Bridgerton Season 3 Is FINALLY Here - And We Are Obsessed

Bridgerton Season 3 Is FINALLY Here – And We Are Obsessed! Everything We Know So Far… 

Dearest Gentle Readers,  

We are pleased to inform you that Bridgerton Season 3 has FINALLY arrived. And we are so obsessed (Polin, know we are talking to you). Here’s everything that we know so far.  

It’s been literally years, but the third installment of Julia Quinn’s popular Regency romance, Bridgerton, is here. This season is all about Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s much-anticipated love story – which means the iconic carriage scene is all set to ruin us.  

Netflix has already been experimenting and releasing popular shows in two parts – hello, Crown, and Stranger Things! And naturally, Bridgerton’s third season is not an exception. Of course, absence always makes the heart grow thirstier. So, if you have been desperately waiting for the new season, we understand!  

Bridgerton Season 3 Part I is streaming on Netflix now – and this season looks hotter (Yes, Penelope, we are talking to you).  

The ballroom is ready – our favorite wallflower and secret gossip writer, Penelope, and her longtime crush, Colin – are standing at the center. That means only one thing – it’s officially time for Polin to bloom this spring.  

Bridgerton Season 2 made it clear – that there’s tension between the two ‘friends.’ Season 3 gets hotter with a friends-to-lovers plot, some Regency-era obstacles, and lots of sexual tension.  

So, here we are with all the juicy details about the third season – from discussing the new episodes to anticipating what Part 2 will entail, we have dug deep – enough to make Lady Whistledown proud.  

Stay tuned! 

When Does Bridgerton Season 3 Come Out?

If you have not been living on Mars, you already know that Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 is streaming live on Netflix.  

Yes, Netflix is releasing the show in two batches of 4 episodes each. So, while Part 1 is streaming now, Part 2 will drop on 13th June.  

In fact, here’s the first 5 minutes of the new season – are you ready?

In this context, showrunner Jess Brownell said, “We wanted to come back with energy. We wanted to set the tone in a way that felt familiar.” 1

Bridgerton Season 3: Episodes 1 To 4 

Now, let’s look at the schedule for Bridgerton Season 3:  

The first 4 episodes of the show dropped on 16th May. Here’s the schedule for Part I: 

Episode Number Episode Title 
Episode 1 Out of the Shadows. 
Episode 2How Bright the Moon. 
Episode 3 Forces of Nature. 
Episode 4 Old Friends. 

Side Note: Here’s the official synopsis for Season 3 Part 1:

  • ▢ Penelope has given up on Colin, her long-time crush, after she heard his belittling words about herself at the end of Season 2.  
  • ▢ However, Penelope also realizes that it’s time to find a husband – preferably someone who will give her the independence to pursue her career as an anonymous gossip writer, Lady Whistledown. 
  • ▢ But since our favorite wallflower lacks the confidence to pursue a man, she fails spectacularly in the marriage market.  
  • ▢ Meanwhile, Colin has come back after traveling for the whole summer with a serious swagger and a new appearance.  
  • ▢ But Colin is a little disappointed to see that Penelope is avoiding him – after all, she has always appreciated him. 
  • ▢ Colin obviously wants to win back Penelope’s friendship. He offers to teach Penelope confidence so that she can find herself a husband.  
  • ▢ However, when Colin’s lessons start to work well, he starts to grapple with his feelings – are they just friends, or is it something more? 
  • ▢ Moreover, the rift between Penelope and Eloise only complicates matters further. For starters, Eloise makes a new friend, and that too in an unlikely place.  
  • ▢ Additionally, Penelope’s growing popularity makes it increasingly difficult for her to hide her alter ego of Lady Whistledown, a secret from everyone.  

Bridgerton Season 3: Episodes 5 To 8 

The final 4 episodes of Season 3 Part 2 will drop on 13th June. And to be honest, the titles are very intriguing, especially the 7th episode.  

Episode Number Episode Title 
Episode 5Tick Tock 
Episode 6Romancing Mister Bridgerton 
Episode 7 Joining of Hands 
Episode 8 Into the Light 

So, yeah – all we can do is wait for a little less than a month to find out how things finally pan out between Colin and Penelope. That is bad news – but there’s a silver lining. While we desperately wait for the second part to drop, we are currently spoiling ourselves by reading Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. 

Why Is Bridgerton Season 3 Releasing in Two Parts? 

Do you really don’t know why season 3 is releasing in 2 parts? Netflix has been releasing their popular shows in 2 parts for some time now – Crown and Stranger Things being the two most popular examples.  

Of course, Netflix has not come up with any specific reason, but they have done it in the past. And it does seem like the platform will continue to experiment with this format, considering Emily in Paris season 4 will also be released in 2 parts.  

It is understandable that splitting a very popular show does help to retain subscribers for a long period of time.  

Bridgerton Season 3 Cast: Who Is in the Show? 

We were happy to see that many familiar faces came back for Bridgerton Season 3. As Newtown and Coughlan take center stage, the couple is joined by a number of series regulars.  

Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton), Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton), Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury), Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), Lorraine Ashbourne (Mrs. Varley), Ruth Gemmell (Violet Bridgerton), Simone Ashley (Kate Bridgerton), Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton), Jessica Madsen (Cressida Cowper), Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington), Harriet Cains (Philipa Featherington), Martins Imhangbe (Will Mondrich), Polly Walker (Portia Featherington), Will Tilston (Gregory Bridgerton), Florence Hunt (Hyacinth Bridgerton), Hugh Sachs (Brimsley), Emma Naomi (Alice Mondrich), Kathryn Drysdale (Genevieve Delacroix),  and, most importantly, Julie Andrews (Lady Whistledown) returned for the show’s third season. 

The third season welcomes some new faces to the fold as well – Hannah Dodd (Francesca Bridgerton), Daniel Francis (Marcus Anderson), Sam Phillips (Lord Debling), and James Phoon (Harry Dankworth). 

Fans Were Worried About Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey’s Return:

After Page departed from the Bridgerton franchise famously following his memorable performance in Season 1, citing his one-season commitment to the show and completed arc, most fans were thinking about whether Simone Ashley and Bailey would return for Season 3.  

Fortunately, Ashley told Deadline that she and Bailey would return, “We’re going to be back! Kate and Anthony are just getting started. I’d like to see Kate just let go a bit more and play more in season 3 and kind of swim in that circle of love together. I think they both deserve it.” 

Similarly, Bailey also confirmed that he would not be saying goodbye to the series anytime soon. In this context, he said, “I look forward to supporting the rest of the family and the stories that go forward because if there’s one thing I know about beloved worlds, it’s that you want to see them through, and people invest their love and their time, and it means so much to so many people. So, yeah. Me and Tony will be together for a while.2 

But Why Penelope and Colin? 

Jess Brownell has succeeded Chris Van Dusen as Season 3’s showrunner. In 2022, he explained why the show is moving to Colin and Penelope’s story instead of Benedict’s.  

In this context, he said, “I really feel like it’s Colin and Penelope’s time. Because we’ve been watching both of these actors on our screens since season 1, we’ve already invested in them a little bit. We know who they are as people,” she said. “I feel like, especially in the last season, there are these moments of tension between them where it’s like, Colin walks up to the line of almost realizing that Penelope has feelings for him but doesn’t quite get there. Instead of treading water on that dynamic, we wanted to push it into their season. It really felt like the perfect moment to tee it up.” 

Coughlan was already aware of this change since the first 2 weeks of filming Season 2. Later, she told E! News how she had plenty of time to actually adjust to the same. 

At the same time, if you are wondering why it took so long for two friends to talk about their feelings, then don’t worry; we were there, too! In an official video from Netflix, Newton said, “there’s a lot going on where they can’t really see what’s right in front of them.” 

Any News on Bridgerton Season 4? 

While we have already finished binge-watching Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1, we are waiting with anticipation for Part 2.  

As for Bridgerton Season 4, we have no clue which Bridgerton sibling we are going to see fall in love next season. Who is going to be the next diamond of the season? Only the producers and Julia Quinn have the answer to this question, with the author saying, “I do know, but I can’t say.” 

So, guess we will have to wait for the announcement to come from our beloved Lady Whistledown. 

  1. Showrunner Jess Brownell talked to Netflix Tudum at length about Bridgerton Season 3, with Tudum doing multiple blogs on the same. 
  2.  Jonathan Bailey spoke about his return to Bridgerton Season 3 during an interview with BAFTA on 2nd March, 2024. ↩︎

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