Isla Atkinson: The Woman Who Made The Iconic Mr. Beans Retire(?)

Are you a ’90s kid? If you grew up in the 90s or in the early 2000s, then you are definitely familiar with the iconic character of Mr. Bean! Growing up, most of us have watched the animated Mr. Bean and a much more human version as portrayed by Rowan Atkinson on television.

The currently retired actor is a father to three beautiful children: Lily Sastry and Benjamin Atkinson. They are from his first marriage to Sunetra Sastry. Isla Atkinson is the latest addition to the family. She is only four years old when Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford welcomed Isla to the world in 2017.

Today, the spotlight is on the youngest member of the Atkinson clan. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know about the four-year-old! 

So Who Is Isla Atkinson: Early Life

Before you can Google ‘rowan Atkinson daughter,’ why don’t you scroll down and check out all the vital details about this four-year-old in the table mentioned below? 

Real Name:Isla Atkinson
Parents:Rowan Atkinson & Louise Ford
Siblings:Benjamin Atkinson (half-brother) and Lily Sastry (half-sister)
Age:4 years
Profession:Just a little baby | Making cute faces
Birthday:December 2017 
Net Worth:Not Yet Estimated
Education:Not Yet Known

Who Exactly Is Isla Atkinson: Fun Facts About This Unknown Celebrity Child

So now you know who Mr. Bean’s daughter is, and she also happens to be one of the major reasons behind the veteran actor’s retirement. Born to the iconic Rowan Atkinson and famous personality Louise Ford, Isla is only four, but the world already knows her for the stardom her parents enjoy!

The English actor Rowan Atkinson became relevant globally after his iconic portrayal of Mr.Bean and his work as a great comedian in Not the Nine O’Clock News, a ‘BBC sketch comedy,’ in more recent years. And that’s not all the fame Isla has – even her mom is pretty famous. Louise Ford is also a well-known actress and comedian, famous for several high-profile projects like Horrible Histories, The Windsors, and Crashing. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s check out all the unknown facts about Isla Atkinson!


Most celebrity kids today not just have siblings but have half-siblings instead – from the Kardashians to the Hanks, all high-profile families have kids who are half-siblings. And Isla Atkinson is no different. 

From Rowan Atkinson’s first marriage, Isla has a half-brother, Benjamin Atkinson, and a half-sister, Lily Sastry (formerly known as Lily Atkinson). While Benjamin is 29, Lily is 27 years old. Although Lily has followed her father’s footsteps into the world of entertainment and is an actress-musician professionally. Benjamin is in the British army.

Now we might have to wait for a while to find out whether Isla follows Rowan footstep’s in the entrainment industry like Lily has already done or steers clear from the glittering world like her half-brother. 

Who Is Lily Sastry?

Lily Sastry, formerly known as Lily Atkinson, is a burlesque dancer and singer who currently works as an independent performer. After starting her career as a kid artist in the entertainment industry, it seemed like acting was not for Sastry since she switched her career and began to study cabaret – her first performance took place at a popular London diner club, The Pheasantry. After this, she then starred in Lily, a cabaret show accompanied by a live band which ran for 2 nights in 2016.

Isla’s Parents And Their Lovestory:

Isla’s Parents

We already mentioned that for the longest time, Rowan Atkinson was married to a famous make-up artist Sunetra Sastry. They got married sometime in 1990, and by 2015, the marriage was over. However, this is where things get really spicy. 

Both Rowan and Louise are British comedians and actors, so it isn’t difficult to believe that they met while working. The year was 2013 when the two comedians came across each other while performing at this play called West End play Quartermaine’s Terms! Rowan Atkinson was married to his former wife at the time, but that didn’t stop the famous actor from falling in love with Louise, a 32-year comedian at the time. 

The starstruck lovers could not keep their romance under wraps for much longer, and by 2014, the relationship had become official very much. They even moved in together in North London – of course, in Atkinson’s cottage worth 5.5 million dollars. This resulted in Atkinson’s divorce from Sunetra in 2015. To date, the couple is together in a smooth partnership of 8 years.

Isla Atkinson’s Networth: What Everyone Wants To Know

The Rowan Atkinson net worth story is well known to the world at large, but no light as such has been shed on Isla Atkinson’s net worth. While daddy Atkinson has a net worth of 150 million dollars, mother Louise has a fortune worth 4 million dollars. But, of course, Isla is just a kid – come on, she is only four! 

So naturally, there’s plenty of time for the world to make assumptions about her career! And we haven’t been able to estimate her exact net worth. Although Isla presently lives in a multi-millionaire mansion located in Ipsen, a picturesque village in Oxfordshire. 

Rowan Atkinson’s Retirement:

Rowan Atkinson’s Retirement

After Johnny English Strikes Again was released in 2018, Rowan Atkinson shocked fans across the world with a statement about his official retirement from the big screen. However, with whatsoever zero regrets, the legendary comedian made this decision to give Louise the opportunity to work more. 

In this context, Atkinson said,

“I am going to take care of Baby Bean while Louise has the chance to concentrate on acting.”

According to a source, the iconic comedian is happy to be a stay-at-home dad currently. After working for years in the entertainment industry, taking a career break is also an opportunity to relax as a veteran actor. It also gives the actor time to spend with his daughter. 

Reportedly, the father-daughter duo has the best time together. The Johny English Reborn stat simply adores his daughter and even calls her ‘Baby Bean’ due to her mischievous endeavors at home. 

And It’s A Wrap!

You don’t have to google ‘Mr bean daughter’ to come across Isla Atkinson’s adorable photos. The paps have got you covered! Moreover, Isla is often spotted with her parents, having the best time. But unfortunately, this cutie was born in 2017, which means we might just have to wait for a long time before we can find out more about her. 

So tell us, what do you think about Isla Atkinson? Do you think Isla will join the film industry someday like her parents? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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