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Social media is a platform that transformed the lives of many around the world, and one of these people is Scottish Instagram influencer, Daisy Drew. Her bold, captivating, and spunky personality engaged the attention of the social media audience. 

Her entertaining reels and Daisy Drew TikTok videos are what made this Scottish beauty social media famous. Other than being on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Daisy Drew is quite the active influencer on OnlyFans. 

Personal Biography

daisy drew

Before we get to know more about Daisy Drew, let’s take a quick sneak peek at a few details about her.

Real NameDaisy Drew
Nick NameDaisy
Age23 years,
November 1, 1999,
Glasgow, Scotland
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer & Instagram model
Height5’7” inches
Weight56 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Body Measurements32 – 24 – 34
EducationCollege Graduate
Net Worth$1 million

With her good looks and spunky personality, Daisy created fun and entertaining videos on a daily basis on the social media platform Instagram. Here on Instagram, she has more than 376K followers. 

Other than being quite regular here on Instagram, Daisy Drew is a popular YouTuber as well. On that platform, the social media star has about 38.5K subscribers. If you want to know more about the influencer that is Daisy Drew, to know a little more, keep on scrolling. 

Early Life

daisy drew

Daisy Drew was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to a middle-class family who are devoted Christians. Being tight-lipped about her personal life, not a lot is known about her family and friends. 

Other than her parents, the names of her siblings are not so well known, other than her older brother Sean Austin. He is about 29 years of age, like his sister, and is known for his lusty and racy pictures and videos on the OnlyFans platform. 

From the age of 16, after facing some financial problems while she was studying in school, she started modelling. Daisy Drew was studying science and thought analysis at the Florida International University here in Miami. 

With her unique looks and memorable features, she became quite popular, and here on social media, she quickly became a social media model. Here on the social media platform, She was able to fulfil her passion for modelling.  

Daisy Drew Instagram

daisy drew

In June of 2021, Daisy Drew entered the world of social media and became a hit within a short time span. In the initial years, her following rose exponentially, and soon her videos with her glamorous looks started getting viral. 

Her bold and glam shots in her lingerie and swimwear are what made her an instant hit here on the social media platform. She has quickly gained about 376K followers here on Instagram. And it is quite obvious that her target audience was the youth, who are always active here on the app. 

Daisy Drew OnlyFans

daisy drew

The 24 year old Daisy Drew and her 29 year old Sean Austin, her older brother, are both models for OnlyFans. The brother-sister duo is known to sell racy and lusty pictures and videos here on the app for exclusive users.  

Through their modeling on OnlyFans, the duo earns a huge amount so that they are able to support their family and pay their rent. Even after supporting her parents, Daisy Drew is able to live a luxurious life. Combining the incomes of both siblings, they have a net worth of about $2 million. 

Due to their substantial net worth, the Drew family is now living in a luxurious apartment somewhere in London. Being the bread earner of the family along with her brother, her OnlyFans modeling career was fully supported by her parents. 

Daisy Drew YouTube

daisy drew

After conquering one by one social media platform, slowly yet steadily, Daisy Drew now turned to YouTube. Here as well, she has a good amount of subscribers. The name of her youtube channel is the same as her name. 

On her YouTube channel, she is known for posting engaging videos and challenges. Most of her videos are getting a good response here on the platform, considering hers is not an old channel. 

Daisy Drew Fun Facts

To know a few fun facts about this social media influence, stay tuned and keep scrolling. 

  • Known for her looks, Daisy Drew is an aspiring social media model and a fashion icon.
  • She is associated with different big names in fashion, such as Givenchy and Marc Jacobs
  • She has also been featured in fashion magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and also Vogue. 
  • She was also featured in magazines like Huffington Post and Forbes. 
  • Daisy Drew is known to be an avid traveler. She loves to travel to different exotic places. 
  • Daisy is known to be an animal lover, but whether she has any pets or not is not known. 
  • Drew is quite active on all her social media platforms in order to maintain her daily engagement with her followers. 

Wrapping Up!

Among all the social media influencers that have succeeded on the platform, one of them is Daisy Drew. With her bold and unique personality, she succeeded in becoming a name as an influencer. 

Her entertaining videos and reels are what is keeping her fans entertained, along with all her followers on each of the social media platforms.

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