Sophia Bush And Grant Hughes Calls It Quits After Staying Married For 13 Months

Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush have decided to end their marriage. 

The 41-year-old actress filed for divorce on Friday, only 13 months after her wedding to Hughes, as exclusively confirmed by PEOPLE.

A source close to the pair told PEOPLE, “Sophia and Grant were friends for 10 years and bonded during COVID through their love of community service. They continue to run their nonprofit together and remain good friends.”

The news is definitely surprising since only seven weeks ago, Bush celebrated her wedding anniversary with Hughes on Instagram, captioning the post with, “Today marks 365 days of calling you ‘husband.’ Best decision of my life. It still feels just like this. Ecstatic. Running toward the future, grinning and laughing together. I love you, my favorite. Happy Anniversary 🤍.”

The news also comes out almost two weeks after the One Tree Hill actress left her 2:22 A Ghost Story West End production really early post catching a virus that was already going through the whole company. 

On 21st July, Bush wrote, “After weeks of being intermittently pulled off stage & visiting multiple doctors, specialists, & an all-nighter in the ER, I’ve been advised by my medical team in London & America to stop performing in order to get this under control & to do so in the country where I reside under the care of my own doctors. I am crushed to not be able to finish.”

Sophia Bush And Grant Hughes: The Background

Hughes and Bush tied the knot in Tulsa at the City County Clerk’s Office in June 2022, almost a whole year after making their engagement announcement. 

Sophia Bush And Grant Hughes divorce

During this time, the actress at the time had shared pictures on Instagram from the romantic wedding proposal, noting that the proposal had taken place while the pair was in Italy boating on Lake Como. 

Bush captioned the photos with, “So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth. My heart. It bursts.

Hughes had also celebrated at the time on Instagram by sharing snaps of them kissing on the boat with the words, “She is my forever Favorite. This is my favorite. And our life is that we’re building because she said ‘Yes’ is already my favorite. I am SO EXCITED to do life with you, my love.

Shortly after only, Bush gave her fans a glimpse of her engagement ring on social media, acknowledging that she was feeling privileged to experience the happiness she had felt since her engagement. 

I am deeply aware that joy is not an option for so many around the world at this moment. Clinging to gratitude right now because today, it is an option for me. I wish this — in whatever version feels true for anyone who might see this — for you. Yes, you! I wish you joy. Love. The feeling of being seen. Of being safe. Of being held. Of falling asleep with a smile on your face. All my love to you. In these wild times. All of the good squeeze kind. All of ours.” 

Before Hughes, Bush was married to Chad Michael Murray, her co-star from One Tree Hill from 2005 to 2006.

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