Carly Evans: Bio, family, net worth, husband, age, height, and much more

Have you ever wondered how it feels to have a whole family of celebrities?

Well, if you are wondering who has that kind of a family, it’s none other than Captain America starred, Chris Evans.

Yes, the man has a brother who is also an actor and a sister who is in the show business too.

Having said that, you must know Carly Evans from The House of Lies, right?

Well, that girl is none other than Chris Evans sister.

Who Is Carly Evans?

Carly Evans is an American actress who is currently in her early forties. Her performance in the 1984 film The Bill made her renowned. 

However, she is better known for something other than her acting career. Do you have any idea what that is? She is well known for being Chris Evans’ sister. Yes! Captain America, one of the most well-known superheroes, is the younger brother of Carly Evans.

When you have a celebrity in your family, it’s evident that you’re more well-known due to their fame. This rule stands no exception to Carly Evans’ life. 

Early Life And Education

Carly, a 43-year-old actress, has kept a low-key lifestyle. She prefers not to provide personal information about her boyfriend, partner, or husband to the general public. 

As a result of her secrecy, it’s challenging to find any details on her early life and education.

However, before she became an actress, she used to teach drama at Boston’s Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Given that, we could assume she studied drama her entire life. 

Career Graph

Carly’s debut was with a movie named ‘The Bill’ in 1984. 

Carly Evans started acting again in 2011, and she has a total of 7 movies in her bucket. The Details (2011), What Maisie Knew (2012), In A World (2013), Big Sur (2013), House Of Lies (2013), True Tori (2014), and Forever (2015) are some of the movies and TV shows she starred in.

Although she did not shine much like her younger brother Chris in acting, she has had a successful career graph. She was a teacher before she was an actor, and after quitting acting, she still serves as a drama instructor in the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. 

Carly Evans, the drama program’s director, and an English instructor says she met with students electronically over the summer and asked them about their goals for the coming year. 

On Saturday afternoon, the Lincoln-Sudbury-Boston drama students had to put on many performances outside Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Even though the practice time had been reduced due to the pandemic, Carly put on a great show with her students.

The Evans family has a long history with theatre. Carly Evans is the sister of actors Chris Evans and Scott Evans, and Shanna Evans, who is the Concord Youth Theatre Group’s costume designer.

Personal Life And Family

Personal Life And Family

Carly Evans’ full name is Carolyn M. Evans, and it was the name she was given when she was born in 1978. She celebrates her birthday on On September 15th. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

She was born in the United States, so she is a citizen of the United States. Also, she is of white ethnicity and adheres to Christianity as her faith.

She is an actress who is best known for her part in the 1984 film The Bill. Carly has also served as a drama instructor at Boston’s Lincoln-Sudbury High School.

Carly Evans is the daughter of G. Robert Evans III and Lisa Evans. Her father works as a dentist, and her mother is an actress. Carly Evans has two celebrity brothers named Scott Evans and Chris Evans, while the latter is obviously more famous than the former.

She has a sister called Shanna Evans as well.

Carly Evans is married to Ryan DuBrey. The couple has three children: Ethan DuBrey, Miles DuBrey, and Stella DuBrey. 

Carly Evans Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are not active, which is one of the primary reasons there isn’t so much information available on this beautiful actress. 

Evans, too, has a tight and solid relationship with her family. She enjoys spending her free time with all of the Evans family members. She and her brother, Chris, had even attended the Academy Awards ceremony.

Age, Height, Weight…

She is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches tall (1.65 m). She weighs around 72 kilograms (158.7 lbs). Other bodily measures aren’t known in detail.

She is currently 43 years old.

Like Chris Evans eye color, Carly’s eye color is also blue, and her hair color is light brown. Since she is not active on social media, she loves spending time with drama and reading. 

Net Worth

Carly Evans is an actress from the United States. She starred alongside Trudie Goodwin, Simon Rouse, Eric Richard, Mark Wingett, Tom Butcher, and others in the British police procedural TV series The Bill in 1984.

Carly is currently employed as a theatre instructor at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Even though the woman has her own identity, she is the best-known as the older sibling of Chris Evans, the Captain America hero.

Carly Evans, without a doubt, is living a luxury lifestyle while enjoying her own and her family’s money. Her exact fortune is yet unknown, although she might be worth $300,000 according to October 2020 estimations.


1: How Old Is Carly Evans?

Ans: Given that Carly Evans was born in 1978, she is currently 43 years old. Although she does not act anymore, this drama teacher-turned actor is indeed successful in her teaching field. She will turn 44 on September 15th, 2022. 

2: What Is Chris Evans Middle Name?

Ans: Chris Evans’s middle name is Robert. His brother Scott Evans’s middle name is Andrew. The same also goes for Chris Evans sisters, Carly and Shanna Evans. While Carly’s full name is Carolyn M. Evans, Shanna’s middle name is still unknown.

3: Who Is G. Robert Evans III?

Ans: G. Robert Evans III is best known as the father of Chris Evans, the famous actor in MCU’s Captain America. However, the man himself is a dentist but is the father to two more actor children, Scott, and Carly Evans. His wife, Lisa Capuano, was also an actress, and the couple got married in 1977. 


Carly Evans is one of the most successful members of the Evans family because after her brother, Chris, she stands next in line. Since her mother, Lisa Capuano, was an actor/director, her genes may provoke three of her four kids to pursue acting careers.

Although Carly’s acting career is not that successful, she is a successful woman as a drama teacher and as the older sister of Captain America. 

If you want to know more details about this beautiful woman, let us know in the comment section.

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