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Meet Abigail Shapiro: The Truth About The Controversial “Classically Abby”

YouTube conservative commentator and host Ben Shapiro makes headlines frequently for his various controversial opinions and thoughts – but he is not the only person in the Shapiro family to actually attract lots of attention on social media platforms. You guys forget about his sister, Abigail Shapiro!

Abigail Shapiro, A.K.A. ‘Classically Abby’ on Instagram, is a conservative content creator and influencer whose entire brand is about ‘living classically.’ She even calls herself a woman who’s traditional with conservative values.

Apart from giving advice and insight into her real life as a mother and wife, the creator has managed to go viral more than once. She is famous for her polarizing views on bold pop stars such as Taylor Swift and Madonna. Moreover, Abby herself is a classically trained opera singer.

Scroll down and read more about Abigail Shapiro!

So, Who Is Abigail Shapiro? Early Life!

Who Is Abigail Shapiro

Instead of painstakingly googling ‘Abigail Shapiro height’ or ‘weight’ or similar details, scroll down and check out some of the most important details about this conservative woman.

Other Names: Abby Roth, Abby Shapiro, Classically Abby.

Parents: David Shapiro (Father) & Michelle Shapiro (Mother).

Sibling: Ben Shapiro

Husband: Jacob Roth

Age: 28 years

Profession: Social Media Influencer, Actress, Opera Singer, YouTuber, Blogger.

Birthplace: Florida

Hometown: Nebraska, United States

Birthday: 8th November 1992

Zodiac: Scorpio

Religion: Judaism

College: Manhattan School Of Music, New York.

Who Exactly Is Abigail Shapiro? Fun Facts About This Conservative Influencer!

So, now you have information related to Abigail Shapiro age and other related details – but that’s not enough. Let’s make things a little more interesting and instead find out some exciting details about the life of the Shapiro sisters. Stay tuned while we delve deeper into the life of this influencer, sister to the famous Ben Shapiro! 

Who Is Classically Abby?

Who Is Classically Abby?

Abby Shapiro shares her birthplace with her brother, Ben Shapiro – both siblings were born in sunny Florida. Abby grew up in Manhattan within an orthodox Jewish ecosystem. At a very young age, Abby’s family discovered her talent for music, which ultimately led to her studying music at the legendary Manhattan School Of Music in New York. 

The talented singer has so many followers on her social media accounts that she often posts about different topics covering everything – from makeup tutorials, family life, and meme-style content to her opinions on different topics like modern life, gender, and politics.

Why Did Abigail Shapiro Go Viral?

Why Did Abigail Shapiro Go Viral?

It was December 2021 when Abby compared the then 63-year-old pop star Madonna with Nancy Reagan (known as an American actress and first lady in the 80s) on Twitter. Of course, the tweet was controversial, and like the fate of most controversial tweets, this one went viral, too. This infamous tweet read, 

“This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64. Trashy living vs. Classic living,” she wrote at the time, alongside a split image of the two women. “Which version of yourself do you want to be?”

The Madonna incident happened only a year after Abigail Shapiro had caused a similar stir after slamming the queen of pop, Taylor Swift. Shapiro slammed Swift for her hit song called ‘The Man,’ saying the song aims at promoting gender inequality.

Who Is Abigail Shapiro’s Husband?

Who Is Abigail Shapiro’s Husband?

Are you googling ‘Abby Shapiro husband’ already? Then we will save you some time because we are going to talk about him now! Did you know that Abigail got married to her attorney husband, Jacob Roth, in the month of May 2018? But who is Jacob Roth – is he a conservative, just like Abby? Well, to be honest, yes! The couple complements each other perfectly.

Jacob Roth went to the University Of Virginia to study law, like Abigail studied music at the Manhattan School Of Music. The couple is now the parents to one son. Soon after their son was born, the couple announced their decision not to share their son’s name publicly – instead, the couple mentioned that they would be posting only photos of their child’s early years.

Abigail Shapiro And Digital Content

Abigail Shapiro And Digital Content

Apart from all her political and controversial digital content, the 28-year-old blogger is also a dedicated YouTuber who also posts lifestyle content. Abigail Shapiro is one blogger who posted about her entire pregnancy journey, followed by the first few weeks of her only son’s life, right after he was born.

Shapiro posts different tips frequently for anyone trying to become a parent or for people who are pregnant at the moment. She also talks at length about motherhood stories and different vlogs, sometimes featuring her husband – these vlogs are all related to parenting, raising a healthy family, and breastfeeding.

And that’s not all. Abigail Shapiro operates a cool Substack Newsletter – with the newsletter, she emails recommendations and blogs to her many followers, inclusive of question-answer sessions, book recommendations, and even podcast recommendations.

Abby Shapiro And The Opera

Abby Shapiro And The Opera

Abigail Shapiro is not just a blogger who lives classically and enjoys a conservative lifestyle; she is also a talented opera singer. So, naturally, the influencer doesn’t ignore her background as an opera singer. Here’s some proof we came across! 

On her cool Substack Newsletter page, she proclaims proudly,

“I have traditional values, and I’m not afraid to share them! And I’m also a classical kind of girl. I’m an operatically trained singer! I love classical music, and I think there’s a ton we can learn from opera and apply it to everyday life.”

Abigail Shapiro’s Relationship With Trolls:

When Abigail Shapiro’s identity became public knowledge, she became a victim of extensive antisemitic trolling and bullying online. Later, she attributed a part of this outrage to her political thinking in her video titles from April 2020. One such example is, ‘Why I Came Out As Conservative: Conservative Women NEED A Community.’

Now, she is somewhere following the footsteps of Ben Shapiro, her brother, towards becoming a passionate commentator on conservatism. Her Instagram account, Classically Abby, is evidence of the same. 

Unlike Ben, she takes a lady-like approach while talking about her beliefs on social media platforms. On social media, she has created a brand out of herself, promoting herself as a conservative influencer and garnering more than 95.6K followers on Instagram, 114K subscribers on YouTube, and 84.2K followers on X. 

Her signature brand motto, ‘Let’s Be Classic,’ highlights her belief in the actual importance of opting for a conservative lifestyle entirely based on tradition and femininity. 

Certainly, she is a controversial public figure, though not like Ben Shapiro completely, whose tweets about Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP and Cardi B are considered to be misogynistic by some. But Abigail did go on Twitter to s

how public support for her brother’s comments about the lyric issues of a particular song at the time. 

She tweeted, “@benshapiro choosing not to debase himself by reading the uncensored lyrics of that garbage song is why I’m proud to be his sister. That’s what I like to call classic.”

Adding fuel to the trolls, she also posted criticism about the super-talented Taylor Swift a few years ago in March 2020, claiming that she lost interest in the singer after becoming a social justice warrior. Swifties immediately came to the singer’s defense, even suggesting that Abigail should just examine her internalized misogyny. 

Has Ben Shapiro Made The Trolling Even Worse?

Ben Shapiro has always been public about his distaste for the LGBTQ movement. In September 2020, Shapiro attempted to talk about transgenderism and homosexuality on X as urges that need control, comparing it to having sexual feelings for siblings. People were enraged, reacting and commenting about how it could all be associated with Ben’s sister. 

As per Snopes, these tweets are actually fake. But obviously, X users did not know this at that time and were completely freaked out after reading the same.  

While one user said, “Is Ben Shapiro admitting to doing things with his sister’s used undies? Also, wtf does his sister’s panties have to do with homosexuality?” another said, “That kinda sounds like the same logic as ‘we can use gay as an insult because we’re not actually talking about literal homosexuality.’ It’s still making a negative association.

Reportedly, Ben deleted the infamous tweet but, of course, left traces on social minds, and that too indelibly. His sister, by then, was already dragged into the entire issue due to a terrible analogy. While Abby has become a target for anyone who doesn’t agree with her brother or his views, she stands strong for her family and their values.

And It’s A Wrap On Abigail Shapiro!

Did you know that Abigail Shapiro and her brother, Ben, are also related to Mara Wilson of Matilda fame? Yes, they are all cousins. But, unfortunately, Wilson is estranged from the Shapiros due to their widely differing political views.

Coming back to the famous social media influencer, what are your thoughts on her? Do you like Ben Shapiro’s sister, or are you more in agreement with Mara Wilson’s idea about the Shapiros?

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about the Shapiros, especially about Abby, in the comments below!

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