Uncovering The Faces Of The Crown: Princess Margaret 

Princess Margaret might not have been the long-standing monarch of Britain. However, she is definitely one of the most prominent socialites and Royal Family members to ever live. Scroll down to read more about Princess Margaret and her colorful life.  

The Crown

Princess Margaret, a figure of immense historical significance, has undoubtedly piqued your interest through her portrayal in The Crown. It’s only fitting that we delve into the show that sparked your curiosity about her life.  

The Crown, a British masterpiece, has captivated the hearts of all history enthusiasts. It’s a compelling narrative that traces the life and journey of Queen Elizabeth II, penned by Peter Morgan and brought to life by Sony Pictures Television for Netflix.  

Makers were heavily inspired by a 2006 film and a stage play. Both sources follow Queen Elizabeth’s journey through her life. As a result, the series follows Queen Elizabeth’s life across six seasons.  

The Crown has been at the center of attention for several movie and series buffs. Critics have praised this movie for its impeccable direction, cinematography, acting, etc. Apart from that, the series has also won some accolades, such as two Golden Globe Awards in the Best Television Series – Drama category and a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Drama Series category.  

The Plot 

Given its nature, the series follows a chronological map of the events that happened in the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Hence, several history buffs will claim that this is one of the best representations of the Royal family. 

Season 1 of The Crown follows the events that transpired between the years 1947 and 1955. Some of the most prominent events of the season include Winston Churchill resigning as the Prime Minister and Princess Margaret refusing to marry Peter Townsend.

Season 2 covers the period between 1956 to 1964. Some of the most prominent moments from this season include the Suez crisis, Harold Macmillan and Anthony Eden resigning as the prime minister, the birth of Prince Andrew and Eden, and the Profumo affair.

The third season covers the period between 1964 to 1977. The season primarily covers events like the introduction of Camilla Shand, the Queen’s 25-year anniversary as the monarch, and the appointment of Harold Wilson and Edward Heath as Prime Ministers.

The fourth season covers the period between 1979 and 1990. Some of the key events this season covers include Margaret Thatcher’s term as the Prime Minister and the romance between Prince Charles and Lady Diaa Spencer.

The fifth season covers the period between 1991 to 1997. The focus areas of the season include the War of Waleses, the divorce of Diana and Charles, the prominence of the Al-Fayed family, and the Queen’s ‘annus horribilus’ or the worst year for the Queen.

The sixth season covers the period between 1997 to 2005. This season primarily focuses on some key historical events like the death of Princess Diana, the death of Princess Margaret, the death of The Queen Mother herself, and an early look at the relationship between Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.  

Deep Dive Into Princess Margaret’s Life 

Princess Margaret was one of the most prominent faces of the Crown. Princess Margaret, countess of Snowdon, was born to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, in August 1930. She was the second daughter of the couple and is the only sibling to Queen Elizabeth II.  

Margaret came to the world when her parents were merely the Duke and the Duchess of York. She spent most of her childhood with her parents and her elder sister. However, things changed when her father was crowned the King. Subsequently, this changed both the siblings’ lives forever.  

This decision automatically made Princess Elizabeth II the presumptive heir and Margaret as the second in line. This was a huge shift. Soon enough, Margaret went on to become one of the most famed socialites during the 50’s. In fact, Margaret is easily one of the most celebrated and controversial socialites of all time.  

Early Years

Margaret was born on 21st August 1930 in the Glamis Castle. The castle was Queen Mother Elizabeth’s ancestral home. Princess Margaret was one of the youngest members of the royal family.  

At the time of her birth, Princess Margaret was the fourth individual in line for the British throne. This is why she never truly aspired to be a politician. In fact, this is evident in her way of living and her controversial stance on certain aspects of life. 

Margaret spent most of her early life in the York’s residence at the 145 Piccadilly and the Royal Lodge in Windsor. The public perceived the York family as one of the most perfect families. However, a popular notion persisted that Margaret was deaf and mute. This was primarily because she grew up in seclusion.  However, this notion changed after her first public appearance. After that, she mostly lived a public life. 

Post-War Era 

Most of Margaret’s early life was spent sitting out the war, but the end of the war saw a major change. The closing of the war changed the very socio-political essence of Europe. Citizens of Europe started breathing freely.  

In an interview, the princess recalled that the sisters went down to revel with the commoners. They went out and celebrated the end of the war like every other citizen. 

The end of the war resembled the end of oppression. As a result, a reclusive princess transformed herself into one of the biggest and most prominent socialites of all time.  

The Romance  

The media deliberately nitpicked her life in an attempt to sell something spicy. As a result, editorials started speculating that she had affairs with over 20 bachelors. In fact, this made her one of the most controversial members of the British Royal Family.  

However, historical records show some discrepancies from the popular notion. Here are two of the most prominent male characters in the life of Princess Margaret.  

Peter Townsend

The Romance

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, met Peter Townsend (RAF officer) in the Buckingham Palace. He, along with a few other men, was chosen to aid the Royal family as Palace Aide. However, Peter was married when he met the royal Princess. 

Soon, a romance developed between the princess and the soldier. Townsend proposed Margaret around the time of Christmas 1953. Howevevr, good times did not last long. In about a year, Margaret called off her wedding with Townsend. The causes of this largely remain unknown.  

Antony Armstrong-Jones 

After Townsend, Princess Margaret went into a brief hiatus. However, she eventually met a photographer named Anthony Armstrong-Jones. The duo hit it off right from the beginning. By the time it was 1958, the dup became engaged.  

However, this relationship also did not work out in the long run. As per historical records, the reason that led to separation and divorce included several extra-marital affairs of Princess Margaret. However, these are unconfirmed reports and should be taken with a grain of salt.  


Margaret was known to live a fast life. She was known to be a heavy smoker and was addicted to other hard substances. Princess died in 2002 at the age of 71. This was three days after her father’s 50-year death anniversary. This ended an era for the British Royal Family.  

The End 

With that, you have reached the very end of my article about the real-life character of Princess Margaret. Margaret was no saint. However, she dared to break several stereotypes that no other female of her time managed or dared to do.  Keep following our page for more such content.  

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