Blippi Net Worth 2022: Stevin John YouTube Income, Cars, Bio

Blippi Net Worth 2022: Stevin John YouTube Income, Cars, Wife, Bio

Blippi is an educational YouTube channel that produces shows for toddlers and children five years old. Blippi was a character initially portrayed by Stevin John, who posted the first episode of the show on February 18, 2014. Lets find out Blippi Net Worth.

Blippi was later purchased by Moonbug Entertainment along with other children’s programs. Its dubbed version was distributed in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Swedish, and Polish. 

Stevin John played the main character Blippi till May 2021. After May 8, Clayton Grimm played the character in the live performances. 

Stevin John 

blippi net worth

Stevin W. John, who is best known as Blippi is an American children’s entertainer and an educator on Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

He first introduced the character Blippi on YouTube back in 2014 when he uploaded various educational videos for children on a variety of topics. 

The Blippi character has a childlike, energetic persona and is always dressed in a blue-orange beanie cap, blue shirt, and orange bow tie. 

Here are details of Stevin John that you should know about. 

Full Name Stevin W. John 
Stage NameBlippi 
Gender Male 
Age 34
OccupationChildren’s entertainer 
EducationNever went to a college
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Sexual OrientationStraight 
Source Of Wealth Entertainment media
Weight 75 kg/ 165 lbs
Height 1.78 m

Blippi Net Worth 

blippi net worth

Blippi is the education channel for the kids on Youtube. Blippi’s net worth is $75 million USD. Stevin John, who played the character Blippi, never went to college. However, he served active duties in the US Air Force as a loadmaster. He used to place cargo on the aircraft so that it remained within the permissible center of gravity limits.  

Stevin John’s monthly income is $9 million. His assets include 6 real estate properties, including 4 cars and 2 luxury yachts. Blippi’s even owns cash reserves of over $18 million. They even own an investment portfolio of 10 stocks that are valued at $15 million.   

Stevin John’s Youtube Income

blippi net worth

Stevin John’s Youtube income is $ 9 million. He lives in a 9,000-square-foot luxury home in California. He has purchased the property for a $16 million dollar price tag. His house consists of 7 gigantic bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a home theater, a game room, a fireplace, three swimming pools, Greek interiors, and other luxury items.   

Before becoming Blippi Stevin John took an education loan of $20,000 to pursue a college degree. But after gaining popularity on digital media and on Television, he repaid his student loan completely. 

Blippi has taken another loan of $19 million a few years back for the purpose of business expansion and new media ventures. He hasn’t inherited wealth from his family, so all that money is his own earnings. 

Stevin John’s net Youtube income is enlisted here on a yearly basis. 

Year Net Income 
2017 $470,000
2018$1 million 
2019 $ 3 million 
2020$ 6 million 
2021 $ 9 million 

Stevin John’s Cars

He has so far purchased a Volvo XC40 at a price of only $70,000 USD. He initially owned BMW X8, which is more than $200,000 USD. He also owns some small cars like Audi A6 and Mercedes Benz C class worth $120,000 USD and $50,000 USD, respectively. 

Stevin John’s Wife 

Children’s entertainer Stevin John’s wife Alyssa Ingham, welcomed their first baby in March. They shared the news on their instagram profile. 

The content creator proposed to Alyssa Ingham on a beach in Malibu, California, in August 2021 and at the same time announced their engagement. Stevin John was down on his knees when he proposed to Alyssa. He added that he got upgraded from boyfriend to fiance. 

More About Stevin John And Blippi Net Worth

Blippi is popular among kids, where an adult talks in childlike body language to evoke their curiosity. He is an energetic persona wearing a blue and orange beanie cap. 
Stevin John posted the first episode of the Blippi on February 18, 2014. Moonbug Entertainment acquired Blippi along with other children’s programming shows in 2020. 

After May 2021, the Blippi character was portrayed by Clayton Grimm. He used to host as an alternative Blippi with Jon on the channel. In October 2021, the production house named Moonbug announced a new character named Meekah. There was even a spin-off series called Blippi’s Treehouse by the same production house airing on Amazon Kids+.   

Blippi is now being hosted by Clayton Grimm, who is an actor, musician, singer, and traveler. He appeared as Blippi at the first National Tour of Blippi the Musical. He is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  

According to the data, Blippi is earning almost $25,000 per day only from Youtube ads which is almost $9 million on a yearly basis. They have a total of 15.90 million subscribers with an overall view of 12.76 billion.  

Moonbug Entertainment is currently partnered with Virgin Media, and they are also expanding their business to Southeast Asia.  


Blippi has gained billions of views on Youtube and is highly popular among kids. Currently, the production staff of the show is expanding. They are planning to produce videos in several languages. 

Stevin John’s childlike persona was highly accepted and appreciated by a larger audience. A lot of older viewers said that the character Blippi is simple, which is the main reason why kids love watching the show.

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