BTS Performs At The UN, Promote Youth Solutions For The Planet

BTS Performs At The United Nations To Promote Youth Solutions For The Planet

No, this time, BTS did not perform in front of a screaming audience. There was no utilitarian punk or prep school chic in the crowd cheering for this band, but the setup was altogether different. On Monday, the seven-boy band approached the stage of the United Nations and wanted to let us know the importance of sustainable development goals.

The BTS Show Through A Different Lens

The seven members of this sensational Korean band wore dark suits as they stepped on the UN stage on Monday. They expressed their intense grief about canceling their last show because of the pandemic. They had also requested the millennial generation to share their thoughts on the ‘covid lost generation’ of 2020. 

The empty general assembly hall grabbed the message well that BTS was trying to convey. There were only a few delegates seated in the front row who attended this event and captured occasional snaps of the band. BTS said that the world was increasingly falling behind on meeting the SDGs, and it’s time we take a step back and think about why.

After their astounding remarks, the boy band also put up a small show for the delegates. They played a pre-recorded video of their song, ‘permission to dance,’ and showed some impressive moves on the stage. 

While recounting the responses from young people on their show, the lead singer Jin said that they have also been heartbroken and lost the will to live for the past two years. But, they went against all odds and demonstrated their will to live on. The band also informed us that they had been vaccinated. 

The UN’s Response

South Korean President Moon Jae introduced the band on stage and helped them commence their performance. As the BTS stressed the importance of SDGs and how we should make more effort to meet these goals, the UN also responded.

According to the United Nations, the covid crisis has set the world back many years. While we were supposed to eradicate poverty from the world by 2030, the pandemic has led many people towards it. As a result, approximately 100 million people worldwide have fallen victim to poverty, and hunger to be exact. 

More than 4.5 million people have died in this pandemic, so it’s evident how struggling it has become for the UN to maintain pace with the 17 SDGs. But, the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres also conveyed a hopeful message in the end. He said that they would not be helpless, and they will take the path towards recovery from this unfortunate situation. 

What We Think

We think that BTS did an extraordinary thing as they chose to shed light on this subject while the world was facing the pandemic crisis. Being a true representative of the young generation, the boy band also said that many young people are looking for answers to prevent global warming. It was an honor to hear their message at the UN stage, and equally appealing to see the UN stand beside them during this challenging time. 

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