Explore The Danny Trejo Net Worth Story

The Danny Trejo Net Worth Story: Desperado Star’s Dwindling Fortune Discussed!

Whenever you think of a celebrity and their lavish lifestyles, you always wonder what it would be if you had a life like that. All that paparazzi following you around while you drive expensive cars seems like a satisfying feeling that everyone wants a piece of.

But not everyone is expected to become a star. So what do you do if you are not one of them? Well, you read an article like this about them! This article will focus on the famous 90’s Hollywood actor Danny Trejo net worth. You will get to know his biography and his income in 2022. 

Who Is Danny Trejo?

 Who is Danny Trejo

Before we reveal Danny Trejo’s net worth in 2022, let’s learn more about his story so far. 

Danny Trejo is a famous Hollywood actor from the 1980s and ’90s. Born to an American-Mexican family in California, he was raised by his abusive father, who often beat him and his mother. 

After Trejo’s father was arrested for stabbing a man, his grandmother raised him alongside his cousins. Here. he grew attached to his stepmother, who was his “only source of comfort” as a child. 

He met his uncle Gilbert Trejo at an early age, who introduced him to drugs like cocaine and heroin. Danny soon became addicted to these and even overdosed on them at seven. He got arrested trying to make a drug deal at 10. However, he was sentenced to juvenile prison at the age of 12. 

Prison Life

Prison Life

Trejo spent much of his teenage years shuffled between various California state prisons. This is because he participated in many drug deals and collected debts from people during this time of his life. He often saw people getting tortured and murdered in front of him. This mental trauma worsened his addiction. 

But he soon changed his life around after a riot broke out at a prison in Soledad, for which he was confined to solitary punishment. He was introduced to the 12-step rehabilitation program “by accident during this confinement.” After experiencing it for the first time, he soon achieved sobriety and never did drugs again since that day. 

In prison, he met the infamous Charles Manson in 1961, who was notorious for committing a series of nine murders conducted by his cult of followers. 

While in prison, he learned boxing and soon became the lightweight champion and the welterweight champion. In addition, he soon gained a healthy physique, which often got him in jail. Finally, he was released from prison in 1969. From there onwards, the journey to increase Danny Trejo net worth finally kicked off. 



Trejo accidentally got into acting in 1982 when he worked as an extra on sets for the film Runaway Train (1985). While on stage, he was recognized by screenwriter Edward Bunker, who also served in the same prison as Trejo. Due to his help, Trejo was selected as the personal boxing trainer for the protagonist, Eric Robert. 

After the movie was a commercial success, he was stereotyped in many movies where he played the side role of an ex-convict. However, he got his first breakthrough success after Blood In, Blood Out (1993). He gained more international acclaim for the film Heat (1995), where he starred alongside Hollywood legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

But his ultimate commercial success came from his appearance as Isador’ Machete’ Cortez in the film Spy Kids (2000). The film was an instant commercial success, and his character became famous among children who watched that film. 

In the 2000s, he appeared in many famous movies like XXX (2002), Once Upon A Time in Mexico (2003), Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (2006), and Grindhouse (2007). 

He even appeared in numerous TV series like Monk (2004), Desperate Housewives (2005), and Breaking Bad (2010). In the 2010s, he finally became the lead actor in many movies like Machete (2010) and Machete Kills (2013). All of these performances increased Danny Trejo net worth.

Personal Life

Trejo has led a tumultuous personal life, especially early on during his teenage years. He spent most of his adolescent years in prison, Nestled between drug abuse and parental abuse. It is there that he learned boxing and even completed his education. 

Between his time in various prisons, he married his first wife, Laura, in 1962. However, his heavy drug use resulted in the signing of divorce three years later. After getting out of prison for the last time, he married twice again with Debbie (1971 – 1975) and Joanne (1975 – 1978). 

He has three children with women he had relationships with. His eldest son Danny’s mother was actress Diana Walton. His other two children – Gilbert and Danielle, were given birth by Maeve Crommie. 

He remarried for the final time in Debbie Shreve in 1997. However, they separated and finally got divorced in 2009. 

His personal life has been documented in the independent biographical feature film Champion (2005). 


Danny Trejo Net Worth In 2023!

Now you know his rise from a convict to a superstar. It’s time to see how that has paid off. 

👉 Income

After appearing in many movies as a male, anti-heroic character, the net worth of Danny Trejo is $8 million. It has been revealed that his monthly earnings are more than $80,000 per month. His salary during a movie is $1 million per movie as a lead. 

👉 Property

Danny Trejo has many houses scattered all over the US. He has three places in California, New York, and Manhattan. However, he has several restaurants in his name. These assets are included in Danny Trejo net worth

👉 Cars

Danny Trejo prefers using vintage cars instead of fancy modern cars. He owns a Chevy Pickup truck, a Cadillac Seville, and a Dodge Touring Sedan, among other vehicles. These cars are included as a part of Danny Trejo net worth

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The Danny Trejo Net Worth Story: The Desperado Star’s Dwindling Fortune Discussed!

Danny Trejo has actually been sober for some time now. And the actor took to Instagram to celebrate his birthday on 24th August. The Dusk Till Dawn actor turned 79 this year and posted about his happiness on being sober for a solid 55 years. 

Here’s the Instagram snap!

Netizens praised the actor for his dedication over the years, while a few even complimented him for being one of the best actors of all time. As per Celebrity NetWorth, the actor’s current net worth is $500,000!

The star has been active in the world of entertainment since the 80s. It is only normal that the actor has invested in real estate, restaurants, and other sources of income over the years, apart from earning steadily from the entertainment industry. 

However, in February of this year, Trejo actually filed for bankruptcy since he had accumulated a solid IRS debit of around 3 million dollars, reportedly. The debt was entirely associated with mistaken deductions. 

As per Bloomberg Law News, in August this year, Trejo said that he would need to sell one of his two LA houses to pay the debt to a bankruptcy court. Reportedly, the actor blamed the actors and writer’s strike in Hollywood for the loss in wages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the Danny Trejo net worth story mentioned below in detail. 

Q1. What Is Danny Trejo’s Net Worth In 2021?

Danny Trejo net worth in 2021 was $6.5 million. 

Q2. Is Danny Trejo Married?

Danny Trejo previously had four wives, all of whom he divorced. Therefore, he is currently not married. 

Q3. How Many Wife Has Danny Trejo Had?

Danny Trejo had four wifes – Laura, Debbie, Joanne, and Debbie Shreve. 

Q4. What Is Samuel Jackson Worth?

The net worth of Samuel Jackson is $250 million, which is much higher than Danny Trejo net worth


Danny Trejo is held in high regard in the film industry because of his many philanthropic activities. He also appeared in numerous movies and television series. 

Danny is famous for Desperado, Spy Kids, Heat, Con Air, and Grindhouse films. He has also appeared in many other series like The X Files, The Flash, Desperate Housewives, and Breaking Bad. 

If you liked reading about Danny Trejo net worth, then check out our other articles to find out the net worth of other celebrities as well!

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