What Really happened with Bob Saget Death: Head Trauma

Mystery circulated about the death of Bob Rizzo as the famous comedian was found dead following a severe blow to his head in his hotel room at Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. 

The Office of the Orange County Sheriff confirmed head trauma was the reason for the death of the famous actor and comedian. 

The incident happened on January 9, 2022. As per the autopsy report, his death occurred from a severe blow to the head, fracturing several sides of the skull. The autopsy of Saget shows a fracture at the base of his skull and bleeding around the brain.

As the doctor deduces, the injury was caused by “something hard, covered by something soft.” Therefore, it was most likely due to a fall on the carpet floor.

The report concluded with head trauma being the reason for the comedian’s death. In this article, I will talk about what head trauma is and how it caused the death of this famous comedian.                                                                 

Who Is Bob Saget?

Bob Saget

The Full House Sitcom star Robert Lane Saget is renowned for his prolific career as a comedian, actor, and TV host. Bob is famous for his role–Danny Tanner in the Sitcom Full House. He also hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos. He also voiced the narrator Ted Mosby on the CBS show How I Met Your Mother

Saget is best known for the adult-oriented comedy show. His 2014 album That’s What I’m Talking About was nominated for a Grammy award for the best comedy album. 

Saget’s career highlight is his work on the ABC sitcom named Full House and the Netflix sequel to the same show. Unfortunately, the famous comedian, actor, and host had a shocking death during his stand-up comedy tour. The star had an unwitnessed death while he was in his hotel room. Head Trauma being the reason for his death is what we know from the news.

What Really Happened With Bob Saget?

What Really Happened With Bob Saget

According to the report from the doctor, Bob fell backward, striking the posterior aspect of his head on the floor. But, what exactly did happen to Bob? 

Bob was staying in the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, During a comedy tour. According to his family, the authorities surmised that he hit his head, did not pay much attention to the fall, and went to sleep. 

In the autopsy report, Bob got fractures at the base of his skull. Surprisingly the skin on his skull was still intact, making the injury appear mysterious. From the autopsy reports and the type of his injury, the doctors assume that Bob hit his head in his Orlando Hotel. 

But, surprisingly, the examination of Saget’s hotel room does not suggest any evidence of him hitting his head–which makes the death a suspicious one. 

No skin lacerations were found on any of the hard edges, like the tables and other furniture in the room or the bathroom. 

There were also no signs of drugs or any foul play that may have caused the death of Saget. According to the medical reports, Saget was also COVID positive; but reports don’t confirm it to be any reason for his death. 

Most news media hold Head trauma as the primary reason for Bob Saget’s death. But what is head trauma? Here is a brief overview of head trauma–

What Is Head Trauma? 

 WHAT IS Head Trauma

Head trauma is caused by blunt force trauma to the head directly. 

Such hits can cause a minor bump, a bruise, or traumatic brain injury, causing internal bleeding. Such head injury may cause a concussion, common head injury, or a fracture in the scalp. 

The common reason for head trauma is automobile injury or by a severe fall. Treatments of such head injuries vary based on the degree of damage and what caused it. Based on the amount of force and the severity of a traumatic head injury, they are ranked as mild, moderate, and severe. 

In the most severe cases, head trauma causes blood collection within the skull. When someone has a traumatic head injury, blood can collect under the skull or the brain tissue, putting excessive pressure on the brain. Such cases usually are life-threatening and may require surgery to remove the blood from the scalp– which is a risky operation.

Head injury caused by head trauma can either be closed or open. In some cases, the injury may penetrate or crack your skull. But some injuries leave no noticeable crack or damage to your skull. In the case of Bob Saget, his head was fractured in several spots causing serious bleeding leading to his death.

Closed Injury

When a patient has a closed injury, it means that his skull has not cracked open. The injury did not penetrate the brain tissue. Although the injury may seem unseen, it may still cause severe injury to the head of the patient. A minor fall may be the reason behind a closed injury.

Open Injury

An open injury usually refers to a crack in the scalp or the skull. Such injury causes the pressing of one in the structure of the brain, causing serious injury and internal bleeding. Open injury usually happens when the person involved is caught in a car accident or similar cases.

Common Symptoms Of Head Trauma

Symptoms Of Head Trauma

People who experience head trauma feel dazed or confused; they develop a headache, nausea, or dizziness. In most cases, you will not need any medical attention. However, there are several other symptoms that require immediate medical attention. For instance, if you are following any of the following symptoms, you should not overlook them–

  • Seizures
  • Fluctuating mental condition
  • Prolonged loss of consciousness
  • Poor arousal after sleep
  • Sided Weakness or numbness ( usually on one side of the body)
  • Slurred speech
  • “The worst headache of their life
  • Symptoms get progressively worse

Who Is At Risk? 

TBI or Traumatic brain injury is deadly for any individual. But, some people may get the worst of it. Who are these people? People with medical conditions like migraine, learning disorders, ADHD, depression, and patients who had prior cases of concussion from Head trauma.

Sometimes heavy medication, alcohol, or drugs may cause mental imbalance causing such patients to fall down and have one of these injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are common for such head injuries leading to death. 

In the case of Bob Saget, there was no vehicle accident; however, he probably fell down on the floor, hitting his head badly in the process. Although there was no object or evidence confirming the exact reason for his death being a fall on a hard edge, the autopsy shows foreshadowed similar reasons. 

Medically the reason for Bob’s death is head trauma, but the Bob Saget Police Report does not confirm any evidence of Bob getting hit by a hard-edged object. 

Bob Saget Death: How Did It Affect His family? 

Bob Saget Death How Did It Affect His family 

Bob Saget was not only a famous actor, comedian, and TV host; he was a great family person. As the famous entertainer passes away aged 65, he leaves his whole family bereaved. Bob’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, an actress, host, and Co-producer, expressed her immense grief at the unfortunate death of her husband. 

“My sweet husband,” Rizzo addresses Bob as she posts lengthy captions on Instagram with her and Bob together. She also claims to be married to the “most incredible man on earth” she expressed her deepest love for her husband, saying that she was lucky and happy to love and cherish Bob. 

 Sherri Kramer, Bob’s ex-wife, was also bereaved at the death of the famous comedian. Before Rizzo, Bob and Sherri were married for fifteen years. The couple had three daughters. The death of Saget also left his three daughters devastated and mourning. 

The show America’s Funniest Home Videos,  which Saget hosted for several years, paid tribute to the famous comedian. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Final Incident Report says that the reason behind the comedian’s death is head trauma, but how a head trauma occurred is still unresolved. There are several confusions regarding the reason behind the comedian’s death. Here are some of the popular questions that you may like answered. 

How Old Was Bob When He Died? 

as a comedian, TV host, and actor. The famous star died due to a head injury after falling down on the side of the bed or the edge of the table. The spot of the death does not have any evidence of such a fall. However, the autopsy of Bob Saget shows head trauma being the reason behind his unfortunate death. 

Did Bob Saget Have Any Children?

Bob Saget and his ex-wife Sherri Kramer have three daughters. Bob Saget and Sherri got married in 1982 and had three daughters together– Aubrey Saget, Lara Melanie Saget, and Jennifer Belle Saget. The couple divorced in 1997. In 2018, Saget married Kelly Rizzo. 

How Did Bob Saget Die?

Bob Saget died from a fall on the back, causing head trauma. The traumatic head injury that led to the death of this famous comedian fractured several spots of his head when he fell down. According to the autopsy report, the death was caused by a fall on some hard edge. However, there were no objects in his hotel room ( the spot of his death) containing evidence of his fall. Although the reports concluded the reason was a head injury, there is still some mystery surrounding the death of the comedy star Bob Saget.

Is Head Trauma Deadly?

Head trauma or TBI can be mild, moderate, and deadly. However, the degree of such head injury depends on the type of accident that was caused in the first place. Most of the mild and moderate cases occur from a fall. However, the fatal issues occur from bike accidents, car accidents, or similar accidents.

Bottom Line 

Around 2.5 to 3 million head trauma or head injury cases occur every year. However, only 225,000 people in these cases are hospitalized. According to the reports, 80 percent of the total cases are mild and get well with regular treatment. Ten percent of these cases are moderate and need medical attention. The rest of the ten percent of such cases are severe and may cause death. 

Severe cases of traumatic brain injury most possibly caused Bob Saget’s death. The injury was internal and caused several fractures on the head. Although the reason is medical head trauma, it is a rare case, even for Bob Saget. 

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