Encanto Ages Gracefully: Why It's a Must-Watch for All Generations

Encanto Ages Gracefully: Why It’s a Must-Watch for All Generations

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Encanto is undoubtedly one of the best movies Disney has ever made. The inclusivity of different cultures and representation made the movie highly popular among fans.

Other than creating a totally fairytale world, Encanto was able to create characters with genuine real-life richness and problems.

With wonderful storytelling and characters, the movie was able to grab the audience’s attention throughout. So if you wanna know more about the Encanto ages of all characters, family tree, then keep on scrolling through the article.

All Encanto Characters Age, Weight, Height & Powers

All Encanto Characters Age, Weight, Height & Powers  

Before we dig deeper into their individual characteristics, here is a table for you to be able to understand the characters clearly.

Alma Madrigal75 years125 lbs5’5”NIL
Mirabel Madrigal15 years120 lbs5’2”NIL
Bruno Madrigal50 years120 lbs5’5”Visions
Isabel Madrigal21 years125 lbs5’3”Control over flowers and plants
Louisa Madrigal19 years210 lbs6’5”Super strength
Antonio Madrigal5 years45 lbs3’10”Telepathy and control over animals
Pepa Madrigal50 years135 lbs5’7”Control over the weather
Dolores Madrigal20 years130 lbs5’5”Super hearing
Augustin Madrigal50 years160 lbs5’10”NIL
Julieta Madrigal50 years130 lbs5’5”Healing powers
Camilio Madrigal15 years150 lbs5’4”Shapeshifting
Pedro Madrigal26 years (at time of death)150 lbs5’8”NIL
Felix Madrigal52 years165 lbs5’5”NIL

The Ages Of Each Of The Encanto Characters  

The best part of Encanto is that the characters are beautifully and delicately written. They do have real-life problems, with a certain richness to their personality. So let’s check out these Encanto ages of characters in depth.

1. Alma Madrigal

Alma Madrigal

Personality: She is the headstrong matriarch of the family, who believes in the power of Encanto and protects it no matter what.

Powers: Alma doesn’t have any powers as such. But she is the protector of the Miracle that her family received.

2. Mirabel Madrigal

Mirabel Madrigal

Personality: She is a bit silly at first but would do anything for her family and is ready to help anyone in need.

Powers:  Mirabel, like Alma, doesn’t have any powers, but she is the only one who can save the Miracle that her family received.

3. Bruno Madrigal

Bruno Madrigal

Personality: He is a slightly eccentric but highly sensitive guy who loves his family. But left so that his powers don’t hurt anyone.

Powers: Bruno has the ability to see in the future and also foresight.

4. Isabela Madrigal  

Isabela Madrigal  

Personality: Isabela being the eldest grandchild, is always under pressure to be perfect all the time, but deep down, she wants to let loose everyone. You might ask, ‘how old is Isabella in encanto,’ she is just 21 and takes on such pressure on herself.

Powers: The power to grow plants and flowers, telepathy with the plants, and also creating a floral vibe and aesthetic.

5. Luisa Madrigal

Luisa Madrigal

Personality: Luisa has a very hard, strong outer shell but probably has the softest inside out of all the Madrigal members. She just wants to relax for a while but can’t because of constant solving problems around their community.

Powers: Invulnerable skin and Super strength.  

6. Antonio Madrigal

Antonio Madrigal

Personality: The youngest of the grandkids, Antonio has a child-like innocence that he sees the world through.

Powers: The ability to control animals and communicate with them as well.

7. Pepa Madrigal

Pepa Madrigal

Personality: Pepa is one of the triplets of Alma and Pedro. She has a hard time controlling her emotions and is very honest when she shows her expressions.

Powers: She has the ability to control the weather with her mind and can create hurricanes and storms when she is upset or angry. She can also create a storm in a particular spot.

8. Dolores Madrigal

Dolores Madrigal

Personality: She is a sweet and shy girl who keeps quiet most of the time, but she is very attentive at the same time. Dolores, because of her powers, knows everyone’s secrets.

Powers: Dolores has super hearing and is, at the same time, an expert secret keeper.

9. Augustin Madrigal

Augustin Madrigal

Personality: Augustin is a clumsy and fumbling person but is a very loving father to his daughters.

Powers: Since he married into the family, he didn’t inherit any powers. But one of his best qualities is that he is a very patient man, and even without powers, he is not afraid to state his opinions.

10. Julieta Madrigal

Julieta Madrigal

Personality: Julieta is the epitome of a caring and loving mother to her daughters and everyone around her.

Powers: Julieta has the power to heal with the food that she makes, and she also has a deep knowledge of different medicines. While healing her patients, she can talk them through the pain.

11. Camilio Madrigal

Camilio Madrigal

Personality: Camilio is a typical teenager who is funny, quirky, and has a knack for mischief, but he stands up when his family needs him.

Powers: He has the ability to shapeshift, mimic voices and even copy physical characteristics exactly.

12. Pedro Madrigal

Pedro Madrigal

Personality: Pedro was a very caring father who was ready to do anything for the sake of his family. He even died to keep his family safe.

Powers: When Pedro died, the Madrigal family didn’t receive their Miracle, so he didn’t have any powers. But he was a very courageous man, so much so that he died to keep his family and community safe.

13. Felix Madrigal 

Felix Madrigal 

Personality: Felix is a fun-loving person with a very jolly personality, he is the type of person you will like instantly.

Powers: Just like Augustin, Felix also married into the family, so he doesn’t have any powers. However, he has a great ability to control the mood swings of his wife, Pepa. He is a perfect match for Pepa.

14. Casa Madrigal 

Casa Madrigal 

Personality: The house is very protective and caring towards all the family members and does everything to help them out in daily life.  

Powers: The house has conscious of its own and understands the emotions of the family members. It has the ability to create a protective barrier around the house and members for protection. The house can also rearrange itself at any point.

Wrapping Up!  

If you are someone who hasn’t seen the movie Encanto still, then you should definitely go give it a watch. Only after seeing the movie will you have a clear understanding of the Encanto ages of each character.

So if you liked this article, then you should definitely give this article a like and comment down below.

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