Selena Green Vargas Story: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Navy Girlfriend

The Selena Green Vargas story is one controversy that continues to echo through different social media platforms. The controversy was followed by a mysterious chain of events. It is believed that the true story still hasn’t been discovered, and netizens are going bonkers trying to go to the roots of the story but failing at every step.

Just because of how everything ultimately unfolded, the Selena Vargas story was nothing less than a thrilling detective mystery novel. Moreover, the ambiguity was even more enhanced simply because people were aware of Selena’s real identity as an adult actor – more than her identity, it was what she was going for a living that made all the difference.

So sit tight as we start talking about Selena Vargas and her mysterious story.

But First, Who Is Selena Green Vargas?

Before we start, here’s an overview of Selena’s profile!

Full Name:Selena Green Vargas
Birthday:19th July, 1990
Age:32 Years
Birthplace:Bellflower, California, USA
Current Residence:New York, USA
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Brown
Relationship Status:Single (?)
Profession:Adult Film Actress & Model

While the internet is home to several conspiracy theories, the theories about Selena Green Vargas reached a point where we had to step in and do our best to get to the bottom of this mystery. We can’t promise that you will be able to reach any substantial conclusion, but we can definitely shed some light on this mystery and find out what happened.

So without wasting time, let’s get started!

Who Is Selena Green Vargas?

So, who is Selena Green Vargas? You might be wondering who is Selena Vargas after coming across all the fuss that has been going around this particular name. Just for starters, Vargas was born on 19th July 1990 in California. Haling from Bellflower, Vargas first gained popularity from her career as an actress in adult films sometime in 2015.

During that time, social media was still a platform for social networking, and as a result, adult actors were never using the power of social media to make money. In fact, one of Vargas’ videos has over fourteen million views. If only she had continued with her ventures in the adult film industry, we could safely say that she had the potential to become one of the most revered actors in the industry.

This is where things get really shady. Vargas is well-known for her disappearance. But what lead to her disappearance? What was the controversy involving her? Stay tuned to find out!

What Was Selena’s Profession?

When Selena’s story went viral and was literally all over the internet, she was already a popular name in the world of adult films. It is possible that she continued her adult film career – a popular adult streaming platform does her name. As per our research, the last activity on that account was in June 2020

While Selena did disappear mysteriously, there is no denying that she still has many fans awaiting her return – the comments on this platform are evidence!

The Real Selena Green Vargas Story

Now that you have a fair idea about Selena Vargas let’s talk about the real Selena Green Vargas story

While Selena’s career in the adult film industry was running smoothly, and she even picked several followers on social media, something happened that completely changed the course of her life. Selena’s fans stumbled upon a photo of her with a man in a uniform with a charming Navy Seal on a platform called 4Chan.

Right next to the photo, fans spotted another photo featuring Vargas in the middle of performing a sexual act. The catch? She was wearing the trousers from the same uniform featured in the earlier photo of the unknown man. Moreover, the captions asked the audience to rate the couple.

The strangest thing about this incident is that it was the last time anyone ever saw Selena Green Vargas. While many fans claim that the photos, in reality, were posted by the guy in uniform, others say that Selena’s account was actually hacked and someone leaked her private pictures online.

Of course, the man in uniform was bashed by netizens online, and people couldn’t stop wondering what the real story behind this mystery was. Stay tuned as we shed some more light on this story.

A Story Of Complete Disappearance

After the Selena Vargas Green photo incident happened, the actor completely disappeared from everywhere, including her neighborhood and own home. Of course, a missing person’s complaint was filed to the police while fans kept speculating that perhaps Vargas was actually kidnapped right after the photo leak incident.

Others assumed that her disappearance was entirely linked to her ties to the Navy officer – since the man in uniform was a part of the country’s national security team, the actor had to retreat and end her career in the adult film industry.

The Selena Green Vargas Story: The Fan Theory We Needed!

Of course, there’s more than one fan theory about the disappearance of Selena Green. But there was one particular theory that appealed most to the masses, including our colleagues and fellow writers at Gossipment. Some fans believed that Vargas had actually kept her identity as an adult film actor completely hidden from her boyfriend (assuming the man was her boyfriend).

Presumably, Selena’s boyfriend found out that she was an adult film actor and naturally felt cheated. Perhaps it was heartbreak, perhaps it was something else, but after finding out the truth, the guy leaked photos of their intimate time online. If this theory is true, then it has a lot to do with the fact that Selena’s boyfriend wanted revenge. 

The only problem? Selena Vargas Green had over 14 million views on one of her videos. She wasn’t exactly a nobody – she had a substantial number of fans at the time. So, practically think it would be a little difficult to hide something that big about your career from your partner.

As a result, this makes us a little skeptical about the popular Vargas theory.

Gossipment’s Views On The Selena Green Vargas Story:

It is probable that Selena Vargas Green wasn’t emotionally attached to her profession – which clearly explains why not telling her partner about her career doesn’t look like cheating to her. Yes, hiding it from her partner was wrong.

Naturally, when her partner found out, it was a devastating situation. It is highly possible that Vargas decided to move away from the adult film industry once and for all. Maybe she felt misunderstood. Maybe she was badly hurt. This seems probable because after Selena’s disappearance, literally, nobody claimed ownership of her adult content online.

Her erstwhile public account on Instagram became private while her bio read, ‘Before you judge me make sure you’re perfect.’ What if her bio literally takes a dig at her former partner, who had judged her profession, leaked their photos, and, in the end, put an end to the actor’s career?

Fans of Selena are still waiting for her to take center stage and share her story with the world. Until then, we can only speculate. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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