come to know before it airs. Well, the first question that you all must be thinking about is when it is coming on air. Let’s start there

When Is Season 6 Coming On Air?

The Crown Season 6 comes in two different parts. The first part of the series returns on November 16, and the next part comes on December 14. The second part will introduce the chapter on Prince Harry, Princess Kate, and Prince William.

Alongside the trailer, two official posters have been released as well, featuring Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. Netflix has also released a few snaps from the first look showcasing Rufus Kampa, who is playing Prince William. It has also come up with pictures of Elizabeth Devicki, who is playing Princess Diana. Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth, and Salim Daw portrays Mohamad Al-Fayed Dominic West in the character of Prince Charles. Khalid Abdalla played Fayed, and Fflyn Edwards in the role of Prince Harry.

What Is The Crown Season 6 Going To Focus On?

The coming season will pick up from where they left off the season five. This season is going to focus mainly on the death of the Wale Princess. And also on her final days before the tragic car crash happened. The accident took the lives of Henri Paul and Fayed as well.

Netflix is affirmative that the series is going to show the events that happened just before and after the fatal accident. One person said, “The exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown.”

Dominic West and Debicki ensured in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that The Crown wished to handle the dreadful accident and the aftermath with consideration. The actress spoke with the outlet and said, “I’ll say that Peter and the entire crew of this job do their utmost to really handle everything with such sensitivity and truth and complexity, as do actors.”

Is It Going To Include The Royal Moments From The Present Day?

This extra season is not going to extend the timeline of the series, but is going to go deep into the story that was already planned, said Morgan. He added, “To be clear, Series 6 will not bring us any closer to the present day—it will simply enable us to cover the same period in greater detail.” So, if you were hoping to see the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, on screen, then you are going to be disappointed.

The Hollywood Reporter made a report saying that the last two seasons will follow the incidents of the royal family that happened in the 2000s. But that does not mean that it will take it far to the royal wedding or the royal babies.

Are The Adult Versions Of Kate Middleton And Prince William Going To Get Introduced In The Latest Season?

According to a report from Deadline, three actors have been taken into cast for playing the actor’s teenage and adolescent versions of Kate Middleton and Prince William for The Crown Season 6. Two actors have been taken to play Willian at different ages. And one is going to portray the role of Princess Kate as an adolescent.

All three actors who are chosen for these roles are making their debut in Hollywood. Rufus Kammpa is going to portray William (age 15). He is going to be in the episodes that would show the period after the tragic death of Princess Diana, his mother. Ed McVey will portray Willian but in his young adulthood and the time when his courtship with Princess Kate began. Meg Bellamy is going to play that role.

Netflix Dropped Kate And William’s First Look For The Season

Netflix Dropped Kate And William’s First Look For The Season

Waiting for the first look at Prince William and Princess Kate? Well, the wait is over. Netflix had released a few photos of Bellamy and McVey as Kate Middleton and Prince Willian. It is from the time when they met back in their university days at St. Andrew’s.

There is a picture when they are seen portraying their early romance days, holding hands and walking around the campus. Prince Willian is seen wearing a navy blue sweater over a collared shirt, while Kate wore a pair of jeans and a beige knit top.

Another picture captures the tension between them as their romance grows. It is a close-up of Kate sitting in a classroom, and William is seen sitting closely behind her. Lastly, the snap shows William sporting a navy blue sweater, a collared shirt with a blue tie, and a pair of khaki pants, sitting on a couch casually in a well-decorated room.

Was Season Six A Part Of The Plan?

The Crown Fanclub was banking on all six seasons from the beginning. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s content head, said back in 2016, “The idea is to do this over six decades, in six seasons presumably, and make the whole show over eight to 10 years.”

But things changed when the producers announced that the series was not going to move forward with their idea of making the sixth season. Morgan mentioned back then that they felt it was the correct time to stop. But six months later, they are back on track with their original plan.

And It’s A Wrap! 

The Crown Season 6 is already generating rumors about the final scene of the series. There is always intense secrecy around the series. But this one is saying the season is going to end with the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowle, his long-term partner.

In the teaser that was posted back in September 2023, Netflix gave a subtle hint about this royal wedding. The original plan was to end the series in 2002, the year Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 50th birthday. It was shortly after she lost both her sisters. But now the final six episodes are going to portray Queen Elizabeth’s reign. It will have a look ahead toward a time when her successors would take over the throne. The last season is going to bring in all the charisma of the royal wedding, as well as the brewing romance of Prince Willian and Princess Kate. I know this wait seems long, but till then, sit tight and anticipate what’s about to come.

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