Netflix Just Dropped The “You” Season 3 Trailer, And This Season Looks More Wild Than Ever

Grab your popcorn, and fasten your seatbelts because season 3 of ‘You’ is coming on Netflix. Now, as exciting as it was for us to watch Joe and Love’s toxic relationship evolving in season 2, season 3 will explore more to that. So, let’s find out what the trailer shows and if there is any spoiler alert in the trailer or not.

What Does The Trailer Show?

In season 2 of ‘You,’ we saw Joe had really found his ideal match in Love Quinn and realized how twisted he was by seeing his reflection in Love. Both of them have committed a series of murders to keep their loved ones safe. By the end of season 2, we found out that Love is pregnant with Joe’s child, and they have moved to a suburb to start their lives afresh.

The trailer shows that Love has given birth to a boy child, and Joe is changing his life because of him. Then, finally, Joe and Love get married and give their lives a fresh start. But, if you remember, Joe last had set his eyes on their neighbor, and he is probably getting obsessed over her.

We see both Love and Joe going to couple’s therapy, and the therapist assures them that they won’t end up killing each other because none of them are murderers. Little did she know the violent history of these two. We also see Love begging for Joe’s attention sometimes and making impulsive decisions. But the last scene where the two bury something while their child is present is really twisted. 

So, let’s wait for this season to drop some more bombs on us.

Questions We Need Answers To In Season 3

We remember that Joe convinced Ellie to move to Florida last after telling her that her sister was dead. As far we know Ellie, is quite intelligent, so is she really in Florida, or is she investigating her sister’s murder staying hidden somewhere close to Joe?

We saw that the entire Quinn family hides behind a holistic stature, but as far as we have seen the mother, Dottie Quinn, it seems she is hiding something. She knows more than she ever lets on, and her relationship with both her children is quite creepy, to be honest. So, maybe Joe will dig out some dirt on her this season too.

The entire season 2 of ‘You’ revolved around Candace, whom we saw getting murdered in the hands of Love Quinn. But, where Candace was hiding for so long and what she was doing is unknown to us. Moreover, we saw Love murdering her, but how she got rid of her body is still a mystery. 

Since we are still on the subject of murders and bodies, we want to know what happened to Delilah. Although Joe did not have any role in killing her, Love’s plan of a staged suicide to hide Delilah’s murder does not seem too wise. 

We also saw a lot of flashbacks in season 2 of Joe’s mother and how Joe witnessed her getting abused in the hands of her boyfriend. But, the show never revealed if she died or not, so we want an answer there as well. 

But, don’t forget Love’s drug-addict brother, Forty Quinn. Both of them had a weird codependent relationship, and although we assumed Love was the more stable one, it looks like we are wrong after all. Forty hinted before his murder that he knew many other things about Love, too, so we want to know what they are. While we are still talking about Love’s split personality, did her husband die the way she said, or is something else there too? 

Closing Thoughts

We think season 3 of ‘You’ will spring up a wave of excitement and shocks for the audience. But, we really want to know who Joe’s neighbor is to understand the main plot twist of this season. We hope to get all these answers this season, so let’s pray Netflix announces its release date soon. 

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