Meet Shanna Evans: The Mysterious Lifestyle Of Captain America’s Sister IRL!

Are you one of those people who have been trying to find more information, Shanna Evans? Well, well, there’s not much available online about Shanna. There’s a lot about her famous brother, everyone’s favorite superhero, Captain America, a.k.a Chris Evans. Yes, for those who don’t know, Shanna will be shocked to realize she is Captain America’s little sister!

The entire world wants to befriend her, especially since Chris Evans continues to be single, making all his fans hopeful about a happy ending with a superhero. So, if you love Chris Evans as much as we do, then you come to the right place. Because we will unearth a lot of information about Shanna Evans. 

After all, what if one of us gets a shot with Chris Evans? You need to make the most of the opportunity, and the best way to go about this is by befriending his sister. The best way to get inside a man’s heart is through his family since cooking is too outdated for a man like Chris Evans!

Who Is Shanna Evans?

Shanna Evans

Before we start talking about Shanna Evans, here’s the quick overview you need to make your life better.

Name:Shanna Evans
Age:37 years (not fact-checked)
Birthday:11th June 1986 (not fact-checked)
Height in cm:163 cm
Height in m:1.63
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Shoe Size:7 (US)
Father:G. Robert Evans III
Mother:Lisa Capuano
Marital Status:Married
Husband:Graham Enman
Occupation:Costume designer

The younger sibling of Marvel’s Captain America, Chris Evans, Shanna Evans, is related to not one celebrity but quite a few. Her other siblings, Scott Evans and Carly Evans, as well as her mother, Lisa Evans, are all actors, while her uncle, Mike Capuano, is an American politician. 

However, Shanna has somehow managed to keep her life from the spotlight of the media. In fact, so much so that most people don’t know what Shanna Evans looks like. 

That’s the mystery that perhaps intrigues the most loyal Chris Evans fans even more. But we are good at analyzing the data and connecting all the dots.

Thus, scroll down to read more about Shanna Evans and her beautiful relationship with Chris Evans.

Early Life And Family:


If you were typing ‘Shanna Evans age’ on Google, we would advise you to stop there right now! This is because her exact birth dates have not yet been discovered. However, we know her brother’s birthday (Who doesn’t know this beautiful man’s birthday, and yes, he is a Gemini) and that Shanna is older than Chirs. 

It’s safe to conclude the birth year of Shanna lies somewhere in the 80s. While all the siblings were growing up, it is well known that they all used to perform together in front of relatives during holidays. So, it can also be understood that the siblings grew up in a fun, homely environment. 

Meet The Evans Siblings!

You don’t have to google ‘Chris Evans Siblings’ – we are here to tell you all about it! Chris Evans has three beautiful siblings, and you already know one of them is Shanna Evans. But what about the other two? The other two siblings of Chris Evans are Scott Evans and Carly Evans! 

Born on 21st September 1983, Scott Evans is also an actor like his brother. He is best known for his performances as Oliver in Grace and Frankie, and as detective Fish in One Life to Live, Scott was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts. And surprisingly, the other Evans sibling is also an actor – yep, we are talking about Carly Evans. Carly Evans has starred in The Bill, What Maisie Knew, The Details, In A World, True Tori, Big Sur, Forever, and House Of Lies. 

Career And Net Worth:

This genius woman has managed to keep such a low profile in the media for so long that it has been almost impossible to dig for information regarding her career and net worth. In fact, the only time the media gets a shot of the famous, ‘Chris Evans Shanna Evans duo is at family events and some award functions. 

We still don’t know how Shanna manages to evade the media so well. Is Spiderman helping her?

We can safely rule out acting as a profession for Shanna Evans because, with all the actors she is related to, fans would have found some pieces of acting online by now. However, no such media has been found or anything ever said by the Evans family to indicate that Shanna is associated with the acting world in any capacity. 

Chris Evans has a net worth of 80 million dollars, and his brother Scott Evans has a net worth of 3 million dollars, according to the Celebrity Net Worth site. Since there’s not much information available, it is safe to deduce that she leads a pretty comfortable life. We love how close she is to Chris Evans and their lasting bond!

Lifestyle And Partners:

When we and others like us have no clue about her daily job, what chances do we have to figure out her love life or even lifestyle, for that matter? In fact, loyal fans of Chris Evans have mentioned that Shanna Evans did have her own Instagram account, but a few years ago, she took it down. 

Again, we can deduce that she decided to delete or deactivate her Instagram account because she wanted to avert unnecessary attention from the media. You never know she might be back on the gram, but this time under a different name. We just hope to see her back on Instagram and let us know a little more about her mysterious lifestyle. 

Shanna Evans And Chris Evans: A Lasting Bond

Shanna Evans And Chris Evans

We all know how much Chris Evans loves family and engaging in a whole lot of public displays of affection especially when it comes to his mother and sisters.

However, if you have been typing on Google ‘Chris Evans siblings’ to find out more about his siblings, a plethora of photographs will pop up. And all of them will be of the times Captain America decided to take his sibling as a date to the Oscars!

In 2017, it was finally time for the Chris Evans sisters to appear before the media at the 89th Annual Academy Awards held in California. Chris Evans turned up on the red carpet with his youngest sibling, Shanna Evans, in his arms. The 40-year-old bachelor decided to wear a dapper tuxedo in blue, while his sister wore a gorgeous black semi-sheer gown. 

Brought together by a shared interest, political like-mindedness, and a love for dogs, the two siblings have a great bond. The entire Evans family watched the premiere of Avengers: End Game together. Chris Evans had posted a picture on the same day with the family, all ready to watch him rock the screen as Captain America for the last time. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Shanna Evans mentioned below. 

1)When Was Shanna Evans Born?

It’s not well known when Shanna Evans was born. However, she is the younger sibling in the Evans family. 

2)Does Carly Evans Have Kids?

Carly Evans married Ryan DuBrey. The married couple is blessed with three children: Ethan DuBrey, Miles DuBrey, and Stella DuBrey.Well, the Evans family keeps growing – and that is great. As ardent fans of Chris Evans, we are making sure that we know everyone in their families so that we can get in touch with Chris through someone or the other. 

3)Who Is Chris Evans’s Sister?

Chris Evans has two sisters, Shanna Evans and Carly Evans. So, if you want to befriend Captain America, then you know whom to contact first – the man is very close to his siblings. The ladies at Gossipment is all set to befriend Shanna and Carly for exclusive access to Chris (a girl can dream, right?)


Shanna Evans loves her big brother immensely, as is evident from the information shared by her brother online. The Evans family has a great bond, and the Shanna-Chris duo is the closest. Befriending Shanna is probably what most women dream about – first, befriend the little sister, and then you have full access to America’s first superhero, Captain America!

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