Marc Blucas: The Famous TV Actor Who Made A Comeback In My Life With The Walter Boys

You might be wondering why the Walter dad in Netflix’s latest teen drama, My Life With The Walter Boys, seems so familiar. Yes, I am talking about Marc Blucas. If you are in your late twenties or above, chances are you already knew him. But for everyone below 25, he might just be another familiar face – some people even told me they had never seen him before.

Well, guys, there was a time when this man was ruling television (that does make me feel old). And today, that is precisely why we are here – to talk about this famous television and film personality. And no, this is not his first TV show!

Let’s get you introduced to Marc Blucas – the hottie from another generation. Also, who said that country dads are not hot? (except ten kids, really?)

So, Who Is Marc Blucas?  

Marc Blucas is a well-known American TV and film personality, perhaps best known for playing the following roles:

▬ Rodney in the box office blockbuster Knight And Day, and

▬ Riley, in the famous television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer,

And no, these weren’t his only appearances. He has also made several appearances in different TV shows, such as Underground and Necessary Roughness. Then, in 2018, Blucas also appeared in a movie called The Fix (a great film if you haven’t watched it).

Before pursuing a successful career in the world of acting, the blue-eyed hottie also had a successful career as a basketball player. He did play against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons before he gave it up to become an actor.

It does sound like a good decision, considering he went on to become a famous name in television and cinema.

The Roots: Early Life And Education  

On 11th January 1972, the Blucas family (Walter Joseph and Mary Catherine Blucas) welcomed baby Marcus Paul Blucas to their lives in the quiet city of Butler, located in Pennsylvania, United States. Since he was born in early Jan, his zodiac is Capricorn (we are obsessed with zodiacs)!

Interestingly, Walter Joseph was a quarterback for the famous undefeated Big Indians team in 1968. In fact, in 1999, Walter Joseph won a spot at the renowned IUP Athletics Hall of Fame. Much like his dad, Marc was also an excellent athlete in high school (Girard High School) – he was a part of the high school’s basketball team.

In fact, Blucas assisted the team at the Pennsylvania Boys AA State Championship, motivating them to take the lead. His success in the field of basketball helped him to snag a coveted basketball scholarship at Wake Forest University. At university, he went on to play for the Demon Deacons.

Additionally, he also became active in a fraternity called Sigma Phi Epsilon. However, Blucas did not qualify for the NBA. A frustrated Blucas moved to England to join the British Basketball League. At the time, he intended to become an advocate in the near future. However, something made him change course and made him an actor instead.

The Debut: A Switch To Acting  

In 1995, Marc Blucas made his debut in the world of acting with his appearance in Inflammable, a film that aired on television. And then came the big names!

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a supernatural drama television series, Blucas landed his first BIG role. He played a military operative, Riley Finn, on the show. Between 1999 and 2000, Blucas was a regular on the show, making appearances in 31 episodes.

Blucas has made several appearances on television shows. His list of uncredited television roles spans multiple episodes of several shows, including:

▬ Body of Proof,

▬ Revenge,

▬ Castle,

▬ Lie to Me, and

▬ House.

After Buffy, he bagged another notable role. Between 2011 and 2013, Blucas shared screen space with Scott Cohen, Mehcad Brooks, and Callie Thorne in a USA Network TV show called Necessary Roughness.

Then, in 2016, Blucas bagged the role of an abolitionist lawyer called John Haekes in another notable show called Underground, starring Jessica De Gouw, Aldis Hodge, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

We also loved watching him on the ROM-com season of Love in 2018.

Coming to his films, Blucas made his debut in Steve Rash’s Eddie as Bech Knicks. After two years, he was seen in Pleasantville beside Jeff Daniels and Tobey Maguire.

His other films include:

▬ Red State,

▬ Touchback,

▬ Deadline,

▬ First Daughter,

▬ The Alamo,

▬ They, and

▬ Summer Catch.

His most recent work in Cinema includes Brawl in Cell Block 99, an action thriller that hit screen in 2017. In the film, he appeared alongside Udo Kier, Don Johnson, Jennifer Carpenter, and Vince Vaughn.

Love, Marriage, And Everything In Between: Is Marc Blucas Married?

Yes, Marc Blucas is married and has a talented acting career. On 25th July 2005, Marc Blucas married his long-time girlfriend, Ryan Haddon, in a private ceremony attended by only family and close friends in Pennsylvania.

The couple has two girls. At the same time, Blucas is the stepfather to her two kids from her first marriage to Christian Slater, an actor.

Marc Blucas: Pretty Rich, Tho!

So what is Marc Blucas net worth story? The actor’s net worth is three million dollars. Born in Butler Pennsylvania, Blucas was an ideal player in school. However, after attempting to become successful as a basketball player, Blucas changed courses and shifted towards acting. And good that he did!

Because he is worth three million dollars at the moment, what is the moral of the story? If you are going to change your career, be like Blucas – you should always rise in life, not go down!

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