The Debbie Shreve Story: You Will Be Shocked To Know About Her Marriage To Someone Famous!

You may have heard the name of the famous actor Danny Trejo. While looking him up, you might have also searched several things about him like “Danny Trejo age” or “Danny Trejo wife.” When you search for the latter one, one name always pops up. And that is the name of Debbie Shreve.

If you are a curious soul like me who wants to know about everything and everyone, then you have a friend, mate! But I am here to make things easier for you. I have dug up all the details about Debbie Shreve so that you don’t have to. Stick with us till the end so that you get all the news about the former actress…

So without further ado, let’s just get started.

The Debbie Shreve Story: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Before we start talking about Debbie Shreve in detail, here’s an overview of all that you need to know about this beautiful woman in detail!

Full Name:Debbie Shreve
Birthday:5th June, 1957
Birthplace:Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, The United States
Age:66 years (as of 2023)
Hair colour:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
Marital Status:Divorced
Spouse:Danny Trejo (now divorced)
Children:Daniel and Gilbert
Occupation:Actor and Real Estate Agent
Network:1 Million Dollars

Debbie Shreve And Her Personal Life:

Debbie Shreve Life

From what is known, Debbie Shreve was born on June 7, in the year 1957. She was born in the state of California in the USA. While living there, she was always awed by the influx of celebrities going in and out of the town all the time, California being a hub for many Hollywood stars.

When she was active in her acting career, she was recognized as a small-statured woman with bright green eyes. She is currently 57 years old. So, in case you were thinking, “Is Debbie Shreve still alive?” the answer to that is a definite yes.

Debbie Shreve’s Controversial Marriage:

Debbie Shreve Marriage

This former actress was first married to the Mexican-American Hollywood star Danny Trejo, which you might already know. The duo met for the first time in Los Angeles, and soon after, something started brewing. They were both young in their individual careers when they first met.

Soon after they met, they realized that they were becoming closer to each other. It was like magic when they fell in love with each other. These two lovebirds got married in the year 1997 on December 12 after several years of dating. 

The Shreve-Trevo couple welcomed their first child, Gilbert, in 1988 and their second child, Danielle, in 1990. So yeah! They did get married quite later after their children were born. Gilbert Trejo is currently a director and actor. 

Gilbert Trejo is currently a director and actor. He has also produced, directed, written, and starred in the movie From A Son in 2020, where he acted alongside his father, Danny Trejo.

Apart from Gilbert and Danielle, Debbie Shreve is also the mother of her step-children (another three of them) from Danny’s other marriages.

In the year 2007, both Debbie and Danny started experiencing problems in their happy married life. And soon that year, they decided to split as their relationship did not work out. They put an end to their 12 long years of marriage and an even longer love life. 

The reason behind their separation was kept secret and is unknown to date. However, there were many speculations by many fans that their marriage might have ended because of Danny’s extramarital affairs. Or even his personality, which he himself calls “broken.”

Soon after, Danny filed for a divorce, and they legally parted ways in 2009. After their separation, neither of them got married again. Debbie Shreve left the entertainment industry after the heartbreak and began to work in the real estate industry.

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What Is Debbie Shreve Doing At Present?

Currently, Debbie Shreve is a megastar in the real estate business. Shreve still lives in Los Angeles (the city sure has her heart!) and works there as a realtor. 

She has been working for the company RE/MAX Olson & Associates, Incorporation for more than 20 years at present. She works there as a real estate consultant. Her track record is nothing less than excellent. She does a wonderful job of selling and leasing residential houses.

Debbie states that all she wants to do is make her clients feel happy when they find their dream homes. She wants to help their dreams come true. With her extraordinary marketing strategies, along with the use of technology and her global networks of top listings, Debbie Shreve has emerged as one of the top realtors in the game. She sells houses that are listed at values above 1 million USD. Now that’s what we call a comeback!

Debbie Shreve’s Acting Career

Debbie Shreve began her acting career in the year 2005 with a sports comedy titled Tennis, Anyone?… She also played several minor roles in many movies. Notable among them is where she starred alongside her ex-husband Danny, in which she played the role of his assistant.

Her last film to date is Vengeance, which was released in the year 2006, a year before she got divorced. Here also, she starred alongside her then-husband Danny Trejo.

She still has those glittering green eyes that twinkle in front of her clients. If we say that Debbie Shreve ages like fine wine, it will not be totally untrue.

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Debbie Shreve’s Net Worth:

Debbie Shreve’s exact net worth is not much known. This can be because she has been away from the entertainment industry for a very long time. No one knows what her exact salary is or how much she gets paid.

But it can be stated that because she had been in the film industry for a very long time and now with her career as an active realtor in the real estate industry, she must have enough money. Not to forget the huge alimony she received after her divorce from her husband.

Danny Trejo’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately 16 million USD. Looking at such a figure, it can be said that Shreve must have had a very luxurious life during and even after her marriage.

Debbie Shreve’s life has not been much of a controversy, to be honest. The only time she became the talk of the town was when she turned from Debbie Shreve to Debbie Shreve Trejo. That’s not a burn!

Oh! And also when she got rid of her ex-husband’s surname.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Debbie Shreve mentioned below in detail.

1. Is Debbie Shreve Divorced?

Debbie Shreve married Danny Trejo in 1997 after years of dating. They were once the most loved couple in the entertainment industry. They parted ways in 2007 and legally got divorced in 2009.

2. Do Debbie Shreve And Danny Trejo Have Children?

The Shreve-Trejo couple has two children, one son and one daughter. They welcomed their son Gilbert in 1988 and their daughter Danielle in 1990.

3. Is Debbie Shreve Still Alive?

Debbie Shreve is working in the real estate industry as a successful consultant for the RE/MAX Olson & Associates, Inc. She is currently 66 years old and is still alive.

Wrapping It Up!

Debbie Shreve is a former Hollywood actress who played minor roles in many films in the 1990s. She got married to American-Mexican Hollywood actor Danny Trejo in the year 1997, and the two parted ways in the year 2007 for reasons still kept secret.

She has starred in movies that are mainly comedies. Her first movie was Tennis, Anyone?… which starred other minor actors as well. It was more like their road to stardom. Some of them reach, while some… Well, they didn’t quite make it.

After her divorce, she left the entertainment industry and started a career in the real estate business. She currently works as a realtor and is a successful one at that. She is also known for being one of the top celebrity realtors and consultants and is known to sell properties that value above 1 million USD.

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