Encanto Family Tree: A Detailed Look At The Madrigal Family Tree

The Disney movie that instantly became a fan favorite and changed the course of Disney movies is ‘Encanto.’ However, the film had everything that you might expect from a Disney movie, like magic, catchy songs, and beautiful scenery. 

But this time, the movie had something extra: it showed deep-rooted human emotions and issues. With a beautiful way of storytelling, Encanto was able to highlight certain problems that we humans deal with within the family.  

We are here today to talk about the family Encanto family tree and get to know these characters a little better. So let’s get started.

Who All Are In The Encanto Family Tree?

Disney’s Encanto is undoubtedly one of the most loved animated features out there. 

From a heartfelt story about a young girl who does not really feel special in her extraordinary family and amazing animation directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard to fabulous songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, we love Encanto!

The film appeared in theaters for the first time in November 2021. It features the tale of Mirabel Madrigal and her extraordinary extended family, who all reside together in a tiny village located in Colombia. Every family member apart from Mirabel was born with a certain magical gift. 

So Mirabel should just confront her fate as well as her family’s expectations to save their family as well as home. 

Although the central protagonist of Encanto is Mirabel, her family happens to play a vital role in primarily contextualizing her entire journey as well as embodying the themes of the movie. 

Now that you have a fair idea about the film let’s check out the Encanto family tree in detail!

Abuela Alma & Abuelo Pedro

Abuela Alma & Abuelo Pedro

Age: 74

Power: Looks after the family’s miracle

Voice: Maria Cecilia Botero

Nickname: Abuela

Alma Madrigal is the proud yet strict matriarch of the family. From the very beginning, the movie shows that she survived the worst experiences in life to bring her family here.

She was married to Pedro Madrigal, and they quickly had triplets, but right after, Pedro sacrificed his life in the hands of dangerous marauders to save his villager and family.

Although Abuela didn’t have any powers of her own, she was in charge of looking after everyone in the family and also her community. She became a leader in her village and is fulfilling her husband’s dream.

Julieta & Agustin

Julieta & Agustin

Age: 50 / 50

Power: Healing with Food / None

Voice: Angie Cepeda / Wilmer Valderrama

Nickname: The Caretaker / The Accident Prone One

Julieta Madrigal is the eldest of Abuela’s triplets. She is a very nurturing and caring person, which directly reflects the magic that she has. Julieta has the capability of healing any illness or injury just by her cooking; whoever eats her food is healed immediately. 

How fast her magic works is immediately seen when her sweet but clumsy husband, Agustin, gets stung by bees more than once throughout the movie. He is the first son-in-law of Abuela, and he is not related by blood to the Madrigals; he doesn’t have any powers. 

The couple is the parents of three girls, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel; in the movie, all of them are going to play important roles. 

Pepa & Felix

Pepa & Felix

Age: 50 / 50

Power: Weather Manipulation / None

Voice: Carolina Gaitan / Mauro Castillo

Nickname: The Emotional One / The Fun One

The second oldest of the triplets is Pepa Madrigal, she is Abuela’s second daughter. You can spot her quite easily in the movie, as most of the time, she has a black cloud looming on top of her head. 

Her magical powers are that she can control the weather with her emotions and mood. This capability actually makes her powers quite uncontrollable as she is very emotional; she is capable of destroying everything if she is upset. 

This is where her husband Felix comes in, he is the epitome of positivity and optimism in the movie. Since he is married to Pepa and isn’t related by blood, he, too, like Agustin, doesn’t have any powers. 

But his positive attitude and fun personality are more than enough for him, and this is how he is capable of keeping Pepa in a good mood. The couple has three kids as well: Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. 



Age: 50

Power: Precognition

Voice: John Leguizamo

Nickname: Tio Bruno

Well, ‘We don’t talk about Bruno,’ but since you asked, “He’s seven feet tall, has rats on his back, and goes around making people pass out by telling people bad things will happen to them, all for his own enjoyment.”

Ha ha! I’m just kidding; except for the rat part, that one is true. Youngest of the triplets and Abuela’s only son, Bruno, is the most misunderstood among all the Madrigal family members. He is an introverted and weird fellow, but he loves his family a lot and would do anything for them. 
When this story starts, he is nowhere to be seen; he’s already in hiding by then. Because of his magical powers of precognition, he has an intimidating reputation. Not only can Bruno see the future, but he can see different timelines as well, but he has difficulty knowing what those visions mean.



Age: 22

Power: Chlorokinesis

Voice: Diane Guerrero

Nickname: The Golden Child

Now, let’s start with the second generation of the Madrigal family, the oldest being Isabela, or the ‘Golden Child’ of the family. She is the oldest daughter of Julieta and Agustin. 

She has the magical ability to control plant life; she might seem like a glorified gardener, but she is more than that. Within seconds, she is able to create a whole botanical garden with a wonderful vision. 

Isabela is also able to save someone from falling by making a bed of roses. Although her life might seem perfect in theory, it is far from the truth. 

Later, it was revealed that she had been faking everything about her. She lives under the constant pressure of being the perfect kid, as she is the oldest. Isabela has no choice when it comes to choosing a husband for herself. 



Age: 19

Power: Superhuman Strength

Voice: Jessica Darrow

Nickname: The Rock Of The Family

Luisa is the second oldest daughter of Julieta and Agustin. She is what you call the textbook definition of a Superhero, all thanks to her super human strength and power. Her character is very much like the Hulk in the Marvel Universe.

Although being that strong, Luisa still has certain limitations when it comes to showing emotional capabilities. While Isabela has the pressure of always being the best or perfect, Luisa always feels the need to help others, even going beyond her personal limits.

This makes her too preoccupied with evolving herself mentally and emotionally, and that makes her somehow the weakest member of the family.

But towards the end, with the help of Mirabel, she understood that she should learn how to take care of herself as well as the whole town. Her well-being is equally important, and she should make herself a priority as well.



Age: 15

Power: None

Voice: Stephanie Beatriz

Nickname: The Left Out Child

Now, let’s talk about Mirabel, the protagonist of the movie. She is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustin and also the only member of the Madrigal family who doesn’t have any powers. Although Abuela, too, doesn’t have any such specific gifts, which is why Mirabel is compared with her a lot. 

Just like Abuela herself, Mirabel is a true leader; she is insightful, inspiring, optimistic, resourceful, and empathetic. Even if she doesn’t have any powers of her own, she is always hoping for her family’s success, which is similar to what Abuela wants for her family. 

Since the movie really didn’t show a comparison between the two characters, it is open to debate. This is what the movie did best: by keeping an open forum for interpretation.



Age: 21

Power: Enhanced Hearing

Voice: Adassa

Nickname: The Oddball One

Now, let’s shift focus to Pepa and Felix’s kids. The oldest one is Dolores; she is kind of an oddball as her magic is enhanced hearing abilities. Even the phrase “Pin drop silence” doesn’t apply to her, as she will hear that as well. 

Due to her heightened hearing, she tends to speak in a whisper. Her voice is very subdued, just like her personality. She stood there while her crush was about to get engaged to Isabela and said nothing. 

Eventually, towards the end of the movie, she grows her confidence level with the help of Mirabel and takes the initiative to talk to her crush, Mariano. 



Age: 15

Power: Shapeshifting

Voice: Rhenzy Feliz

Nickname: Theatre Kid

The prankster of the family is Camilo, he is the eldest son and second oldest overall of Pepa and Felix. He is exactly what you would expect from a teenager. His power is to shapeshift at will, and he uses these skills to cause all kinds of mischief to keep him entertained.

I am not diminishing his contribution to the family, but he doesn’t exactly face the exact pressure as the rest of the Madrigal grandkids.



Age: 5

Power: Communicates with Animals

Voice: Ravi-Cabot Conyers

Nickname: The Introvert

He is the youngest of all the Madrigal grandkids and also the youngest son of Pepa and Felix. The movie starts with him getting ready for his gifting ceremony. The situation seemed quite tense since the last gifting ceremony was Mirabels, and she didn’t get any magic.

Later, we see that Antonio has his powers and he has the ability to talk with animals, which is like everyone’s dream. After getting his powers, you can see that Antonio, though he is still young, is maturing quite a lot. He is the first one other than Mirabel to accept Bruno. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, now that you get a proper understanding of the Encanto family tree and understand each of the Madrigal family members properly. But if you wanna know them better, the only option now is that you have to watch the movie if you still haven’t.

So if you liked this article then give it a like and comment down below, about what you thought about the movie, and Disney taking a different route with their movies.

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