Moon Knight: The Secret of Jake Lockley 


“Hoy te toca perder” ( translated from spanish: “Today is your turn to lose.”)

If you finished that season finale of Marvel’s Moon Knight, I bet you can hear these words ringing in your head. Who can forget that menacing and intense look in the eyes of Jake Lockley? 

We are already passed the San Diego Comic-con 2022. However, there was no direct announcement of the second season of the fan-favorite marvel series, Moon Knight. But, the credit scene from the season finale pretty much confirmed that there would be a season 2. 

The director, Mohammad Diab, and Oscar Issac sort of teased a return of Moon Knight in a TikTok video. We cannot wait to know more about the mysterious character of Jake Lockley. But, if you are one of those advanced marvel fans who love to stay updated, then this article might be worth the read. 

Moon Knight Season Finale: Jake Lockley Appears

Jake Lockley Appears

Season 1 of Moon Knight focuses on Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Oscar Issac put a magnificent display of his role-playing with two completely polar opposite alter egos of Moon Knight. The season goes on exploring the highs and lows of both moon knight personalities. 

Defeated by Mook Knight, Ethan Hawke’s character Arthur Harrow goes to a mental asylum after his effort to bring back Ammit fails. A former avatar of the manipulating moon god Khonsu, Harrow was almost sure that Marc Spector wouldn’t kill him. 

But, to his surprise, he finds himself in a limousine with Khonsu sitting in front of him. While Arthur is so confident about his safety, Khonsu pulls out his ace in the hole, Jake Lockley.

According to Khonsu’s promise, Khonsu is supposed to stay away from Layla (Marc’s wife) after Marc helps him stop Ammit. But Marc himself was unaware of his third personality, Jake Lockley. 

While Steven Grant reasons right and wrong, Marc breaks away doing what needs to be done. But Marc still keeps to his morals and has a personal vendetta against Khonsu. He would only go to a certain level. 

Jake Lockley is more practical and clearly displays his charisma in being the Fist of Khonshu. While Marc denies killing Harrow, Jake does it in his stead. But who is this third personality of Moon Knight?     

Who Is Jake Lockley? 

Who Is Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley is the third personality of Moon Knight, as shown in the Disney plus Marvel show Moon Knight. While we see Marc and Steven talking to themselves, they already had a third alter ego lurking inside Marc Spector. Jake Lockley, although dormant, makes his presence felt throughout the series and remains a mystery. 

Marc has Dissociative identity disorder. As a result, we see all these different personalities in him. An American Jewish boy, Marc manifested a different personality when an ex-Nazi mercenary tried to get his hands on Marc. 

In comics, Steven Grant is a billionaire financing Marc Spector in his Moon Knight crusade to protect travelers of the night. But Jake is another character inside Marc who is a cab driver in New York City. Jake wears a newsboy cap and has a serious look on his face. 

The Secret Of Jake Lockley

Secret Of Jake Lockley

I bet the credit scene of Moon Knight made you curious about Jake Lockley. Here are some hidden facts you need to know about Jake Lockley–

Lockley Drives A Cab

Lockley Drives A Cab

Jake is a cab driver, and he wears a newsboy cap. He is a more enraged and fierce character than Marc. as a cab driver, Jake collects information about the street-level thugs from characters like Crawley (shown as a statue in the series). 

Jake Lockley Is The Incognito Alter Ego Of Moon Knight 

Ego Of Moon Knight

Once under the target of notorious Norman Osborne, Marc finds the infamous Thunderbolts on his tail. Despite the superpower of Khonshu, Marc realizes that it would be a smart move not to fight supervillains like Venom and Bullseye. So, Marc flees to Mexico and uses Jake as his incognito personality to hide from the villains. 

Lockley And Khonsu Are On The Same Page? 

Lockley And Khonsu

While Marc clearly questions Khonshu and his orders, Lockley has no problem killing Harrow. Does this mean that they are on the same page? We have yet to see the terms Lockley and Khonshu come to after Khonshu’s agreement with Marc in season one. 

Jake Lockley Is Ruthless

Jake Lockley Is Ruthless

In the final fight with Harrow, Lockley takes control and almost kills Harrow with an ax. His ruthless personality makes Lockley a favorite of Khonshu. 

Why Does Jake Lockley Speak Spanish? 

Jake Lockley Speak Spanish

We only heard Jake speak once in season one of Moon Knight. He spoke in Spanish. According to one of the producers of Moon Knight, it was an invention of Oscar Isaac. Jake’s language can help fans differentiate him from the rest of the personalities of Marc Spector. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of these popularly asked questions about Jake might be fun to read –

Does Moon Knight Have 3 Personalities?

Yes, Moon Knight has three different personalities, as shown in the Disney plus series developed by Marvel. The first two characters are Marc Spector and Steven Grant. At the same time, the third character is Jake Lockley. 

Does Moon Knight Have Split Personality?

Marc Spector developed dissociative identity disorder. Due to this, Marc has two other personalities within him. Steven and Jake are the other two personalities of Moon Knight. 

Is Marc Or Steven The Original?

As shown in the episode of the first season of Moon Knight, Steven is an alter ego that marc created in his childhood. Marc created Steven when his mother blamed him for his brother’s death. He did it as a coping mechanism. 

Final Words 

After the credit scene, fans are more fueled to see more of Moon Knight. Especially the Jake Lockley Moon Knight suit is one of many anticipated things from season two. Although Kevin Fiege has yet to officially confirm the further renewal of the series, we can always stay positive – since it’s a marvel series. 

Did you find this article helpful? If you have anything to share on Jake Lockley, the comment box is yours. Also, we will try to answer any query you put before us. 

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