The Witcher: Netflix Has Finally Released The Season 2 Trailer

The Witcher: Netflix Has Finally Released The Season 2 Trailer

If there was any Netflix season that helped us survive the pandemic in 2019, it was ‘The Witcher.’ But, unfortunately, the pandemic is still not over, and season 2 of Witcher is about to drop on our laps. In fact, Netflix released the first trailer of The Witcher: Season 2, and fans are expecting a lot more revelations of Geralt and Ciri relationship as the series ended on that note.

Witcher Season 1 Summary

For those of you who haven’t watched this fantasy series on Netflix, we think you should. The story follows a reverse timeline because in the season 1 finale, when Geralt of Rivia remembers his childhood, it was the first time we saw his mother, Visenna. We also saw Geralt remembering a few instances about his mentor who began his witcher training. 

Three primary timelines revolve around the show. The first timeline shows Yeneffer’s early days and how her childhood journey was sold by her parents to a sorceress. Next, she spends some time in the Aretuza school, and if you are confused about her looks, that’s because she is a part elf. Finally, the series shows some amazing transformation in her character where she becomes a full sorceress and lives her life independently.

If we talk about our hero, Geralt of Rivia, the Blavekian butcher has approximately 20 years of timeline in the series. There are almost eight years of gap between episodes 1 and 4, so you can imagine how swiftly the showrunners move from one timeline to another. We mainly see him in three phases of the Renfri, the Stygian, and the Striga. 

Now comes both Yennefer and Geralt’s present story, which happens in the same timeline. You will see Geralt meeting Ciri’s mother in the first episode of season 1, where Ciri is not yet born also. But, here we see the star crossed lovers, Geralt, and Yennefer meet for the first time, which is approximately 13 years before the slaughter of Cintra. 

Now, as the series closes to the finale, we see the three timelines converge. We see Geralt fighting for his life at the back of a merchant’s cart, and we see Ciri spending time in a cottage with that merchant’s wife. It was a week after Ciri fled the refuge camp. The finale also shows The Battle Of Sodden, and the morning after the battle, Ciri and Geralt meet for the first time. Yennefer has suddenly disappeared after using a ton of magic on the Nilfgaardian Army, so by the end of the series, everyone is talking about her.

Season 2 Sneak Peek

The season 2 trailer sparks a wave of excitement in fans because of the stunning visual and mysterious setting that takes us to a different land of enchantment. We see Geralt walking on water at the beginning of the trailer, and someone is telling him that the world is changing. Of course, since we know Geralt of Rivia kills monsters, we also see him killing a few of them here.

However, Geralt says that this world was meant for nobody, and whoever inhabits it will not be safe until all the monsters are finally dead. Therefore, as everyone is expecting, this series will be filled with monsters, and we do catch glimpses of them in the trailer. Finally, to nobody’s surprise, Geralt and Ciri join forces, and we see them heading towards a battlefield here. 

We see a few visuals of Yennefer here as well, so that’s a piece of good news for people who suspected she was dead or not. The trailer also shows Geralt training Ciri at Kaer Morhen, and even though Ciri is not strong enough, her power seems to overshadow everyone. We also see an amicable reunion between Jaskier, and Geralt, which will hopefully give birth to a new plot.

What We Think

Netflix found a good day to release the season 2 trailer because it set up our moods really great on Halloween evening. Season 2 of The Witcher is supposed to release on Netflix 17th December on Netflix, and the trailer has peaked our excitement significantly. If we get more updates on what season 2 has in store, we will surely update you.

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